NFL DFS Week 1: Ultimate Strategy to Dominate Daily Fantasy

As the NFL season kicks off, fantasy football enthusiasts are gearing up for Week 1 of daily fantasy sports (DFS). They’re combing through player stats, monitoring pre-season performances, and crafting winning strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the DFS arena, the thrill of building that perfect lineup is undeniable.

This article dives into the essential picks and sleeper hits for NFL DFS Week 1. They’ll unpack the players poised to make a splash and the under-the-radar picks that could give you the edge. Get ready to set your lineups with confidence and start the season off with a win.

Top Picks for NFL DFS Week 1

As the NFL season kicks off, fantasy football managers are on the hunt for players who’ll rack up points right out of the gate. Quarterbacks often dominate the spotlight, and this year is no different. Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, with his exceptional arm and play-making abilities, is a prime selection. In the same vein, Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens provides dual-threat dynamism that can lead to high fantasy scores, making him a stellar pick.

Running Backs should not be overlooked, as they can be the cornerstone of any DFS strategy. Christian McCaffrey has been a fantasy favorite due to his ability to both run the ball and catch passes out of the backfield. If he’s healthy, he can be a game-changer. On the other hand, Dalvin Cook showcases a knack for finding the end zone and amassing rushing yards, bringing consistent value to the table.

When it comes to Wide Receivers, one must consider targets, catches, and the potential for explosive plays. Davante Adams, now with the Las Vegas Raiders, remains a top-tier fantasy option given his history of prolific scoring and connection with quarterback Derek Carr. Simultaneously, Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings has emerged as a reliable fantasy force and should be highly considered for your lineup.

Tight Ends are often an X-factor in many DFS contests. Travis Kelce continues to be a reliable target for Mahomes and a red-zone threat, making him almost an automatic selection for Week 1.

It’s also important to factor in potential Defenses. Strategically picking a defense that’s facing a weaker offense or a team with a backup quarterback could make all the difference.

Identifying the right mix of star power and matchup advantages will be crucial for DFS success in Week 1. The aforementioned players are expected to be among the top performers, offering a combination of consistency and high-ceiling potential that every fantasy manager covets. As you finalize your DFS lineups, considering these key players could be the difference between a good start and a great one.

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Sleeper Hits for NFL DFS Week 1

While star players often carry a fantasy lineup, sleeper picks can be the difference between winning and losing in NFL DFS. These under-the-radar choices hold immense potential in Week 1 due to their matchups or recent team changes.

Quarterback Sleepers

One might overlook players like Tyrod Taylor or Jameis Winston, but these quarterbacks have shown flashes of brilliance in the past. Taylor’s mobility and Winston’s big-arm talent can rack up points, especially against defenses that struggled last season. Keep an eye on pre-season performances for hints at their potential impact.

Running Back Diamonds in the Rough

In the backfield, anticipate breakout performances from lesser-known running backs. The likes of Zack Moss in a Bills’ high-powered offense or Nyheim Hines as a pass-catching back for the Colts could provide value, especially in PPR formats. They’re set to receive a larger share of their respective offenses this year.

  • Tyrod Taylor: Potential Starting QB
  • Jameis Winston: High-Risk, High-Reward QB
  • Zack Moss: Sleeper RB in Bills Offense
  • Nyheim Hines: PPR Gold in Colts Backfield

Wide Receiver and Tight End Value Picks

For pass catchers, players such as Russell Gage of the Buccaneers and Irv Smith Jr. out of Minnesota could slip into many rosters unnoticed. They’re in positions to see increased targets due to changes in their teams’ receiver cores or due to the absence of other star players.

Opposing defensive matchups are also key elements to consider when selecting these sleeper hits. A WR2 or TE1 against a weak secondary can yield surprising results.

Defenses That Could Shock

Lastly, don’t sleep on defenses that have made significant offseason improvements or are facing off against turnover-prone offenses. A team like the Miami Dolphins with enhanced secondary play could capitalize on mistakes and score points through turnovers and defensive touchdowns. Keep an eye on the injury reports and team news for last-minute opportunities.

Key Players to Watch in Week 1

In any given week of NFL DFS, certain players stand out as must-watch individuals. Week 1 is no exception as fantasy managers should closely monitor several key players poised to make a significant impact right out of the gates.

Quarterbacks on the Rise

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are usual suspects for explosive starts, but don’t overlook quarterbacks like Dak Prescott and Justin Herbert. They both have favorable matchups and the arm talent to rack up substantial DFS points. Their ability to connect deep with their receivers or efficiently utilize their check-down options makes them intriguing for a slate’s worth of fantasy glory.

Dynamic Running Backs

As for running backs, Christian McCaffrey remains a dual-threat dynamo when healthy. Fantasy enthusiasts will also keep a keen eye on Alvin Kamara, whose versatility out of the backfield can never be discounted. Both backs have the capability to amass points through rushing yards, receiving yards, and touchdowns, making them top picks.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

On the receiving end, DeAndre Hopkins and Davante Adams are perennial favorites. However, an increased focus should be on players like CeeDee Lamb who could emerge as primary targets for their respective quarterbacks. Additionally, tight ends such as Travis Kelce remain a force to be reckoned with, especially in the red zone where they’re often favored targets.

