NFL Week 4 TV Map Guide: Catch Every Game Live

NFL fans are gearing up for Week 4, and the excitement’s palpable. Whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast or a casual viewer, knowing which games are broadcast in your area is key to planning your weekend. That’s where the NFL Week 4 TV map comes in handy.

This article’s set to guide you through the intricate web of NFL broadcasts. They’ll break down the regional coverage, highlight the marquee matchups, and ensure you won’t miss a snap from your favorite team. Stay tuned as they dive into the details of the NFL Week 4 TV map – your ultimate companion for a weekend packed with gridiron action.

Regional Coverage Breakdown

The NFL Week 4 TV Map intricately lays out the broadcast schedule for fans across different regions. With the map, it’s clear that CBS and FOX are the primary networks carrying the Sunday afternoon games, each covering distinct territories. Their decisions on which games to air hinge on regional preferences, previous viewership ratings, and the draw of marquee matchups.

In areas where team loyalty runs deep, such as New England or the Bay Area, viewers can expect to see the Patriots and 49ers front and center. Meanwhile, fans in contested territories – regions without a home team or where loyalties are split – might get the chance to watch games that feature teams with burgeoning national followings or high-stakes narratives.

To better understand the regional dynamics, here’s a rundown of the key games and their coverage areas:

  • The Northeast Corridor: Devotees here typically tune into the exploits of the Patriots, and Week 4 is no exception. CBS ensures the Patriots’ newest showdown takes precedence.
  • The Midwest Melting Pot: This region often showcases the Bears or the Packers on FOX, capturing the undying support for these storied franchises.
  • The Southern Strongholds: Love for the Saints and Cowboys runs deep, and viewers here will likely see their team’s game given priority on the local network affiliate’s lineup.

Each network has multiple games to choose from, and they often split coverage based on the appeal of the matchups. For example, a game with playoff implications or featuring a top-tier quarterback can sway the decision, ensuring that the most exciting and relevant games reach the widest possible audience.

Fans looking to catch every moment of the action might turn to the full suite of NFL broadcasting services, including NFL RedZone for live action from every game or NFL Sunday Ticket for access to every out-of-market game. These services are especially valuable for fans whose favorite teams aren’t the primary focus in their local region.

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For more precise details, the NFL Week 4 TV map offers a clear visual guide on what games are aired where, complemented by network commentary and insider information that provides an overall picture of the week’s coverage. The map’s color-coded system simplifies the decision-making process for fans and ensures they’re well-equipped for a weekend brimming with gridiron showdowns.

Marquee Matchups

The heart of the NFL TV map in Week 4 is undoubtedly the Marquee Matchups. These are the games that not only attract the most viewers but also spark widespread conversations across various media platforms. Key matchups are strategically selected for national broadcast to maximize the NFL’s reach.

This week features a headliner with the Dallas Cowboys squaring off against the New Orleans Saints in an NFC showdown. Boasting a nation-wide fanbase, the Cowboys often pull in high Nielsen ratings, which CBS and FOX capitalize on. The Saints, with their resilient performance, add to the clash’s allure, guaranteeing a billing as a must-watch.

Across the board, another notable game is the inter-conference battle between the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. With both teams having passionate fan bases and a history of success, this matchup has been given a prime slot to ensure peak viewership.

  • Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints
  • New England Patriots vs San Francisco 49ers

The network’s decisions often reflect the pull of star quarterbacks and the NFL TV map is a testament to this. The KC Chiefs, led by the charismatic Patrick Mahomes, find themselves featured prominently whenever their games are eligible for cross-country broadcasts. Week 4 is no exception as the Chiefs take on a gritty AFC opponent, underscoring the importance of quarterback narratives in the NFL’s television scheduling.

The regional coverage gets a shake-up when these titanic clashes occur. Local markets may find their usual programming pre-empted in favor of games that have a wider national interest. This often leaves fans scurrying for streaming options or NFL-specific packages to tune into their local team’s fortunes.

The NFL Week 4 TV map reflects a delicate balancing act between regional loyalties and the lure of the league’s biggest names. Fans gearing up for this week’s action will find the map an essential tool to navigate the complex broadcast schedule and zero in on the matchups that matter most.

How to Use the NFL Week 4 TV Map

Navigating the NFL Week 4 TV map is crucial for football fans looking to catch their favorite team in action. The first step is locating the coverage map for the current week. Fans can find this map on various sports news websites or directly through the NFL’s official channels.

Once the map is accessed, viewers will notice it’s divided into color-coded sections. These colors correspond to specific games and their regional coverage. Identifying one’s geographical location on the map is key; this directly influences which game will be broadcast locally on CBS or FOX during the Sunday afternoon slots.

