Find NFL Network on DirecTV: Channel Guide & Packages

NFL fans know that catching every game is crucial, and DirecTV subscribers are no exception. They’re always on the hunt for the channel that brings the high-stakes action of the NFL Network to their screens. Whether it’s Thursday Night Football or in-depth analysis and highlights, knowing the right channel is key to staying in the loop.

This article’s got you covered. It’ll guide you through finding the NFL Network on DirecTV, ensuring you never miss a snap. From the number on your remote to the extra features DirecTV offers, you’ll be all set for the next big game. So grab your favorite game day snacks and let’s dive into the world of NFL broadcasts on DirecTV.

How to Find the NFL Network on DirecTV

Navigating the myriad of channels available on DirecTV doesn’t have to be a daunting task. For NFL fanatics eager to catch every touch down and tackle, pinpointing the NFL Network is key. DirecTV prides itself on its extensive channel lineup, and with a straightforward search process, viewers can quickly jump into the heart of the action.

Subscribers can locate the NFL Network on DirecTV channel 212. This is the dedicated spot where they can access live games, in-depth analysis, and exclusive NFL content year-round. The channel is part of various DirecTV packages, widely available to suit a range of preferences and budgets.

To begin the search, subscribers should press the ‘Guide’ button on their DirecTV remote control. This brings up the full channel lineup where they can scroll through to channel 212. Additionally, the search function allows for a quicker route; by simply entering ‘NFL Network’ into the search bar, the system automatically directs them to the right channel.

If the channel does not appear, it’s important for subscribers to check their package details as the NFL Network might not be included in some of the base packages. Should an upgrade be necessary, viewers can enhance their subscription through their DirecTV account online or by contacting customer support.

DirecTV also offers mobile and online streaming options for the NFL Network, so fans can watch even when they’re away from their main TV. These options provide the flexibility to stay connected to their favorite teams and players on the go.

Ensuring continuous access to the NFL Network is simple for DirecTV subscribers. With the above steps, fans are never far from the thrill of the game.

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Channel Number for the NFL Network on DirecTV

When it comes to keeping up with the NFL Network, DirecTV subscribers have a straightforward path to follow. Channel 212 is the designated number where fans can tune in to all the NFL action. Understanding what channel the NFL Network is on can help subscribers quickly navigate to live games, player interviews, and in-depth analysis without any hassle.

DirecTV has made it easier for viewers to find their favorite sports channel amidst a sea of options. Whether one is familiar with the DirecTV interface or not, locating channel 212 can be accomplished in a couple of ways. The most direct approach is to use the ‘Guide’ button on the DirecTV remote, which brings up the full channel listing. From there, scrolling to the NFL Network’s dedicated spot or simply entering the channel number can take the viewer directly to the live broadcast or scheduled programming.

Another handy feature for quick access is the search function available on DirecTV. By typing ‘NFL Network’, the system will instantly direct the viewer to channel 212, saving time and the need to memorize channel numbers. This search function also comes into play for those who opt to use DirecTV’s mobile and online streaming services. Those platforms maintain the same channel arrangement, ensuring a seamless viewing experience regardless of the device used.

Channel NFL Network on DirecTV
Channel No. 212

For subscribers who cannot find the NFL Network, it may be an indication that an upgrade is necessary. The NFL Network is included in specific DirecTV packages. Sports enthusiasts should review their current subscription to confirm if it covers the NFL Network, and if not, consider adjusting their package to include it. With this simple step, they’ll be well on their way to enjoying all the exclusive NFL content available through DirecTV’s partnership with the NFL Network.

DirecTV Packages that Include the NFL Network

For football aficionados looking to catch every tackle and touchdown, several DirecTV packages offer the NFL Network. Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Premier are the four main subscription tiers that include channel 212. These packages not only unlock access to the network but also come packed with a variety of channels to cater to the whole family’s entertainment needs.

  • Choice: Starting as the base package offering the NFL Network, the Choice package provides over 185 channels. This tier is tailored for viewers who want a comprehensive selection of sports, news, and entertainment.
  • Xtra: A step up, the Xtra package boasts over 235 channels. It’s designed for those who desire a broader range of programming options, including an extensive line-up of sports channels beyond just football.
  • Ultimate: For an even more inclusive channel list, the Ultimate package includes over 250 channels. Movie lovers may find this package especially appealing as it offers an array of premium movie networks alongside the full suite of sports channels.
  • Premier: At the pinnacle, the Premier package is DirecTV’s most extensive offering with over 330 channels. Subscribers who opt for this tier gain access to premium movie channels, exclusive sports stations, and international content.
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Subscribers should note that promotions and availability may vary and it’s important to check the latest DirecTV offers. Sometimes, special deals include the NFL Network as a part of promotional packages during the football season. For the most passionate fans, ensuring that the NFL Network is part of their subscription is a must. DirecTV aims to cater to these viewers by making the network available across several tiers, reflecting the company’s awareness of the channel’s appeal to a broad audience.

