Chicago Hounds Rugby: Schedule & Tickets 2023

Rugby fans in Chicago are poised for an exhilarating year as the Chicago Hounds gear up for their 2023 campaign in Major League Rugby. This season marks the much-anticipated debut of professional rugby Chicago, offering a front-row seat to the raw energy and competitive spirit of the game right in the heart of the Windy City. With a full rugby season schedule laid out, supporters can now secure their Chicago Hounds Rugby tickets to partake in a series of compelling rugby matches in Chicago.

As the latest entrant into North America’s esteemed Major League Rugby, the Chicago Hounds are set to showcase their zeal and prowess at the venerated SeatGeek Stadium. The team promises to deliver an action-packed roster of games against some of the most formidable opponents the league has to offer, kicking off a new era for rugby enthusiasts in the region. It’s time to rally behind your team, celebrate each try, and be part of history in the making.

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Key Takeaways

  • Experience the excitement of the Chicago Hounds’ inaugural season in Major League Rugby this 2023.
  • Get your Chicago Hounds Rugby tickets early to witness the thrill of professional rugby in the flesh.
  • Join the roaring crowd for a series of home and away rugby matches in Chicago’s own SeatGeek Stadium.
  • Be part of a growing community celebrating Chicago’s addition to the prestigious Major League Rugby circuit.
  • Mark your calendars for an enthralling season scheduled from February through June, brimming with heart-pounding rugby action.

Introducing Chicago Hounds Rugby

Joining the throngs of Major League Rugby’s esteemed teams, the Chicago Hounds Rugby team made their impactful entrance as the newest expansion franchise, ready to take part in the high-octane world of professional rugby. The league’s reception of the Hounds signals a monumental moment for the sport’s expansion within the city, as well as on a national scale, as fans eagerly embraced the team in anticipation of their inaugural season in 2023.

With the city’s skyline as a backdrop, the Chicago Hounds step onto the professional stage at SeatGeek Stadium, where the scent of fresh turf sets the stage for a new chapter in Chicago’s sporting narrative. As a fresh-faced entity among the rough and tumble of Major League Rugby, the Hounds have garnered a swelling tide of support. Local and national enthusiasts are donning the team’s colors, eager to champion their rise through the ranks of an ever-growing professional rugby team landscape.

Below, we take a closer look at the fledgling stages of the team’s journey, from their conception to their first foray onto the MLR fields:

Year Milestone Significance
2022 Named as an Expansion Franchise Acknowledgment by MLR and foundation for building the team
2023 Inaugural Season Begins First demonstration of the team’s competitive spirit in MLR

This narrative is not just about competition but also signifies a growing cultural phenomenon. Rugby in Chicago has leaped from local clubs to the high-profile stage, promising to bring a new wave of athleticism and entertainment to a city with a rich sporting history. The Chicago Hounds are more than a team—they are a beacon of rugby’s promising future in the metropolis, igniting a passionate flame in the hearts of new and old fans alike.

Rugby in Chicago: A New Contender

The city of Chicago, known for its storied sports legacy, welcomes the advent of professional rugby with the entrance of the Chicago Hounds into the Major League Rugby (MLR) fold. As the newest team to join the league, the Hounds represent a burgeoning chapter in the city’s rich athletic tapestry. Rugby enthusiasts across the city and beyond are set to witness a surge in the sport’s popularity as the Chicago rugby community gears up to support its latest addition.

With the renowned SeatGeek Stadium serving as the backdrop for the team’s home games, the energy and passion of rugby are expected to resonate through the metropolis. The Chicago Hounds’ inaugural season has generated a wave of excitement among fans, marking an increased visibility of rugby in Chicago. This new team is poised to carve out its legacy, fueled by the determination to leave an indelible mark on the city’s sporting achievements.

As the Chicago Hounds don jerseys and boots to tread the freshly-laid grass of SeatGeek Stadium, they bring forth a new spectacle in competitive sports to a historically devoted audience. Alongside the action on the field, the roaring support from the stands is a testament to the vibrant community that has emerged around this beloved game. The following table captures the essence of this historic season for Chicago’s newest sports team:

Chicago Hounds Rugby Milestone Details
League Participation Participation in the Major League Rugby (MLR) as an expansion franchise
Inaugural Season Year 2023
Home Stadium SeatGeek Stadium, central to the Chicago rugby community
Significance A step forward in enhancing the profile of rugby within Chicago, cultivating a new following

The Chicago Hounds’ debut reflects not just the expansion of a team, but a movement that integrates rugby more deeply into the city’s cultural thread. This pivotal evolution indicates a broader American engagement with rugby, symbolizing Chicago’s role as a nexus for the sport’s future in the United States.

