Upcoming Rugby Fixtures This Weekend | UK Guide

The United Kingdom is bracing itself for a weekend jam-packed with enthralling rugby fixtures. Enthusiasts of the sport are spoilt for choice with a rich tapestry of matches stretching from the fervent local rivalries of the Gallagher Premiership to the international spectacles of the Top 14 and Japan Rugby League One. Not to forget, the compelling battles set to unfold in the Allianz Women’s Premiership. This weekend’s rugby schedule promises something for every fan, with high-calibre clashes featuring notable teams such as Saracens, Leicester, and Exeter Chiefs.

As stadiums across the nation prepare their pitches, and fans don their club colours, the anticipation for the weekend’s encounters is palpable. Whether you’re planning to view the live action pitch-side, from your favourite pub, or the comfort of your own sitting room, this UK guide to the rugby matches this weekend is your ticket to keeping abreast of all the hard-hitting action.

Key Takeaways

  • A comprehensive weekend rugby schedule is set to captivate UK audiences, featuring top-tier domestic and international games.
  • Gallagher Premiership delivers highly anticipated matchups with teams like Saracens and Leicester leading the billing.
  • The United Rugby Championship sparks local fervour with derby clashes, including Glasgow versus Edinburgh.
  • International rugby flair arrives with the Japan Rugby League One and France’s Top 14 providing global zest.
  • Women’s rugby gains prominence this weekend as the Allianz Women’s Premiership showcases emerging talent.
  • Live rugby action is accessible via various TV and streaming services for enthusiasts eager not to miss a try, tackle or conversion.

Introduction to Rugby Fixtures Across the UK

Rugby fans throughout the UK are on the edge of their seats as a bountiful weekend of rugby games this weekend beckons. The UK rugby schedule is teeming with high-stakes encounters and the chance to witness the sheer might and finesse of both domestic powerhouses and international teams. With an assortment of leagues in action including the revered Gallagher Premiership and the esteemed United Rugby Championship – not to mention the on-pitch drama promised by the Japan Rugby League One and France’s Top 14 – it’s a weekend that offers a plethora of rugby matches to indulge in.

Adding to the vibrancy of this weekend’s rugby events in the UK is the Allianz Women’s Premiership, a testament to the growing popularity and recognition of women’s rugby. This surge in the sport’s appeal promises to be mirrored by the talent and gusto on display, as teams from across the nation battle for supremacy. Set within the gripping tapestry of tries and tackles, this weekend stands as a brilliant opportunity for spectators and supporters alike to immerse themselves in the spirit of rugby.

Here is a glance at just some of the thrilling encounters we have lined up:

  • Gallagher Premiership: Don’t miss the clash of titans as Sale squares off against Saracens and Newcastle takes on Bristol. Both fixtures are pegged as ones to watch and carry significant weight in the league rankings.
  • United Rugby Championship: Expect local rivalries to reach fever pitch as Scottish giants Glasgow and Edinburgh go head-to-head in a match that’s bound to display the heart and soul of Scottish rugby.
  • Japan Rugby League One: For those looking to savour some international flair, the fierce competition between Saitama Wild Knights and BlackRams Tokyo is a spellbinding prospect.
  • Top 14: The French league offers its own brand of excitement, with a notable fixture featuring the skillful players of Toulouse as they prepare for battle against Toulon.
  • Allianz Women’s Premiership: Witness the rising stars of women’s rugby as Saracens Women and Bristol Bears Women showcase their prowess on the field, setting the stage for future talent.

Whether you’re planning to experience the crunching tackles in person or watching the action unfold from the comfort of your home, this weekend’s rugby schedule is a must for any sports enthusiast. It is a celebration of strength, strategy, and sportsmanship that captures the essence of rugby’s enduring allure.

Top Premiership Rugby Fixtures to Watch Out For

This weekend’s Gallagher Premiership rugby fixtures are set to captivate fans across the country, with some standout games that are must-sees for any rugby enthusiast. The excitement is building around the top rugby clashes promising to set the pitches on fire with intense rivalry and sportsmanship.

With an array of matches scheduled, the rugby games on the horizon speak to the richness of the sport and the fervor of its followers. Let’s delve into the fixtures that are poised to become the talk of the terraces and beyond.

Highlight Matchups in the Gallagher Premiership

Among the many rugby matches this weekend, two contests in the Gallagher Premiership stand out as highlight matchups: Newcastle will be squaring off against Bristol Bears, and Sale Sharks will be clashing with the indomitable Saracens. As fans mark their calendars for these critical games, both set to commence at 19:45 on Friday, December 22nd, expectation is mounting for what promises to be an exhibition of the league’s finest talents.