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Through the lens of Week 1 matchups, these players embody the potential for high-scoring DFS performances. It’s essential to track their progress throughout the preseason, understanding the chemistry they have with their quarterbacks along with the strategies laid out by their coaching staff. Recognize the variations in offensive schemes and injury reports that may shift the fantasy landscape before Week 1 kicks off. Keeping a pulse on these developments is crucial for fantasy managers looking to get an early edge in the competition.

Under-the-Radar Picks for NFL DFS Week 1

While the spotlight often shines on the household names in the NFL, smart DFS players know the value in identifying under-the-radar picks. These choices can provide a competitive edge, especially in large-field tournaments where differentiation is key.

Wide receivers poised to make a noticeable impact in Week 1 often emerge from overlooked matchups. Look for players like Marquez Valdes-Scantling or Michael Pittman Jr., who can capitalize on defenses focusing too much on star teammates. Valdes-Scantling has the speed to exploit single coverage and could turn a quick slant into a long touchdown, while Pittman Jr. has shown he can be a red zone threat.

Tight ends often get less attention but can offer significant value in NFL DFS Week 1. A prime example is Irv Smith Jr. of the Minnesota Vikings, who is set to return from injury. Smith Jr.’s athleticism and rapport with his quarterback can lead to red-zone opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked.

On the defensive side, strategists should consider defenses going up against rookie quarterbacks or teams with new offensive coordinators. Turnovers and sacks can rack up points quickly, making a less heralded defense like the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers potentially lucrative picks.

Remember, the key to maximizing your DFS lineup is not just selecting the best players but finding the value that others might miss. Here’s a quick list of potential sleeper picks:

  • WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling (Kansas City Chiefs)
  • WR Michael Pittman Jr. (Indianapolis Colts)
  • TE Irv Smith Jr. (Minnesota Vikings)
  • Denver Broncos Defense
  • Carolina Panthers Defense

Monitoring injury updates and depth chart changes can also uncover hidden gems as Week 1 approaches. Last-minute adjustments to lineups are often where the most astute DFS managers make their mark. Keeping an eye on these under-the-radar picks could be the difference between simply competing and actually winning in NFL DFS Week 1.

Crafting a Winning Strategy for Week 1

When diving into the first week of NFL DFS, savvy players recognize that a solid strategy is as crucial as the players they select. Early-season games are filled with unpredictability, but that’s where opportunity can be seized. Game script analysis becomes a cornerstone of strategy crafting. It’s not just about choosing players, but predicting how games will unfold. Will a strong offensive line give more time for a quarterback to find his receivers, or will a robust defense force a team to run the ball more? These nuances impact DFS scoring heavily.

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Understanding matchups is an essential tactical component. For quarterbacks and receivers, identifying weak secondary units is key, while running backs may benefit from facing defenses that struggle against the run. It’s not always about the star players; sometimes it’s the secondary options who have the perfect matchup to exceed value.

Salary cap management is another significant aspect of Week 1 strategy. Players should search for value in underpriced players to free up cap space for established studs with high scoring potential. This balancing act requires diligent research but can lead to high payoffs.

  • Research historical performances against similar defenses.
  • Look at off-season changes to teams that might affect Week 1 performance.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions and how they may impact the game.

Incorporating late swap options can also be a decisive move. Players with later games in the slate offer a chance to adjust based on how earlier players have performed. If the early games don’t go as planned, a smart swap to a player with a high ceiling could redeem a lineup.

Remember, the first week also brings a lack of fresh data—making preseason performance and training camp reports more valuable than ever. They’re the best insight into how a player is slotted into their team’s scheme and can provide a sneak peek at emerging focal points in offenses and defenses alike.

Monitoring player status right up until kickoff ensures that all picks are poised to play. Last-minute scratches are all too common, and a player’s absence can significantly shift the value of other players on their team or even the opposing defense. Stay informed to stay ahead.


As the excitement for NFL DFS Week 1 mounts, remember that success lies in the details. From analyzing game scripts to managing your salary cap effectively, each element plays a pivotal role in crafting a winning lineup. Staying abreast of player status and making smart late swaps can give you the edge over the competition. With the right mix of research, strategy, and flexibility, you’re now better equipped to dive into the season’s kickoff with confidence. Keep these insights in your playbook and you’re sure to start your NFL DFS journey on the right foot. Ready to tackle the challenge? Let the games begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key to a winning strategy for Week 1 of NFL DFS?

The key to a winning Week 1 NFL DFS strategy includes analyzing game scripts and matchups, managing your salary cap wisely, considering historical player performances, and accounting for offseason changes and weather conditions.

How important is game script analysis in NFL DFS?

Game script analysis is crucial as it helps predict how the game will unfold, which in turn identifies favorable situations for players that can lead to a more successful DFS performance.

Why should salary cap management be considered in NFL DFS?

Effective salary cap management is essential because it ensures a balanced lineup where costs are distributed in a way that maximizes potential points while adhering to the salary limit.

Are preseason performances useful in NFL DFS strategy?

Yes, preseason performances are insightful as they can indicate how a player might perform in the regular season, especially in the absence of current-season data.

How do late swap options benefit my NFL DFS lineup?

Late swap options allow you to adjust your lineup based on the performance of earlier players, helping to optimize your lineup and take advantage of emerging information.

Why monitor player statuses up until kickoff?

Monitoring statuses up until kickoff ensures that you are not including any players who may not play, thus avoiding last-minute surprises and maintaining the maximum potential value in your lineup.

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