Top Picks in 2023 NFL Rookie Mock Draft: Linemen Spotlight

The anticipation for the 2023 NFL Draft is reaching fever pitch as teams look to snag the next generation of gridiron greats. It’s the season of mock drafts, and everyone’s eager to predict which college stars will make the big leap to professional stardom.

In this article, they’ll dive into a comprehensive 2023 NFL rookie mock draft, analyzing potential picks and team needs. They’ll explore which young prospects could be donning your favorite team’s jersey and making an immediate impact on the field. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a fantasy football guru, this mock draft’s insights are not to be missed.

The Importance of Mock Drafts

Mock drafts serve as a critical tool for teams, analysts, and fans leading up to the NFL Draft. They help in several ways:

  • Strategy Planning: Teams utilize mock drafts to simulate various scenarios. By anticipating the decisions of other teams, they can better plan their draft strategy, considering how the board may fall to them. It’s a vital exercise in preparedness, especially for teams with multiple needs.
  • Fan Engagement: For fans, mock drafts are an engaging way to understand the prospects and potentially identify future stars of their favorite teams. They encourage deeper involvement in the pre-draft process and foster lively discussions within the community.
  • Fantasy Football Preparation: Fantasy football players analyze rookie mock drafts to gauge which rookies may have immediate impacts on their teams. Identifying these prospects early can be the difference between winning and losing in fantasy leagues.
  • Scouts and analysts also benefit from the feedback loop that mock drafts create. By publishing their predictions, they invite critiques and discussions, leading to more refined and accurate assessments as draft day approaches.

Besides, media coverage of mock drafts drives a narrative that keeps the NFL in the news cycle year-round. It allows for a constant dialogue about team improvements and player developments. Each mock draft draws from an ever-changing pool of information, including player performances at the combine, pro days, and individual workouts, making each iteration an evolving snapshot of an incredibly dynamic pre-draft landscape.

As the NFL Draft nears, the insights from these mock drafts become progressively sharper. The analysis deepens, the predictions grow more robust, and the excitement builds as draft pundits and fans alike await to see how closely the predictions will align with the actual selections. With each mock, the anticipation grows, fans get more invested, and the stage is set for the next crop of NFL stars.

Top Quarterback Prospects

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, quarterback prospects are under the microscope, with their potential to shape franchises for years to come. Historically, quarterbacks have dominated the top picks due to the position’s impact on the game. This year’s class has several notable names that have caught the eye of scouts and analysts across the league.

Bryce Young from the University of Alabama stands out for his precision passing and exceptional decision-making. Despite concerns over his size, Young’s athleticism and ability to extend plays make him a likely top-five pick. His college career has been remarkable, showcasing his talent in high-pressure situations against top-tier competition.

Another promising quarterback is C.J. Stroud from Ohio State. Stroud’s strong arm and accuracy downfield have teams excited about his pro potential. His performance in college has made him one of the most efficient passers, and his ability to read defenses quickly is seen as a major plus.

Let’s not overlook Will Levis of Kentucky, whose physical tools are undeniable. At 6’3″ and 232 pounds, Levis has the prototypical size for an NFL quarterback. His arm strength and fearlessness in the pocket have tantalized scouts, albeit his decision-making has come under scrutiny. Even so, his upside is high enough to consider him a first-round talent.

On the flip side, there’s Anthony Richardson from Florida, a quarterback with raw skills that hint at a high ceiling. His combination of size, strength, and running ability presents a dual-threat at the position, attracting teams looking for a dynamic playmaker.

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These quarterbacks are but a few in a deep class, each with attributes that make them standouts. As teams fine-tune their draft boards, the analysis of these prospects continues, adding to the anticipation of where they’ll land in the mock drafts. With every workout and interview, their stock may rise or fall, keeping fans and analysts on the edge of their seats.

Running Backs to Watch

While quarterbacks often steal the spotlight in NFL drafts, a strong running back can be a pivotal piece in a team’s offensive arsenal. The 2023 rookie class boasts a number of dynamic running backs primed to make an immediate impact in the league.

Bijan Robinson from the University of Texas is widely regarded as the top running back prospect of this class. His combination of agility, power, and pass-catching ability sets him apart. In the collegiate league, Robinson’s versatility has been on full display, amassing impressive yardage both on the ground and through the air. Teams needing a true three-down back will have Robinson high on their boards.

Next up is Jahmyr Gibbs from the University of Alabama. Gibbs’ elusiveness and speed in open space make him a threat to defenses, and he’s shown a knack for turning short gains into long touchdowns. His skills in the passing game should not be overlooked as they add an extra dimension to his on-field contributions.

Another intriguing prospect is Sean Tucker out of Syracuse, known for his explosive runs and stamina. Tucker’s consistency and durability have been remarkable throughout his college career, traits that are highly valued at the professional level.

As teams continue their evaluations, these rookies’ stock could shift with pro day performances and individual team workouts. NFL scouts are meticulously analyzing their abilities to catch the ball, pass protect, and create yards after contact, knowing that a versatile running back can radically transform an offense.