The Chicago Hounds Rugby Team: Players to Watch

As the Chicago Hounds Rugby team embarks on their first Major League Rugby season in 2023, all eyes are on two standout leaders: Bryce Campbell and Billy Meakes. With these seasoned captains at the helm, the Chicago Hounds boast a compelling mix of experience and strategy on the field. Their authoritative presence and rugby acumen make them essential figures within this dynamic assembly of professional rugby talent.

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Spotlight on Bryce Campbell and Billy Meakes

Both renowned for their strategic insights and on-field skills, Campbell and Meakes collectively exemplify the pinnacle of Chicago Hounds Rugby talent. Campbell, a tenacious center with prestigious international caps, instills a sense of resilience and precision in play. Similarly, Meakes brings an invaluable depth of professional experience, having competed at the highest levels internationally. Their leadership is expected to steer the team through a challenging and promising inaugural season, setting the standard for what it means to be a Chicago Hounds Rugby player.

Emerging Stars of the 2023 Season

The vigor and passion of the Chicago Hounds don’t stop at their captains. The roster is teeming with up-and-coming rugby players poised to make their mark on the professional stage. These Chicago rugby prospects have already begun to turn heads in preseason fixtures, indicating that the future of the Hounds—and the sport—shines bright in the Windy City. Their enthusiasm, skill, and ever-improving performance are not just thrilling to watch but are crucial in carving out the Chicago Hounds’ legacy in the realm of Major League Rugby.

Supporters of the team and fans of the sport can look forward to strong performances from a well-rounded roster, brimming with an array of talent ready to take the league by storm. As such, the Chicago Hounds are poised to leave an indelible mark on the MLR, backed by a robust selection of players who embody the promising future of professional rugby.

Chicago Hounds Rugby: Embracing the Challenge

The Chicago Hounds Rugby team has stepped onto the Major League Rugby (MLR) playing fields with both determination and an awareness of the rugby challenges that lie ahead. Representing a city with a proud sporting tradition, this developing rugby team has faced off against established franchises, showcasing their competitive spirit in thrilling Chicago Hounds Rugby matches.

Each contest offers the Hounds a platform to measure their progress, fine-tune their tactics, and bond as a cohesive unit. Although the journey for any new squad comes with its share of hurdles, the Hounds’ commitment to growth within the competitive landscape of MLR illustrates the tenacity embedded within their philosophy.

The team’s performance thus far has been more than just scores on a board; it’s a narrative of progression, community building, and the joys and sorrows that come with competitive rugby. Fans have been treated to a promising glimpse of what the future holds, as the team lays a solid foundation with each ruck, maul, and try.

Below is a comprehensive view of the Chicago Hounds’ season performance, capturing their tenacious encounters and the steps they’re taking towards cementing their status within MLR:

Challenge Response Outcome
Integrating into MLR Inaugural season commitment and team synergy building Ongoing – Establishing a foothold within the league
Confronting seasoned opponents Strategic planning and gameplay refinement Varied results, but steady improvement and valuable experience gained
Enhancing team dynamics Continuous training and on-field adaptation Development of a resilient and adaptable playing style
Building a fanbase Engaging with the community and offering a spirited matchday experience Increasing support and burgeoning fan loyalty

As the season progresses, the Chicago Hounds continue to demonstrate that whether they face victory or defeat, their spirit remains undaunted. They understand that each match is more than just a game; it is an opportunity to grow as a team and as a part of the wider rugby fraternity. The Windy City’s support is a testament to the team’s promise and to the future of rugby in Chicago.

Season Highlights: Chicago Hounds Rugby Results

The Chicago Hounds Rugby team’s inaugural season has delivered a mix of match victories and season defeats, influencing their placement in the MLR standings. Reflecting on the wins and losses provides a balanced perspective of the team’s performance and tenacity displayed throughout the 2023 rugby calendar.