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To ensure smooth navigation, fans should familiarize themselves with the TV schedule for the week. This schedule lists all the games along with their time slots and broadcasting networks. By cross-referencing the schedule with the TV map, one can easily determine which game will feature in their region.

Those residing near market boundaries, or “battleground areas,” should pay special attention as their local broadcasts may include games from either market, often based on the network’s decision to air the more competitive or popular matchup. Fans can utilize the ZIP Code feature available on many sports broadcasting sites to pinpoint the specific game available in their area.

For games not shown in their market, fans have options. They may opt for NFL Sunday Ticket if they’re out-of-market, which airs every Sunday game, or leverage streaming services that offer live sports packages.

It’s important not just to focus on Sunday afternoon but also the prime-time games of the week. Thursday night, Sunday night, and Monday night football are nationally televised and will be available to fans regardless of their location. Fans must check for these games in their TV guide or through their provider’s lineup to plan appropriately.

Next, enthusiasts looking for comprehensive coverage should consider additional services like NFL RedZone – ideal for those who enjoy watching the most thrilling moments of all Sunday games without sticking to one broadcast.

By utilizing these different resources, one can maximize their NFL viewing experience during Week 4, staying ahead of regional restrictions and ensuring they don’t miss a single snap from the matchups that matter most to them.

Don’t Miss a Snap of Your Favorite Team

Finding where to watch every play of your favorite NFL team might seem daunting, especially when regional coverage governs the broadcast of games. For dedicated fans, NFL Week 4 is packed with action and you won’t want to miss a snap. With a bit of planning and the right tools, you can position yourself to catch each pivotal moment as it unfolds on the gridiron.

Understanding the NFL’s broadcasting rules is crucial. They ensure that local fans can watch their home team, but this also implies that if you’re out of the local team’s broadcast region, that game might not be shown on your local CBS or FOX station. This is where the NFL Week 4 TV map becomes an invaluable resource. It provides a visual guide to the games being aired in various regions. If your team’s game is on the edge of coverage areas, there is still hope.

Many broadcasters know the struggle of fans residing just beyond the broadcast border and often feature key out-of-market games based on viewer demand. Checking local listings and calling your cable provider could reveal additional games being aired in your area.

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For those living far from their team’s home market, the NFL offers options like NFL Sunday Ticket, which guarantees access to out-of-market games. Streamers aren’t left out either. There’s a growing number of streaming services that provide live sports packages including NFL broadcasts.

With the advent of high-speed internet, more fans are turning to sports streaming sites that use ZIP Code technology to stream live games. Enter your ZIP Code, and the site will suggest which games are available to you.

Lastly, your social media platforms can be a gold mine for real-time updates and play-by-play action. Many teams have official handles that post highlights and critical game moments, keeping you in the loop even if you can’t watch live.

Key Flexibility Options for NFL Fans:

  • Local Broadcast Listings
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Streaming Services
  • Sports Websites with ZIP Code Features
  • Social Media Platforms

By tapping into these resources, you’re less likely to miss the key plays that define your team’s season. Stay equipped with the TV map, a comprehensive TV guide, and a keen awareness of your viewing options to ensure that you’re part of the NFL action no matter where you are.


Navigating the NFL Week 4 broadcasts doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right tools and a little know-how, fans can catch every thrilling play from the comfort of their homes. Whether it’s leveraging the TV map for local broadcasts, exploring streaming services for out-of-market games, or staying connected through social media for live updates, there’s a solution for every NFL enthusiast. By staying informed and prepared, viewers won’t have to miss a moment of the action as the season progresses. So grab your snacks, don your favorite team’s jersey, and get ready for another exciting week of NFL football.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out which NFL games will be broadcast in my region?

You can use the NFL Week 4 TV map to see which games are scheduled to be broadcast in your area. It’s best to also check your local listings for any additional regional broadcasts.

What if I live outside my favorite team’s local broadcast area?

Consider subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket or a streaming service that offers out-of-market NFL games to catch your favorite team in action.

Are there options for watching NFL games without cable?

Yes, many streaming services offer packages that include NFL games. Check for services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV, which often have NFL game coverage.

Can I use my ZIP Code to find out which games I can stream?

Yes, sports streaming websites often use ZIP Code technology to show you which games are available to stream in your specific area.

Where can I find real-time updates and highlights if I can’t watch the game?

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook often provide real-time updates and video highlights during the games.

Do I need to call my cable provider to access in-market NFL games?

Not necessarily, but contacting your cable provider can help ensure you have access to the correct channels that will broadcast the local games.

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