Ultimate Guide to Men’s Rugby Shirts 2023

The landscape of menswear is witnessing a revival of a time-honored classic: the mens rugby shirt. As we venture further into 2023, the sartorial pitch is welcoming back this icon with renewed vigor. Once boxed into the domain of mere sportswear and athletic wear, rugby shirts have broken past these confines to emerge as pivotal pieces in mens clothing. The traditional and the contemporary walk side by side in this resurgence, presenting an attire that is as much about heritage as it is about fashion-forward thinking.

Esteemed brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Everlane are at the forefront, offering ranges that span from emblematic striped jerseys replete with signature logos to heavyweight frameworks that merge seamlessly with both denim and dressier trousers. It’s a clear homage to the rugby shirt’s versatile allure and an open invitation to embrace its solid place within modern rugby apparel. The garments maintain their athletically inspired roots while traversing the gamut from casual to crisp, solidifying the rugby shirt as a non-negotiable element of mens sports shirt collections.

Moreover, the international fashion scene pays tribute to this trend, with brands like Guinness showcasing sleek designs that nod to their cultural heritage. At the same time, high-fashion mainstays like Thom Browne masterfully interweave rugby’s robust essence with luxury and refinement. Without a doubt, the men’s rugby shirt reigns as a multi-functional cornerstone of rugby attire this year.

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Key Takeaways

  • The mens rugby shirt transcends its casual beginnings to become a versatile staple in contemporary fashion.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren, Everlane, and similar brands lead the charge with designs that honor the shirt’s sporty origins while catering to modern tastes.
  • Rugby apparel is now a crossover category that appeals to both sports enthusiasts and style-conscious individuals.
  • High-end labels such as Thom Browne infuse the rugby garment with luxurious materials, emphasizing its fashion appeal.
  • An evergreen piece, the rugby shirt offers timelessness amidst the ever-changing tides of menswear.

The Resurgence of the Men’s Rugby Shirt in Modern Fashion

The stylistic territory of menswear in 2023 is fertile ground for the revival of classic silhouettes, and taking center stage is the mens rugby shirt. This garment is more than a resurgence; it’s an evolution, transforming a traditional preppy element into a pillar of modern wardrobe essentials.

Recognizing the rugby shirt’s hearty nature and boardroom-ready appearance, GQ editors have pinpointed this piece as the perfect blend of sportswear ruggedness and refined elegance. Its adaptive nature is praised, often seen replacing the typical V-neck sweater layered over a crisp button-down or worn beneath a blazer. This adaptability makes it a quintessential item in the realm of rugby clothing.

At the forefront of this fashion revival are illustrious brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, who have immortalized the rugby shirt with their classic preppy styles. With its thick stripes and robust buttons tailored for the trials of sport yet designed with a pop-collared polish, their offerings pay homage to the timeless appeal of preppy style.

Contrasting yet complementing the conventional, labels like Story MFG and Studio Nicholson present rugby shirts refined by nature and elevated conceptually, incorporating organic materials and leaning into a minimalist aesthetic. J.Crew, under the creative guidance of Babenzien, executes a contemporary perspective, melding heritage with the pulse of current mens fashion trends.

In a climate that respects the classics while embracing the avant-garde, even more recent entrants like Noah and Fear Of God Essentials have taken to the field. Their iterations capture the zeitgeist, infusing modern cuts and urban sensibilities into an otherwise archetypal design.

As these brands showcase, the humble rugby shirt has graduated from its collegiate confines and asserted itself as an essential component of a well-curated modern closet. The fresh face of mens rugby shirts reflects a refined lifestyle while remaining rooted in the rich heritage of its sportive origins—a testament to its unwavering place within mens fashion trends.

Trending Styles in Men’s Rugby Apparel

The convergence of durability, comfort, and style heralds the renaissance of the mens rugby shirt, making it an indispensable part of mens fashion. This year, designers are reinterpreting this traditional athletic wear for the contemporary wardrobe, blending heritage influences with modern demands. Let’s delve into the styles making a splash on the men’s rugby apparel scene.