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Big-Name Clashes and Predictions

The prowess of Premiership Rugby will be showcased not only in the strategic tussles of Sale versus Saracens but also in the monumental battle that sees Exeter Chiefs lock horns with Leicester Tigers. With both sides boasting a storied history and a penchant for thrilling play, this big-name clash is one to watch. Moreover, the encounter between Bath and Harlequins is generating buzz, as it will be broadcast live on TNT Sports, bringing top-class rugby straight to screens.

As followers of the game eagerly engage in discussions and make their predictions, these pivotal rugby fixtures will set the tone for the weekend’s rugby festivities. Below is a detailed timetable showcasing these top-tier encounters:

Date & Time Match Venue Notes
Friday, 22 Dec, 19:45 Newcastle vs Bristol Bears KP Stadium Clash of ambitions
Friday, 22 Dec, 19:45 Sale Sharks vs Saracens AJ Bell Stadium Highlight game of the night
Saturday, 23 Dec, 15:00 Exeter Chiefs vs Leicester Tigers Sandy Park Heavyweight bout
Saturday, 23 Dec, 15:05 Bath vs Harlequins Recreation Ground Live on TNT Sports

Rugby This Weekend: Your Ultimate Match List

As the weekend approaches, rugby enthusiasts across the UK are gearing up for an extraordinary array of rugby fixtures this weekend. The diary is robust, with an assortment of titanic battles lined up, ranging across various prestigious leagues—each game promising to deliver the high-octane spectacle that fans relish.

The rugby schedule boasts compelling encounters in the United Rugby Championship, with the intense derbies like Glasgow vs. Edinburgh and Ulster vs. Connacht set to light up the rugby scene. Top 14 actions will not disappoint either, with thrilling matches including Toulouse vs. Toulon and Bordeaux vs. Lyon. To add to the global flavour, rugby weekend events extend to the Japan Rugby League One, where teams such as Saitama Wild Knights and Yokohama Canon Eagles don their kits with pride.

As supporters debate outcomes and players fine-tune their tactics, this curated match list ensures that you stay connected to the pulse of the action. Below we have outlined the key matches to bookmark for what is set to be a memorable weekend on the rugby calendar.

Match Kick-off League Broadcast
Glasgow vs. Edinburgh Sat, 23 Dec, 13:35 United Rugby Championship Viaplay, BBC NI
Ulster vs. Connacht Fri, 22 Dec, 19:35 United Rugby Championship Viaplay
Toulouse vs. Toulon Sat, 23 Dec, 14:05 Top 14 Live
Bordeaux vs. Lyon Fri, 22 Dec, 20:00 Top 14 Live
Saitama Wild Knights vs. BlackRams Tokyo Fri, 22 Dec, 21:00 Japan Rugby League One Live
Yokohama Canon Eagles vs. Hanazono Kintetsu Liners Fri, 22 Dec, 23:10 Japan Rugby League One Live

The variety and selection of games mean there’s something for every rugby aficionado, from local clan battles in the hills of Scotland to the stylised sophistication of the French Top 14, and the dynamic pace of Japanese rugby. Be sure to follow your favourite teams, as this rugby weekend events offer plentiful excitement and the quintessential spirit of competitive rugby.

United Rugby Championship Showdowns

This weekend, the United Rugby Championship is set to light up with some of the most eagerly awaited rugby derbies and clashes defining the sport’s regional pride and competitive spirit. Astute observers and fervent fans alike will find their attention split across a series of matches that carry both the weight of local bragging rights and significant points on the leaderboard.

Derby Days: Local Rivalries Heating Up

Nothing epitomises the passion of the United Rugby Championship quite like the local rugby derbies, which invoke a fervour that only close geographical proximity can breed. The Scottish derby between Glasgow and Edinburgh is one such fixture, set against the backdrop of a longstanding rivalry that holds more significance than the points at stake. Similarly, the Irish encounter between Ulster and Connacht is another fiery contest, tight with anticipation and sure to deliver an electric atmosphere.

Title Contenders and Underdog Battles

Meanwhile, the distinction between rugby title contenders and underdog rugby teams is set to become momentarily blurred, as each side steps onto the pitch to prove their mettle. The battles between teams like Zebre and Benetton, and the Stormers versus the Bulls, will be pivotal in shaping the trajectory of the championship. Title hopefuls will aim to cement their status, while plucky underdogs have the opportunity to cause seismic upsets, characteristic of a league as unpredictable as the United Rugby Championship.