Triumphant Victories and Defeats of 2023

A thorough examination of the Chicago Hounds Rugby results reveals a pattern of resilience despite several challenging fixtures. One potent demonstration of their capacity for triumph was seen in hard-fought victories against teams like the Dallas Jackals, Utah Warriors, and New England Free Jacks. However, the season also posed tough losses, particularly against potent rivals like the Seattle Seawolves and San Diego Legion, which significantly impacted their season standings.

Analyzing the Preseason and Regular Season Performance

The Hounds’ journey began with a preseason analysis that set the tone for the upcoming months, including scrimmages with Rugby ATL and the American Raptors, where they tasted competitive fire early on. Sifting through the pivotal regular season insights, each match served as a vital learning sphere, contributing to the team’s burgeoning tactical playbook and collective spirit, elements indispensable for a nascent team in a league as competitive as the MLR.

As the team looks ahead, the consolidation of these experiences will be paramount. Whether refining their defensive strategies or sharpening offensive incursions, the Chicago Hounds Rugby team’s performance in their debut season lays a robust foundation for future potential and elevated ambitions in the sport.

Through the lens of 2023’s expansive schedule, the Chicago Hounds’ narrative has been charted by both compelling victories that galvanized fans and sobering defeats that offer crucial lessons. It’s a narrative marked by growth, grit, and an unyielding drive—all vital traits for the enduring rugby path that lies ahead for the Hounds of Chicago.

Supporting Chicago Rugby Club: Local Enthusiasm

The Chicago rugby club, known to fans as the Chicago Hounds, has become a beacon for the city’s sports community. Rugby fans in Chicago are not just passive spectators; they are an integral part of the game, their fervent cheers echoing throughout SeatGeek Stadium. This local rugby support creates an unparalleled atmosphere that becomes a driving force for the players on the field.

It’s the dedication of these supporters that sustains the club’s vibrant energy. The growing sports community in Chicago has shown an eagerness to engage with the team, whether it’s through attending games, participating in fan events, or spreading the word about the Hounds to new potential fans.

Below is an illustrative glimpse into the kind of enthusiasm the Chicago rugby club has sparked among the local populace:

Aspect Influence Impact
Season Ticket Sales Growing anticipation for the Hounds’ first season Providing financial stability and a predictable fan base
Merchandise Sales High demand for Chicago Hounds gear Cultivating team spirit and sense of community identity
Social Media Engagement Increased following and interactions Spreading awareness and fostering a connected fan community
Community Events Meet-and-greet sessions, rugby workshops Building a personal connection between players and fans
Viewing Parties Gatherings organized for away games Maintaining the excitement and support beyond the stadium

The local rugby support for the Chicago Hounds is more than just numbers. It’s about passion, pride, and the shared hope of success that each fan carries for their home team. The vigor of the rugby fans in Chicago works as the heartbeat of the club, promising a future where the Hounds play not just for titles, but for the city that stands firmly behind them.

Get Your Chicago Hounds Rugby Tickets

For fervent fans and newcomers alike, the quest to buy rugby tickets for the Chicago Hounds’ games is synonymous with securing a passage to an electrifying sports atmosphere. This year, Chicago rugby experience ramps up as audiences prepare for a showcase of speed, strength, and competitive sportsmanship at the iconic SeatGeek Stadium. As spectators get ready to join the ranks of cheering supporters, an array of ticket pricing and seat selection options await to suit every preference.

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Pricing and Seat Selection Insights

The thrill of the game is made accessible through the diverse Chicago Hounds Rugby tickets available, each offering a different viewpoint and matchday experience. Whether it’s the anticipation from the higher tiers or the close-up action at field level, fans are encouraged to select their spots promptly to capture the essence of a live rugby match. Ticket pricing may vary depending on factors such as the opposition’s stature, SeatGeek Stadium’s seating configuration, and desired proximity to the pitch—ensuring that every fan has the option that perfectly aligns with their game-day aspirations.

Secure Your Spot at SeatGeek Stadium

Embrace the full force of the MLR season by acting early to secure match tickets at SeatGeek Stadium. There’s no need for a presale code when snagging these hot commodities; purchasing your tickets is just a few clicks away. Indulge in a secure and seamless process to ensure you don’t miss out on the impending confrontations awaiting the Hounds. Regardless of the result on the field, fans who acquire tickets are guaranteed to be a part of an exclusive matchday experience filled with unbridled passion and community spirit.