Classic Stripes and Prints

Indisputably, the soul of the rugby shirt resides in its classic stripes. This season’s offerings pay homage to this everlasting design with a touch of innovation. Brands like Beams Plus and Ralph Lauren anchor their collections in these traditional prints, cementing their undeniable presence within mens clothing. The Beams Plus Striped Cotton-Jersey Rugby Shirt emerges as a standout, marrying time-honored patterns with contemporary sleeve coloring. Similarly, Thom Browne introduces a striped wool rugby shirt, elevating this classic pattern with premium materials.

Heavyweight Materials and Durability

Robustness and longevity have always been at the core of rugby clothing, with heavyweight materials signifying the essence of durable sportswear. Contemporary labels such as Everlane exemplify this trait through their Premium-Weight Rugby Shirt, a testament to an enduring aesthetic combined with practicality. For the stalwart at heart, Charles River Apparel offers everyday rugby shirts that promise resilience. Meanwhile, the Lans’ End Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt provides an archetypal choice, suggesting simplicity doesn’t preclude strength. Added to this mix is the Barbarian shirt from Rugby Imports, a token of authenticity renowned for withstanding the vigors of the sport.

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High-Fashion Influences on Rugby Shirts

As designer sportswear weaves its way into the mainstream, high-fashion takes on the rugby shirt are winning over avant-garde enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. The finesse of Thom Browne and the artisanal touch of Todd Snyder bring about a transformation, turning a sports staple into a high-fashion rugby shirt. Further invigorating this trend, Marine Layer introduces a vintage look recalling the carefree ’70s, while Percival’s modern houndstooth design demonstrates the seamless elevation of rugby prints to high style.

The canvas of mens rugby apparel is both broad and nuanced, offering a sartorial blend for every desire—from the athleticism of the field to the aesthetics of high street fashion. This year, embrace the familiar stripes or dive into the innovative takes that have established the rugby shirt as a dynamic player in menswear.

Mixing Comfort and Style: Rugby Shirts for Casual and Smart Outfits

The evolution of the mens rugby shirt from the sidelines to the forefront of fashion is a testament to its versatility in combining comfortable menswear with a casual style that seamlessly transitions into smart outfits. As a staple in rugby clothing, the rugby shirt has become a trusted garment for its durability and ease of wear, while also rising as a symbol of effortless style.

Leading the pack with practical yet polished designs, brands like Nautica consistently deliver rugby shirts that embody everyday casualness. They offer a relaxed fit, ideal for those leisurely weekend brunches or a walk in the park. On the other hand, Todd Snyder presents options that straddle the casual and the elevated, making these shirts equal parts comfortable and stylish for a day’s work or an evening meet-up.

Looking for a more refined edge? Abercrombie & Fitch provides a contemporary take with their rugby shirts, adding a touch of sophistication to a relaxed fit. These are the perfect partners for a man’s weekend wardrobe or for lending some laid-back cool to a weekday outfit. Alternatively, Rowing Blazers caters to the urban gentleman, blending classic design elements with upscale touches, resulting in a collection of rugby shirts that are just as at home in a creative office setting as they are at a chic city bar.

One of the most remarkable qualities of the mens rugby shirt is its inherent ability to adapt—moving fluidly between settings without missing a beat. It’s a testament to the design’s enduring charm and functionality. For the modern man who values apparel that serves multiple purposes, the rugby shirt stands out as the quintessential crossover piece.

The rugby shirt is a celebration of balance—an amalgamation of the ruggedness of sportswear and the finesse of modern tailoring. It’s no surprise that it has become a favored choice among those who wish to strike a harmony between laid-back and dressed up. Whether it’s the textbook stripes of a traditional design or the understated elegance of a solid color, the rugby shirt ensures a look that’s grounded and yet entirely on-trend.

From simple gatherings to the more demanding decorum of formal settings, the rugby shirt aligns with a myriad of social dress codes. It’s a garment that has well and truly earned its stripes in the wardrobe of the discerning man, standing as a hallmark of both comfort and style.