  • Zebre Parma v Benetton – A clash of Italian rivals that often surprises with its intensity and unexpected outcomes.
  • Stormers v Bulls – South African powerhouses collide, potentially altering the path to the championship title.

The entire championship table could be upended or reinforced after this weekend’s fixtures, illustrating once again why the United Rugby Championship remains a compelling spectacle season after season.

Where to Catch Live Rugby Action

For rugby enthusiasts eager to watch rugby live, the UK offers plenty of options this weekend. With an extensive array of fixtures lined up, fans can indulge in the excitement from various viewing platforms. Whether you are scouting for rugby games near me or prefer the comfort of your living room, there’s no reason to miss out on the heart-pounding action promised by teams across the nation.

Revel in the energy and passion of the game by tuning into live rugby on TV through TNT Sports, which will be showcasing an assortment of matches from the European Professional Club Rugby and the Gallagher Premiership. And for followers of the United Rugby Championship, Viaplay Sports guarantees a live broadcast of all the drama as it unfolds.

For those who appreciate the convenience of free-to-air TV, ITV and BBC provide coverage for selected games and tournaments, including the ever-popular Six Nations and the prestigious Rugby World Cup. Enthusiasts wishing for uninterrupted service and access to additional fixtures might consider subscriptions or monthly passes tailored to keep aficionados like you in the thick of all rugby happenings.

Below is a succinct guide that illustrates where and how to secure your front-row seat to this weekend’s live rugby fixtures:

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Broadcast Provider Available Competitions Coverage Type
TNT Sports Gallagher Premiership, European Club Rugby Subscription-based Live Broadcast
Viaplay Sports United Rugby Championship Subscription-based Live Broadcast
ITV Six Nations, Rugby World Cup Free-to-air Selected Live Games
BBC Selected United Rugby Championship matches, Rugby World Cup Free-to-air Selected Live Games

Moreover, if you can’t make it to the stadium, the best pubs and sports bars will likely televise the crunching tackles and tactical genius of world-class rugby. Make sure to check local pub schedules to join fellow fans in a rousing atmosphere as you watch rugby live.

Women’s Rugby Matches Taking Centre Stage

This weekend sees an exhilarating lineup of Women’s Premiership Rugby fixtures capturing the spotlight. As rugby matches this weekend roll out across pitches nationwide, the women’s game is asserting its rightful place amidst the rugby community. With teams ready to step into the fray, the stage is set for both seasoned women’s rugby stars and emerging rugby talent to command the field.

The matches lined up showcase the very best of women’s rugby, a sphere where skill, determination, and the spirit of sportsmanship are ever-abundant. Notable fixtures, such as the encounter between Saracens Women and Bristol Bears Women, are gaining attention, highlighting the growth and competitive edge now synonymous with women’s rugby in the UK.

Prominent Fixtures in Women’s Premiership Rugby

The growth trajectory of women’s rugby sets a thrilling scene for the upcoming rugby games. A cornerstone of this weekend’s action is the fixture involving Saracens Women against Bristol Bears Women, scheduled for Saturday, December 23. This match stands as a testament to the burgeoning prowess and prominence of women’s rugby and its bright future ahead.

Emerging Stars and Season Shapers

The progression of the Allianz Women’s Premiership season introduces a cohort of emerging rugby talent, storming the rugby scenes as they redefine their teams’ fates. Noteworthy is the impending matchup of Trailfinders facing Sale Sharks Women, alongside Loughborough Lightning’s spirited tussle with Exeter. These games not only fervently anticipate spectatorship but also deliver a glimpse into how these remarkable athletes influence their teams’ standings and individual rugby journeys.

Match Date Time Significance
Saracens Women vs Bristol Bears Women Saturday, Dec 23 06:30 AM Clash of Titans
Trailfinders vs Sale Sharks Women Friday, Dec 22 06:30 PM Emerging Talent Showcase
Loughborough Lightning vs Exeter Saturday, Dec 23 02:00 PM Season Dynamic Definer

As fans across the country prepare to rally behind their teams, the spotlight on women’s rugby games this weekend is not just about the scores and the victories. It’s a celebration of the sport’s egalitarian evolution and proof that women’s rugby is fast becoming the crucible for unearthing the next generation of rugby icons. This weekend, make sure to experience the compelling dynamism and watch the emerging narratives unfold across the women’s rugby terrains.