Running back needy teams will be carefully considering factors such as ball security, vision, and balance to find the right fit for their scheme. With the draft approaching, these prospects are honing their skills, aiming to showcase why they deserve to be the next premiere running backs in the NFL.

Wide Receivers That Will Make an Impact

In the realm of the 2023 NFL Draft, a class of wide receivers is poised to make an immediate impact on their respective teams. Jaxon Smith-Njigba from Ohio State stands out with his crisp route running and reliable hands. His performance at the College Football Playoff National Championship, where he amassed 347 receiving yards, is a clear testament to his game-changing abilities.

Then there’s Quentin Johnston from TCU, a receiver known for his imposing size and catch radius. Johnston’s ability to outmuscle defenders makes him a coveted red zone target. He has consistently displayed the athleticism necessary to develop into a No. 1 receiver at the professional level.

Among the class is also Jordan Addison, transferring from Pitt to USC, who has turned heads with his versatility. Addison’s 2021 Biletnikoff Award, honoring the nation’s best college wide receiver, demonstrates his elite status. He’s been celebrated for his ability to create separation and his polished footwork off the line.

Beyond the headliners, receivers like Kayshon Boutte and Josh Downs are also slated for significant roles in the NFL. Boutte’s tenure at LSU has been marked by dynamic plays and an ability to turn short passes into long gains. Meanwhile, Downs’ tenure at North Carolina emphasized his quick cuts and exceptional after-the-catch ability.

Teams looking to bolster their passing game will find plenty of talent in this year’s draft. Here are select projected stats for the aforementioned wide receivers:

Player Receiving Yards Touchdowns
Jaxon Smith-Njigba 1250 8
Quentin Johnston 1100 10
Jordan Addison 950 7
Kayshon Boutte 900 6
Josh Downs 850 5

These wideouts possess the skill sets to adjust to the professional game and could become staples in their team’s offensive arsenals. Coaches and scouts are keeping a close eye on this group, knowing that their picks could lead to valuable assets who bring excitement to Sunday games.

Defensive Players to Keep an Eye On

As teams bolster their offensive lineups with top-tier rookies, defensive picks can’t go overlooked. The 2023 NFL Draft is ripe with defensive talent that can redefine a team’s strategy on the other side of the ball. Starting with Jalen Carter out of Georgia, he’s a disruptive force on the interior line with an uncanny ability to break through blocks and wreak havoc in the backfield. His presence alone can change the dynamic of a defensive scheme.

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Moving to the secondary, Kelee Ringo, also from Georgia, brings an exciting blend of size and speed to the table. His coverage skills are top-notch, and he has the athleticism to match up with the agile receivers entering the league. Cornerbacks of his caliber are invaluable, and teams will be keeping a close eye on him come draft day.

Linebackers such as Trenton Simpson from Clemson offer versatility that’s much needed in today’s NFL. Simpson’s ability to play both inside and outside, as well as drop into coverage or rush the passer, makes him a multi-threat player and a welcoming addition to any linebacker corps.

For teams looking for an edge rusher, Will Anderson Jr. from Alabama stands out. He’s constantly pressuring quarterbacks and disrupting offensive plays, and his track record at Alabama speaks volumes. Anderson’s pursuit of excellence at the collegiate level sets high expectations for his professional career.

  • Jalen Carter (Georgia, DT)
  • Kelee Ringo (Georgia, CB)
  • Trenton Simpson (Clemson, LB)
  • Will Anderson Jr. (Alabama, EDGE)

While quarterbacks may steal the spotlight, these defensive prospects possess the potential to challenge even the most skilled offensive opponents. The balance of power during a game can shift rapidly with players of such defensive prowess on the field. Their performance at the combine and pro days will further solidify their standing, influencing draft boards across the league.

Team Needs: Offensive Line

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, teams are meticulously assessing their rosters to identify gaps that urgently require reinforcements, particularly on the offensive line. A robust offensive line is crucial, as it’s the foundation that enables quarterbacks to execute plays effectively and running backs to find their lanes.

Key Factors driving teams to focus on their offensive line include the retirement of veterans, injury-plagued seasons, and underperformance from current linemen. These elements highlight the need for fresh talent that can step in and provide immediate impact. The top offensive line prospects have shown they can elevate a team’s offensive strategy, making them highly sought after in the draft.

Within the group of teams with a glaring need for offensive line improvements, a few stand out due to their particularly disappointing performance in protecting their quarterback or enabling their ground game.

  • The Carolina Panthers struggled with consistency upfront, which contributed to their quarterbacks being under constant pressure.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are traditionally known for a strong offensive line, yet last season’s shortcomings have made it a priority for them to regain that identity.
  • The Chicago Bears have a young quarterback to protect and seek to build a line that can help him develop without the constant threat of defensive pressure.
  • Last but not least, the Seattle Seahawks need linemen who can carve out running lanes and improve their pass protection to reinvigorate their offense.