Rugby Shirt Maintenance: Ensuring Your Rugby Attire Lasts

Investing in a high-quality men’s rugby shirt is just the beginning of your journey in rugby apparel care. To maintain the vibrant appearance and structural integrity of your rugby clothing, certain maintenance practices are essential. By adhering to key washing tips and rugby shirt storage techniques, you ensure that your cherished items remain in pristine condition, ready to stand up to the test of time and the natural wear and tear of an active lifestyle.

Washing and Drying Tips

Effective rugby shirt maintenance starts in the laundry room. Preserving the rich colors and fabric strength of your rugby clothing involves washing in cold water, which minimizes shrinkage and dye bleeding. Avoid aggressive detergents and fabric softeners that can weaken fabric fibers over time. Instead, opt for gentle, eco-friendly cleaners that maintain the rugby shirt durability and feel. When drying, keep shirts out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Airing them out naturally or tumble drying on a low setting is recommended for keeping your rugby attire looking game-day ready.

Dealing with Wear and Tear

With frequent use, especially in active scenarios, your men’s clothing will inevitably show signs of wear and tear. Regular inspections can catch minor issues before they escalate, such as loose threads or small tears. Immediate mending will extend the life of your shirts. Moreover, investing in highly durable brands like Barbarian and Charles River Apparel can spare you from frequent replacements, showcasing the importance of maintaining rugby apparel from the outset.

Storage Solutions

Proper storage goes a long way in rugby shirt maintenance. To avoid creases and maintain shape, opt for neatly folding or hanging your shirts on broad-shouldered hangers. A cool, dry closet away from moisture and sunlight is ideal for preserving the fabric quality. An organized closet with a dedicated sportswear section can simplify your sportswear organization, making it easier to grab-and-go. Consider the following table for a visual representation of men’s clothing care.

Cleaning Tips Repair Strategies Storage Solutions
Use cold water wash Inspect regularly Fold or hang neatly
Avoid harsh detergents Mend promptly Store in a cool, dry place
Air dry or tumble on low heat Invest in durable shirts Organize by color/style

By following these washing tips and organizational practices, you ensure that your athletic wear care routine is as robust as the game itself. Whether you’re a player or a follower of the sport, these habits are instrumental in maintaining rugby apparel that lasts seasons and memories alike. Rugby attire maintenance isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s about preserving the legacy of each jersey and the stories that come with it.

How to Select the Right Fit and Size in Men’s Rugby Shirts

Selecting the right fit and rugby shirt sizing are crucial aspects of acquiring the perfect mens rugby shirt. It’s essential to balance comfort with a flattering silhouette that complements the modern trend of tailored yet relaxed menswear. Consideration of both the body’s shape and the brand’s specifics are key in finding that ideal fit.

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Renowned for their mastery in combining comfort with style, brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Nautica have cultivated an array of mens sports shirts that cater to both the leisurely weekend and the casual work environment. Their dedication to fit ensures that their rugby shirts are never too snug or excessively loose, a testament to their understanding of menswear trends.

Each brand offers unique sizing charts that take into account the nuances of their designs. When selecting the right fit, it’s imperative to study these charts closely. Measurements for chest, waist, and length can differ significantly between brands, and what is an M in one may be an L in another.

Below is a comparative table that serves as a general guide on how to select a rugby shirt that fits well, focusing on key measurements and potential adjustments needed after washing:

Brand Chest Size (inches) Waist Size (inches) Length (inches) Post-wash Considerations
Abercrombie & Fitch 36-38 (S), 40-42 (M), 44-46 (L) 29-31 (S), 32-34 (M), 36-38 (L) 26-28 (S), 27-29 (M), 28-30 (L) Minimal shrinkage; Opt for true size
Nautica 37-39 (S), 40-42 (M), 43-45 (L) 30-32 (S), 33-35 (M), 36-38 (L) 27-28 (S), 28-29 (M), 29-30 (L) Consider slight stretching; true to size recommended

Keep in mind that frequent washing and drying can alter the fit of your mens rugby shirt over time. It’s worth considering purchasing a size that allows for some shrinkage while ensuring the shirt remains comfortably fitted. Being informed about the materials used can also guide expectations for how the shirt will conform to your body after wear and care.