Matchday Components Insights for Fans
Ticket Accessibility From general admission to premium reserved seating, find the perfect fit.
Pricing Variance Consider the match type, seat location, and stadium to determine the best value.
Seat Selection A range from casual to dedicated fan zones caters to various audience preferences.
Purchase Process Enjoy an easy, code-free transaction to claim your spot for the upcoming game.

As the Hounds prepare to take the field, ensure your place among the devoted fans with your own slice of the stands, resonating with cheers, chants, and the heart-pounding excitement that defines the Chicago rugby experience.

Chicago Hounds Rugby Schedule: Mark Your Calendars

The 2023 Chicago Hounds Rugby schedule has emerged as the cornerstone of the city’s sporting calendar, offering a lineup of must-see rugby matches that warm the hearts of fans even amidst the notorious Chicago chill. The harmony of grit, athleticism, and tactical prowess is set to unfold before the eyes of the Windy City’s most passionate, so now is the time to etch these dates into your calendar.

Key Matches Not to Miss in 2023

This year’s fixture list includes a series of compelling matchups that are predicted to be defining moments of the season. Highlighting the season timeline, spectators should make a note of the games that stand tall as the Chicago Hounds key games; these are more than mere bouts of play, they represent the essence of rugby’s thrill.

Rugby special events add a layer of enticement as the Hounds prepare to face off against the robust Utah Warriors, tactically adept Toronto Arrows, and the formidable Dallas Jackals. Fans can anticipate each encounter with fervor, as these fixtures not only showcase the relentless spirit of the teams but also highlight the tactical depth that rugby in Chicago has come to embrace.

Seasonal Fixtures and Special Events

While the season is peppered with gripping weekly contests, the Chicago Hounds Rugby team’s program also encompasses a host of seasonal fixtures and specials that extend beyond the ordinary league showdowns. These events, often enveloped in palpable electricity, provide fans with additional opportunities to immerse themselves in the camaraderie of the stands and support the Hounds in what promise to be nail-biting championships and playoff scenarios. Every year, the rugby calendar yields these unique occasions where legends can be made and glory is but a try away.

With every ruck and maul, the Hounds’ inaugural voyage through the MLR ranks forges ahead. Here’s an in-depth view of the schedule that no Chicagoan should miss:

Date Opponent Event Type Location
2023-03-05 Utah Warriors Regular Season SeatGeek Stadium, Bridgeview
2023-03-11 Toronto Arrows Regular Season SeatGeek Stadium, Bridgeview
2023-03-18 Dallas Jackals Regular Season SeatGeek Stadium, Bridgeview
2023-05-14 New York Ironworkers Special Event SeatGeek Stadium, Bridgeview
2023-06-03 San Diego Legion Playoff Potential SeatGeek Stadium, Bridgeview

Attending these games not only supports the team but allows you to witness first-hand the rallying cry of the Chicago Hounds as they chase victory in a narrative steeped in ambition and the drive for rugby excellence.

Behind the Scenes: Chicago Hounds Rugby News

For those who bleed blue and orange, staying connected to the Chicago Hounds Rugby news is like keeping a finger on the pulse of the team’s heartbeat. The latest updates provide insights into the Hounds’ preparation for the seismic clashes ahead. Fans committed to digging deeper into the squad’s dynamics seek out every scrap of information, from team announcements to strategy leaks.

What defines the Hounds off the pitch shapes them on it, and following the behind-the-scenes accounts grants devotees the broader picture. Through player interviews, supporters perceive the human element of the sport—the passion, the sacrifice, and the off-field camaraderie that fortifies the fighters before the whistle. Press releases divulge the structural shifts, be it personnel changes or coaching strategies, signifying evolution within the franchise.

The detail is in the preparation and the club knows it. In the weeks leading up to key fixtures, the latest rugby updates provide a narrative of intensive training regimes, injury recoveries, and skill enhancements. Each announcement, predictably sparked by Chicago team announcements, resonates with the anticipation of upcoming performances and successes.

Fans who seek holistic understanding tuned into the Chicago Hounds Rugby news acquire more than facts—they grow attuned to the ethos of the team. And when they fill the stands, they bear both witness and testament to a journey they’ve charted alongside their heroes in cleats.

  • Press Releases: Glimpses into administrative updates and organizational news
  • Player Interviews: Personal narratives that bring fans closer to their heroes
  • Coaching Announcements: Insight into the tactical minds governing team strategy
  • Training Reports: Chronicles of the hard yards put in at the training grounds

Keeping abreast of all facets of the Chicago Hounds Rugby news is more than a habit—it’s a choice to journey inward with the team, understanding the mechanics behind the muscle; the strategy behind the speed. As the season unfolds, each piece of news is a fragment of a larger tale being told—one of triumph, defeat, and unyielding spirit, echoing the very tune of Chicago itself.