Exploring Rugby’s Grassroots: Local Games Near You

The heartbeat of rugby can often be found pulsing through the local fields and stadiums where grassroots rugby thrives. Throughout the United Kingdom, the backbone of the sport is reinforced every weekend by local rugby games. From muddy pitches to spirited crowds, the local scene is where potential stars are born and where the community comes together to celebrate their shared passion for rugby.

These community fixtures play a pivotal role in nurturing upcoming talent and maintaining the vibrant culture of rugby at its most fundamental level. Not only do they lay the groundwork for future professional players, but they also serve as a nexus for spectators who seek to revel in the live sporting experience. For the ardent fan asking about rugby events near me, the allure of grassroots games is unmistakable.

Below is a guide to some of the local rugby games taking place this weekend across the UK:

Local Team Opposing Team Date & Time Location
Oakfield Warriors Granton Griffins Sat, April 15, 2:00 PM Oakfield Park
Brookside Rangers Hilltop Harriers Sun, April 16, 3:00 PM Brookside Field
Woodland Wanderers Eastside Eagles Sat, April 15, 1:00 PM Woodland Grounds
Valley Vikings Riverdale Raiders Sun, April 16, 2:30 PM Valley Stadium

Attending rugby events near me not only supports the teams but also contributes to the community’s economy and vibrancy. These matches are often family-friendly, making it a perfect day out for enthusiasts of all ages, cultivating a strong rugby ethos within the community.

To discover more about your local rugby clubs and events, it’s often as simple as a search online or a visit to community boards. Local newspapers and sports shops frequently show support by posting upcoming game details, ensuring that fans can always find their next rugby adventure. Be it to watch potential stars playing their hearts out or to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow fans, there’s an undeniable charm to the grassroots level of this beloved sport.

In conclusion, whether it be a hearty cheer for a local team or simply soaking in the dynamic atmosphere, this weekend’s grassroots fixtures promise to provide the quintessential rugby experience. So, lace up your boots, don your team colours, and join in the celebration of rugby at the community level — where every match is more than just a game, it’s the lifeblood of the sport.

International Rugby Events Hitting the UK Shores

The sporting landscape of the UK is abuzz with excitement, as it readies itself for a spectacular display of international rugby. This weekend, rugby enthusiasts will have the unique privilege of witnessing international rugby cups and high-stakes rugby Test matches taking place on UK soil. With a raft of games scheduled, the testimony to the UK’s status as a world-class rugby destination is unmistakable.

From Europe to Asia, international teams are convening across the nation, offering fans an eclectic mix of styles and rugby cultures. As clubs and national sides collide, the stage is set not only for the celebration of international talent but also for the shared camaraderie that the game so uniquely fosters among its global fans.

World-Class Rugby Talent on Display

This weekend’s fixtures are a testament to the diversity and quality of world-class rugby talent that the international games bring to the shores of the UK. Notable among the array of encounters is the Japan Rugby League One, spotlighting the likes of Kobelco Kobe Steelers and Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo in an enthralling showdown. These teams, peppered with seasoned internationals, promise to deliver a spectacle that will enthral both the purist and the casual observer alike.

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Test Matches and International Cups

As the anticipation for the weekend builds, the UK becomes the stage for rugby Test matches that challenge the mettle of the players and thrill the onlookers. The international rugby cups present in the country feature a blend of both traditional rugby powerhouses and exciting emerging nations, each bringing their unique brand of rugby and passionate following to the pitch. These fixtures not only provide a glimpse into the international rugby scene but also help to shape the narratives and rivalries that energise the sport worldwide.

Contributing to the electric atmosphere are the European club rugby matches, where the storied histories of some of Europe’s finest teams are rekindled with each collision. Alongside the fervour of the Test matches, these cups weave a rich tapestry of rugby heritage and contemporary flair.

For UK fans, the plentiful rugby fixtures this weekend are more than mere games; they represent a portal into the global rugby scene, reaffirming their place within the international rugby community. As players compete for glory on the field, spectators are invited to revel in the unity and excitement that only rugby can offer.

Preparing for the Rugby Weekend: What You Need to Know

As fervour grows for the upcoming rugby weekend events, every fan must be primed with the latest rugby schedule to maximise their experience. From the first whistle to the final play, knowing when and where the rugby games this weekend are happening is vital. Whether one plans to bask in the stadium’s roar or cheer over pints at the local pub, information is key. Here’s what you need to ensure you’re fully prepared for every tackle and try.