Ultimately, taking the time to carefully assess the rugby shirt sizing guidelines provided by the brands will lead to a more satisfying and enduring addition to your wardrobe. Marrying the aesthetic of both comfort and style, the well-fitted rugby shirt is set to be a staple in your mens sports shirt repertoire.

Accessorizing Your Men’s Rugby Shirt for Versatile Looks

Turning a simple mens rugby shirt into a versatile garment for various occasions is all about the right accessories. Whether it’s a casual day out or an evening at a trendy spot, how you pair and accessorize your rugby shirt significantly elevates your style.

Pairing with Jeans and Trousers

Starting with the basics, combining a rugby shirt with jeans or trousers lays the foundation for a smart casual look. Everlane showcases the potential of a heavy-weight rugby shirt to complement denim for a relaxed yet put-together weekend attire. The same shirt can transition effortlessly to a workplace environment when paired with tailored trousers. Kings Of NY offers versatile rugby shirt pairing options that adapt to these sartorial shifts with ease, cementing the rugby shirt’s place in mens fashion.

Choosing the Right Footwear

Footwear choice can define the overall feel of rugby attire. Sneakers may impart a youthful and energetic vibe, perfect for day-to-day wear, while loafers elevate the outfit to suit a more formal setting. A mens rugby shirt from Everlane, known for its timeless designs, can harmoniously align with both sneakers and loafers, reaffirming the shirt’s adaptability to different footwear styles.

Complementing with Outerwear

Seasonal shifts demand thoughtful choices in outerwear. As the temperature dips, layering becomes key. The Amazon Essentials Rugby Sweater functions as an intermediary piece that can stand alone or serve as a base layer beneath a coat or jacket. Outerwear brands such as Lands’ End and Guinness present mens jackets that pair perfectly with their rugby shirts, blurring the lines between rugged sportswear and fashionable mens sports shirts while maintaining a cohesive and stylish look.

Whether you’re reaching for a classic piece suitable for layering or looking for a stand-alone item that reflects the comfort of rugby clothing, the options are as varied as they are compelling.

The Ultimate Mens Rugby Shirt: Top Picks for 2023

As the new year unfolds, the top mens rugby shirt contenders are showcasing a blend of tradition and innovation, setting the tone for 2023 rugby styles. The search for best rugby apparel becomes a journey through both classic and modern designs that define mens clothing and rugby attire alike.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s Classic Fit Striped Jersey Rugby Shirt continues to make its mark with a timeless design that evokes the sport’s rich heritage. At a generous discount, it’s become a more accessible option for those looking to delve into the rugby shirt trend without compromising on quality or style.

Striking a balance between high-end design and the rugged appeal of rugby, Everlane’s The Premium-Weight Rugby Shirt fits seamlessly into the modern man’s wardrobe. Its substantial fabric makes it perfectly suited for pairing with a variety of bottoms.

Uniqlo’s Rugger Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt, an affordable staple, offers an understated take on the rugby trend, proving that impeccable style doesn’t have to come at a high price.

For those seeking luxury within their sportswear, Thom Browne’s Striped Wool Rugby Shirt and Studio Nicholson’s Merino Wool Top stand out as high-end picks. They take the rugby silhouette to a new level, infusing it with the sophistication of fine materials.

Then there are brands like Rowing Blazers and Percival, who reinterpret the rugby shirt with unique twists, addressing the desires of fashion-forward consumers. Rowing Blazers’ designs often nod to historical references, while Percival uses unexpected patterns like houndstooth to refresh the classic rugby look.