From the Fans: Chicago Hounds Rugby Reviews and Opinions

The burgeoning fanbase of the Chicago Hounds Rugby has been vocal about their experiences, sharing testimonies that paint a vivid picture of the game-day atmosphere and the inaugural season’s impact on the city’s sporting culture. Drawing from various fan platforms, these personal accounts of Chicago Hounds Rugby reviews and reflections offer invaluable insights into the team’s performance and the overall reception amongst the budding Chicago rugby community.

Attendance at matches has been a critical factor, with fans highlighting the energetic and welcoming environment at SeatGeek Stadium. This is where the thundering applause and communal camaraderie come to life, as indicated by the enthusiastic fan opinions. The match-day experiences shared by these devotees depict a true rugby atmosphere that is quickly becoming a signature element of the Chicago rugby experience.

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Rugby experiences at SeatGeek Stadium have consistently been described as thrilling and family-friendly. Newcomers and seasoned rugby followers alike have praised the stadium’s amenities and the exciting gameplay, further solidifying the Hounds’ position within the heart of Chicago’s sports fervor. Fans of the Hounds have become an essential part of the team’s identity, sharing their rugby experiences and becoming storytellers of this chapter in Chicago sports history.

Fan testimonies have not only praised the electrifying matches but also acknowledged the efforts behind the scenes. The commitment of the coaching staff, the dedication of the players, and the spirit of the game resonate deeply with supporters. They note that whether it’s a nail-biting finish or a display of sportsmanship, every game leaves a lasting impression.

The following table encapsulates a qualitative snapshot of the feedback from fans who have witnessed the Chicago Hounds Rugby team in action:

Review Category Fan Feedback
Stadium Atmosphere Vibrant and engaging, with a strong sense of community
Team Performance Inspiring and competitive, showcasing promising talent
Family Experience Inclusive and entertaining for all age groups
Value for Money Positive feedback on ticket pricing and overall experience
Merchandising Fans enjoy wearing and supporting using team merchandise

As the Chicago Hounds navigate their inaugural season, the growing legion of supporters is clear in its verdict: the team has not only ignited the flames of passion but has also begun to weave itself into the fabric of the city’s vibrant sports culture. The collective voice of the fans, echoing through Chicago Hounds Rugby reviews and fan opinions, is a powerful testament to the memorable rugby experiences that the team has brought to the Windy City.

Nurturing Talent: The Youth Rugby in Chicago

As the passion for the sport burns bright in the Windy City, it becomes paramount to spotlight Chicago’s commitment to the growth and development of rugby. Our youth stand ready as the vanguard of tomorrow, with community programs serving as the crucible for forging the future rugby stars. Underpinning this mission is the unwavering dedication to nurturing a wellspring of talent set to enrich the ranks of the Chicago Hounds prospects. These endeavors reflect the city’s recognition of the powerful role that sport plays in shaping the lives of its youngest residents.

Chicago’s Commitment to Growing the Game

The vigor and potential of youth rugby in Chicago are accelerating thanks to a strategic emphasis on rugby talent development. Initiatives spanning coaching clinics, youth leagues, and school programs are a clear manifestation of the Windy City’s dedication to enriching the sports landscape. By promoting a culture steeped in rugby values—teamwork, respect, and discipline—the foundations for future success on the pitch are being laid foundations that resonate with the ethos of both the Chicago Hounds and the broader rugby fraternity.

Chicago Hounds community programs are not merely about learning the game; they’re about imparting life lessons that transcend the field.

The Future Stars of Chicago Hounds Rugby

The narrative of the Chicago Hounds is intrinsically tied to its roots, and as such, identifying and cultivating the potential within local youth is of supreme importance. Scouts and coaches keep their eyes trained on the most promising talents emerging from Chicago’s nurturing grounds, players that exhibit the spark and athleticism indicative of a prosperous career ahead. It’s in these players that fans see not just the reflection of current ambition but the glimmer of future championships.