To catch every scrum, lineout, and sprint down the field, a veritable gamut of broadcasters offer comprehensive coverage. TNT Sports and Viaplay lead the charge—dedicated channels for those who wish to tune into every moment of the fiercely contested matches. However, do keep an eye on local listings, as they are the go-to source for community-based matches set to take place across the UK’s multifaceted rugby landscape.

Fixture Kick-Off (UK Time) Channel
Sale Sharks vs Saracens 22 Dec, 19:45 TNT Sports
Exeter Chiefs vs Leicester 23 Dec, 15:00 TNT Sports
Glasgow vs Edinburgh 22 Dec, 19:35 Viaplay, BBC NI
Saitama Wild Knights vs BlackRams Tokyo 22 Dec, 21:00 TBC

For those who prefer in-person encounters, securing tickets early is always recommended to avoid the disappointment of sold-out signs. Remember to dress warmly for open-air events, and why not add a little extra spirit with team colours to rally support?

However, for the armchair enthusiasts, make sure your Viaplay or TNT Sports subscriptions are up to date to enjoy uninterrupted live coverage. These services will deliver the exuberance and intensity of local and international rugby straight into your living room.

Ultimately, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, the richness of the UK’s rugby offerings this weekend is undeniable and unmissable. By staying informed of the schedules, broadcast channels, and local events, you’ll be set to revel in the camaraderie and competitions that embody the essence of rugby. Don your jerseys, align your chants, and ready yourself for a weekend of sportsmanship and spectacle.


As the culmination of a gripping narrative of speed, strength and strategy, the upcoming rugby fixtures signify the bounty that UK rugby schedule has to offer. With the weekend burgeoning with exciting rugby games, fans are bracing for a kaleidoscope of rugby festivities that grasp the essence of this storied sport. The matches stretch across the vibrant local landscapes of the Gallagher Premiership to the grand stages of international tournaments like the Top 14, painting a weekend ripe with tight scrums and tactical genius.

Summarising the Rugby Weekend Ahead

The tapestry of this weekend’s fixtures weaves together the energy of fierce local derbies and the progressive impact of women’s rugby – a celebration of ambition and skill that keeps spectators tethered to the excitement. Rugby this weekend is more than just tourism through a collection of games; it’s the exultant thrum of UK’s heartbeat, echoed in the crunch of boots on turf and the roar of the crowd. Whether it’s the steadfast yet nimble-footed players in the Women’s Premiership Rugby or the titans clashing in the United Rugby Championship, the UK is poised for a weekend of memorable moments that epitomise the passion and fervour inherent to rugby.

Getting Ready for an Exciting Weekend of Rugby

The anticipatees of weekend rugby festivities are poised with their jerseys ready and venues set, echoing a collective readiness mirrored by the players themselves. With a plethora of rugby fixtures at their disposal, supporters are gearing up to witness a spectacle punctuated by thrilling tackles and strategic grace notes. Whether partaking in stadium anthems or basking in the convivial commonality of local pubs, aficionados across the UK are set to be subsumed by the unadulterated joy of rugby this weekend.


What are some of the key Gallagher Premiership Rugby fixtures this weekend?

Rugby fans can look forward to key matchups such as Newcastle versus Bristol and Sale versus Saracens on Friday, December 22nd, as well as other big-name clashes including Exeter versus Leicester and Bath versus Harlequins.

Can you tell me about any derby days in the United Rugby Championship this weekend?

Certainly, this weekend features exhilarating local rivalries with Glasgow facing Edinburgh and Ulster going head-to-head with Connacht in what are set to be thrilling derby matches.

Where can I watch the rugby matches live this weekend?

Many rugby matches this weekend will be available to watch live on TV channels and streaming services, including TNT Sports for European Professional Club Rugby and Viaplay Sports for the United Rugby Championship. Free-to-air options may include ITV and BBC for select games.

What are the standout fixtures in Women’s Premiership Rugby this weekend?

This weekend in the Allianz Women’s Premiership, there are matches like Saracens Women versus Bristol Bears Women, which are expected to showcase top-level female rugby talent.

How can I find local rugby games near me?

Local rugby fixtures can often be found by checking local club websites, social media pages or community bulletin boards to discover games happening in your area.

What international rugby events are taking place in the UK this weekend?

This weekend, the UK welcomes various international rugby affairs, including European club rugby matches and teams from the Japan Rugby League One, offering fans a chance to witness international stars on UK soil.

How can I prepare to make the most of the rugby games this weekend?

To enjoy the rugby this weekend, make sure to stay updated with the latest schedules, have access to broadcasts or streaming services, and consider obtaining subscriptions or monthly passes for comprehensive coverage of the matches.

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