Here is a comparative table highlighting the unique selling points, price points, and availability of these leading rugby shirts:

Brand Design Features Current Price Material Availability
Polo Ralph Lauren Striped pattern, signature logo $75 Cotton Jersey Ralph Lauren
Everlane Heavyweight, classic colors $56 Heavy Cotton Everlane
Uniqlo Midweight, understated design $20 Cotton Blend Uniqlo
Thom Browne Striped style, luxury branding $690 Wool MR PORTER
Studio Nicholson Merino wool, minimalistic look $445 Merino Wool Matches
Rowing Blazers Historical references, embroidered details $195 Cotton Rowing Blazers
Percival Modern houndstooth pattern $165 High-Quality Fabric percivalclo.com

When selecting the perfect mens rugby shirt this year, consider not only the style and fit but also the versatility and durability of the garment. The top picks of 2023 reflect a nuanced understanding of what it means to blend classic rugby tradition with the evolving demands of contemporary fashion. Whether you side with timeless stripes or seek out unique prints and materials, the diversity of options ensures that the rugby shirt remains a central feature in the world of menswear.

Exploring Global Rugby Shirt Brands: Where Style Meets Tradition

The global market of rugby shirt brands reflects a rich tapestry of style, tradition, and rugby heritage. Renowned for their robust nature and collegiate origins, mens rugby shirts have been reimagined by an array of brands, each infusing their unique narratives into the fabric of modern mens fashion. These brands represent the pinnacle of sportswear affordability and athletic wear, balancing the demands of durability and design flair.

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Historical Significance and Brand Stories

Devotion to preserving the classic ethos of the rugby shirt is palpable within the collections of iconic brands like Polo Ralph Lauren. Their vibrant palettes pay homage to the sport’s storied past, translating rugby heritage into everyday wear. A.P.C. and Aspesi champion the cause for casual rugby shirts, offering sleek iterations that nod to the sport’s legacy while embracing a minimalist approach. Then there is the transformative vision of J.Crew with Brendon Babenzien at the helm, merging the brand’s rugby shirt tradition with a modern twist for the contemporary man.

Premium Brands and Their Unique Offerings

In the realm of high-end sportswear and luxury rugby clothing, premium brands emerge with creations that encapsulate exclusivity and innovation. Thom Browne stands out with its luxurious merino wool shirts, emblazoned with the label’s signature stripes. Marine Layer dives into a retro vibe with designs that hark back to the carefree ’70s, while Percival’s take on modern aesthetics is showcased through innovative patterns and luxurious fabric choices. These premium rugby brands not only satisfy the quest for unique rugby shirts but also enrich one’s collection with garments that tell a tale of fashion evolution.

Accessibility and Pricing Across Brands

Accessibility and pricing of mens rugby shirts differ considerably across the spectrum of brands. Historic labels like Polo Ralph Lauren strike a balance between legacy and reach, offering their classic designs at moderate prices. Uniqlo steps in as a gateway for those seeking style and brand accessibility without a heavy price tag, democratizing the essence of rugby attire. For the connoisseurs desiring investment pieces, luxury names such as Thom Browne and Beams Plus present premium rugby brands which reflect their material superiority and design ingenuity, albeit at a steeper price. The resulting landscape is one of diversity, where every aficionado can find a rugby shirt that aligns with personal preference and budgetary constraints.


As we reflect on the evolution of mens fashion through 2023, the mens rugby shirt stands out as a garment that marries classic appeal with cutting-edge style. Its transition from the pitch to the pinnacle of wardrobe staples is undeniable. We’ve explored how longstanding brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren preserve the iconic stripes that echo the sport’s heritage, while innovative designers like Thom Browne reimagine the shirt with luxurious materials and embellishments.

The flexibility of the rugby shirt in menswear is evident—it confidently strides from casual brunches to the sophistication of office attire, proving itself as a key element in any style guide. The array of showcased styles underscores its relevance in current rugby clothing lines and the broader landscape of men’s attire. The importance of maintaining this versatile piece through proper care and savvy accessorizing cannot be overstated, ensuring that it remains a mainstay in the modern man’s closet.

In sum, whether one is inclined toward the time-honored designs or the edgy, contemporary variations, the mens rugby shirt has been, and will continue to be, a symbol of sartorial versatility and comfort. As a standout among wardrobe staples, it encapsulates an enduring legacy while offering fresh avenues for personal fashion expression. Looking ahead, the rugby shirt’s trajectory suggests that its role in the world of mens fashion will be as relevant and vibrant as ever, catering to the eclectic and evolving tastes of stylish men everywhere.


What has contributed to the resurgence of the men’s rugby shirt in modern fashion?