Program Focus Impact on Youth Development
School Outreach Initiatives Engagement & Introduction to Rugby Sowing the seeds for widespread rugby appreciation and participation
Summer Rugby Camps Skill Development & Game Knowledge Cultivating a deeper understanding and capability within the sport
Youth Leagues & Tournaments Competitive Play & Team Dynamics Offering a platform for practical application and teamwork
Mentoring Programs Guidance & Role Modeling Fostering leadership and holistic growth on and off the field

As the Chicago Hounds continue to establish their presence in Major League Rugby, the blossoming scene of youth rugby in Chicago serves as the fertile ground from which the next generation of sportsmen and women will spring forth. In these youngsters overflowing with potential, the chronicle of Chicago Hounds prospects is already being written—a testament to a city that not only embraces the rugged beauty of rugby but also the promise it holds for the future.

Conclusion: Chicago Hounds Rugby Wrap-Up and Future Prospects

As the inaugural season draws to a close for the Chicago Hounds Rugby team, it’s time to look back on their journey and take stock of the strides made both on the field and within the community. From the first kick-off at SeatGeek Stadium, the Chicago Hounds have fought valiantly, enduring the ups and downs inherent to the sport with unwavering persistance. This wrap-up delves into the highs and lows of the season, offering a holistic view of the team’s performance, the fans’ unwavering enthusiasm, and the broader implications for rugby in Chicago developments.

Looking ahead, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for what the future holds. While the matches have ended, the echoes of the crowds and the players’ spirit persist, setting the groundwork for the seasons to come. The commitment shown by the team and the community signals continued growth and a deepening affinity for the game. Chicago’s passion for rugby is burgeoning, and with further developments on the horizon, fans can eagerly await new challenges and the exhilarating achievements that will define the Hounds’ legacy.

The end of the season is not an end but a new beginning, as the Chicago Hounds Rugby team prepares to build on their experiences, sharpen their skills, and return to the fray with renewed determination. With this in mind, the whole of the Windy City stands ready to support their team, celebrate their journey, and embrace the unending thrill that is rugby in Chicago. This first chapter may be concluding, but the narrative of the Chicago Hounds Rugby team is just starting to unfold.


When does the Chicago Hounds Rugby 2023 season begin?

The Chicago Hounds Rugby team’s season typically begins in February and runs through June.

Where can I buy Chicago Hounds Rugby tickets?

Tickets for the Chicago Hounds Rugby matches can be purchased through the official SeatGeek Stadium website or other ticketing platforms offering matchday tickets.

What is the home stadium for the Chicago Hounds Rugby team?

The Chicago Hounds play their home games at SeatGeek Stadium located in Bridgeview, Chicago.

Who are the captains for the Chicago Hounds Rugby team?

Bryce Campbell and Billy Meakes serve as captains, providing leadership on the field for the Chicago Hounds Rugby team.

How can I keep up with the Chicago Hounds Rugby news?

To stay updated with the latest news on the Chicago Hounds Rugby, fans can check the team’s official website, follow their social media profiles, or sign up for their newsletter.

Are there any youth rugby programs sponsored by the Chicago Hounds?

Yes, the Chicago Hounds are involved with youth rugby programs in Chicago, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing new talent and growing the sport locally.

What are some key matches in the Chicago Hounds Rugby schedule for 2023?

Key matches to watch for during the 2023 season include clashes against teams such as the Utah Warriors, Toronto Arrows, and Dallas Jackals. These games promise to be exciting encounters in Major League Rugby.

How has the Chicago Hounds Rugby team performed in their inaugural season?

The team has faced a mix of victories and defeats, showing progression and building experience with each match throughout their inaugural season in the Major League Rugby.

What is the range of ticket prices for Chicago Hounds Rugby games?

Ticket prices for Chicago Hounds Rugby games vary depending on seat location, competition level, and other factors like stadium size and specific match prominence.

Can I learn more about the Chicago Hounds Rugby team’s players?

Information about the team’s players, including bios and stats, is available on the Chicago Hounds’ official website and through various sports news outlets covering Major League Rugby.

What special events might the Chicago Hounds Rugby schedule include?

Besides regular season games, the Chicago Hounds’ schedule may feature seasonal fixtures, playoffs, championship events, and international competitions.

Where can fans share and read reviews and opinions about the Chicago Hounds Rugby team?

Fans can share and read reviews and opinions on fan forums, social media platforms, and the review sections on ticketing websites. These are great places for fans to discuss their game-day experiences and thoughts on team performance.

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