Prospects in this draft such as Peter Skoronski, offensive tackle from Northwestern, and Tyler Linderbaum, center from Iowa, bring both elite skills and the versatility required for modern NFL offenses. They’re predicted to be high picks and could be the cornerstone pieces the aforementioned teams are desperately looking to add. To ensure success, each draft pick along the offensive line must not only fill a current hole but also have the adaptability to meet the evolving challenges opposing defenses present.

Team Needs: Defensive Line

With the importance of a robust offensive line made clear, the spotlight also shines brightly on the other side of the scrimmage line — the defensive front. An elite defensive line can wreak havoc on even the most composed offenses, pressuring quarterbacks and stymying running games. As the 2023 NFL Draft looms, teams are vigilant in scouting for talent that can bolster their defensive lines and disrupt the rhythm of opposing offenses.

Pressure on the quarterback is a key metric in the modern NFL, and teams like the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions are in dire need of players who can consistently deliver it. Last season’s struggles to generate a pass rush placed these squads at a significant disadvantage. Identifying and drafting tenacious defensive line prospects is essential to turning their fortunes around.

The New York Giants, having gone through a season where they showed potential but lacked consistency in pass rush, are looking to add depth and impact players up front. Similarly, the Cincinnati Bengals, despite a powerful offense, understand that balance is crucial. Improving their defensive line stands as a priority to ensure they remain competitive in the high-stakes AFC North.

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Scouts have their eyes on a few standout defensive linemen in this year’s draft class. Among them are Jalen Carter from Georgia, whose explosive first step and overwhelming power make him an attractive pick for teams in the top ten. Meanwhile, players like Myles Murphy from Clemson offer versatility, able to line up both inside and at the edge, providing a chess piece for defensive coordinators.

The value of a disruptive defensive presence is impossible to underestimate. Teams know that finding the next defensive stalwart could be the difference between a middling season and a deep playoff run. As the draft nears, front offices will pore over game tapes, combine results, and pro days to identify those prospects who can elevate their defense from good to great. Draft boards are being meticulously crafted with these considerations in mind, ensuring that when the moment comes to make their selection, the chosen rookie has the potential to be an immediate contributor.

Final Thoughts

Draft strategies for NFL teams are a complex blend of need, value, and future planning. With defensive linemen being a hot commodity, teams are recalibrating their boards to ensure they don’t miss out on top talent. Jalen Carter and Myles Murphy represent just the tip of the iceberg in a class touted for its depth along the defensive front.

The 2023 NFL Draft offers a unique mix of immediate game changers and developmental projects. For teams like the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions, who are looking to bolster their defense immediately, focusing on players that can contribute right away is essential. The New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals, on the other hand, might opt for players with a higher ceiling but who may need more time to develop.

As front offices around the league finalize their draft boards, several factors come into play:

  • Team needs versus best player available
  • Short-term impact versus long-term potential
  • Scheme fit and versatility

The debate around drafting for need versus acquiring the best talent available is ever-present. While a disruptive force on the defensive line can elevate a team’s performance, passing up on an elite offensive talent can be difficult to justify.

Scouting departments are working overtime, analyzing countless hours of game tape, and conducting interviews to gauge the intangibles that don’t show up in the stat sheets. These elements are crucial in finding players who not only fit the physical profile but also the culture and work ethic required to succeed in the NFL.

In the current football climate, versatility has become a key trait for defenders. The ability to play multiple positions along the line, drop back into coverage, or fulfill special teams duties can make a draftee substantially more valuable. As such, players who’ve demonstrated this flexibility may see their stock rise as the draft approaches.


The 2023 NFL Draft promises to reshape many teams with the addition of young, dynamic talent. Standouts like Jalen Carter and Myles Murphy are poised to become household names, bringing their formidable skills to the professional stage. As teams weigh their options, the emphasis on versatility and adaptability in players is more apparent than ever. The rigorous scouting process aims to uncover those gems that will not only excel on the field but also embody the team’s values and work ethic. The anticipation is high, and the impact of these decisions will echo throughout the coming seasons, marking the draft as a pivotal moment for the future of the NFL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some of the standout defensive linemen prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Jalen Carter from Georgia and Myles Murphy from Clemson are mentioned as significant prospects who could have an immediate impact on teams looking for a strong defensive line presence.

Why is finding a strong defensive lineman important for NFL teams?

A strong defensive lineman can be a game-changer for a team by disrupting the offense’s game plan and creating pressure on the quarterback, leading to a successful defense which is crucial for winning games.

What are NFL scouting departments looking for in defensive line prospects?

NFL scouting departments are rigorously analyzing game tape, conducting interviews, and assessing players based on physical abilities, fit within team culture, work ethic, and the potential for both immediate impact and long-term success.

How does versatility affect the value of a defensive lineman in the NFL?

Versatility is increasingly important in the NFL, with teams valuing players who can adapt to various defensive schemes and roles, thus enhancing the player’s impact on the game and value to the team.

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