The resurgence of the men’s rugby shirt in modern fashion can be attributed to its versatility as a garment that blends classic preppy elements with a contemporary twist. It has been embraced by brands as diverse as Polo Ralph Lauren, Everlane, and Charles River Apparel, demonstrating its broad appeal and adaptability to casual and smart outfits alike.

What are some of the trending styles in men’s rugby apparel for 2023?

Trending styles in men’s rugby apparel for 2023 include classic stripes and prints, heavyweight materials for durability, and high-fashion influences that introduce luxury elements. Brands such as Beams Plus, Thom Browne, and Ralph Lauren are leading the way with these styles.

How do men’s rugby shirts blend comfort and style for different outfits?

Men’s rugby shirts blend comfort and style by offering the durability and ease of athletic wear while being refined enough for preppy, casual, and even smart outfits. Brands like Nautica and Todd Snyder provide relaxed fits that are simultaneously stylish and comfortable, proving to be versatile for various sartorial choices.

Can you provide washing and drying tips for maintaining the quality of rugby shirts?

To maintain the quality of rugby shirts, it is recommended to wash them in cold water, avoid harsh detergents, and dry them away from direct heat and sunlight to prevent shrinkage and fading. It’s also important to follow the care instructions specific to each brand to ensure the longevity of the garment.

What should be considered when dealing with wear and tear on rugby shirts?

When dealing with wear and tear on rugby shirts, it is important to inspect them regularly for minor damages and address repairs promptly. Opting for shirts from brands known for their durability, such as Barbarian or Charles River Apparel, can help mitigate excessive wear.

How should rugby shirts be stored to maintain their shape and color?

Rugby shirts should be neatly folded or hung on broad-shouldered hangers to maintain their shape and color. They should be kept in a cool, dry closet, away from moisture and sunlight. Organizing shirts by color or style in the closet can also help maintain their quality and facilitate outfit selection.

What is important when selecting the right fit and size for a men’s rugby shirt?

Selecting the right fit and size for a men’s rugby shirt involves ensuring a proper balance between comfort and a tailored look. Brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Nautica offer well-fitted shirts that flatter the silhouette. One should refer to each brand’s size chart and consider potential changes in the garment’s fit over time due to stretching or shrinkage.

How can a men’s rugby shirt be accessorized for versatile looks?

To achieve versatile looks, a men’s rugby shirt can be accessorized by pairing it with jeans or trousers, choosing the right footwear such as sneakers or loafers, and complementing it with appropriate outerwear like jackets or sweaters. This flexibility allows rugby shirts to transition seamlessly between casual and more formal styles.

What are the top picks for men’s rugby shirts in 2023?

Top picks for men’s rugby shirts in 2023 range from the iconic designs by Polo Ralph Lauren to the premium options from Thom Browne and Studio Nicholson. Other notable picks include Everlane’s heavyweight rugby shirt and Uniqlo’s affordably priced option, showcasing a diversity of choices for different styles and budgets.

How do global rugby shirt brands balance style with tradition?

Global rugby shirt brands balance style with tradition by offering a range of shirts that pay homage to the sport’s origins while incorporating modern design elements. Polo Ralph Lauren, A.P.C., and Aspesi offer casual to sleek interpretations, while J.Crew and Todd Snyder introduce contemporary flair into the classic rugby shirt silhouette.

What make premium brands stand out in their offerings of rugby shirts?

Premium brands stand out in their offerings of rugby shirts by using fine materials, unique designs, and high-quality construction. Thom Browne is known for its luxury touch and merino wool shirts, while Marine Layer and Percival are notable for their vintage aesthetics and innovative modern designs, catering to varying consumer tastes.

How do rugby shirt pricing and accessibility vary across different brands?

Rugby shirt pricing and accessibility vary across brands, with options available for a wide spectrum of budgets and preferences. Heritage brands like Polo Ralph Lauren offer classics at mid-tier pricing, Uniqlo caters to budget-conscious consumers, and premium labels such as Thom Browne and Beams Plus provide high-end shirts that reflect their design innovation and material quality.

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