For those uncertain about which package best fits their viewing preferences, DirecTV’s customer service can provide personalized recommendations. They’ll assess your favorite types of programming and suggest the package that aligns with your entertainment needs.

Additional Features and Programs on the NFL Network

Subscribers tuning into channel 212 for the NFL Network on DirecTV will find more than just the thrill of live games. They’re in for a comprehensive NFL experience. NFL GameDay provides extensive coverage before and after games, often featuring expert analyses, player interviews, and in-depth game breakdowns.

Thursday Night Football is a prime example of the exclusive live content available through the network. Fans don’t just watch the games; they’re given a behind-the-scenes look at the action, offering a closer connection to their favorite teams and players.

Outside of game time, programs like A Football Life and The Top 100 Players capture the essence of the sport by diving into the history and legacies that shape today’s NFL narrative. The NFL Network also houses an extensive library of past Super Bowls, allowing enthusiasts to relive historic moments at their leisure.

Here’s a peek at some fan-favorite shows:

  • NFL Total Access – Daily news, updates, and insider information.
  • Good Morning Football – A morning show that discusses all things NFL.
  • NFL Now – Live updates and breaking news across the league.

For those passionate about understanding the strategy behind the sport, series like NFL Playbook break down the Xs and Os, explaining team tactics and game plans. Draft coverage is also a cornerstone, with the NFL Network offering a front-row seat to the next generation of NFL stars on draft day.

DirecTV subscribers can enhance their NFL Network experience with features like NFL REDZONE and DirecTV Fantasy Zone—serving up live look-ins during Sunday’s games, perfect for fantasy football players and fans who want to catch every touchdown from every game.

For on-the-go viewing, the DirecTV app ensures that the NFL Network’s rich content is just a tap away, so fans never miss a pivotal moment no matter where they are. Whether it’s through their traditional TV setup or a mobile device, DirecTV provides an all-encompassing NFL viewing package that’s hard to beat.

The NFL Network continues to be a vital hub for anyone looking to immerse themselves in all aspects of the game—from recruitment to retirement, from touchdowns to trade talks. DirecTV users have access to a network dedicated to providing an in-depth and engaging football experience throughout the entire year.

Stay Updated with NFL Network on DirecTV

Staying current with the latest NFL action is a top priority for gridiron fans. With DirecTV’s unparalleled access to the NFL Network on channel 212, enthusiasts can catch every tackle, touchdown, and time-out in crystal-clear HD. The NFL Network ensures that viewers never miss a beat, from regular-season showdowns to off-season developments.

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For those who live and breathe football, DirecTV’s NFL Network provides exclusive access to insider information. Games come alive with commentary from experts, deep dives into player statistics, and behind-the-scenes access that takes fans closer to the game. The network’s comprehensive coverage extends to special events, draft analysis, and team-by-team breakdowns, ensuring that subscribers are always in the loop.

DirecTV understands that football isn’t just a sport; it’s a year-round commitment. That’s why the inclusion of the NFL Network in their Choice Package and above is a game-changer for fans. With DirecTV’s packages, viewers can also enjoy other sports channels alongside the NFL Network, creating a robust sports entertainment experience.

Subscribers can amplify their NFL Network enjoyment with additional features like high-speed Internet and HD DVR services. These enhancements allow for swift on-demand viewing and the flexibility to record games to watch at their leisure. DirecTV’s commitment to providing the ultimate sports package ensures that fans won’t have to worry about missing a single play or pivotal game moment.

Dedication to sports goes beyond the living room with DirecTV’s seamless mobile streaming options. The DirecTV app brings the NFL Network to smartphones, tablets, and laptops, so football fanatics can stay updated no matter where they are. With the convenience of streaming, viewers can turn any location into their personal end zone.


For football fans looking to catch all the action, DirecTV’s channel 212 is the go-to destination for the NFL Network. With a range of packages including Choice and above, subscribers get access to not just live games but also in-depth analysis and exclusive content. The added convenience of mobile and online streaming through the DirecTV app ensures fans won’t miss a moment, whether they’re at home or on the move. DirecTV’s NFL Network coverage, complete with features like NFL REDZONE and DirecTV Fantasy Zone, truly caters to the ultimate football enthusiast. It’s clear that for comprehensive NFL coverage, DirecTV offers a robust package that’s hard to beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is the NFL Network on DirecTV?

The NFL Network is available on channel 212 for DirecTV subscribers.

How can I quickly find the NFL Network on DirecTV?

You can quickly find the NFL Network by pressing the ‘Guide’ button on your DirecTV remote or using the search function.

What should I do if I can’t find the NFL Network on my DirecTV?

If you can’t find the NFL Network, you may need to upgrade your DirecTV package to Choice or higher.

Can I stream the NFL Network with DirecTV?

Yes, DirecTV offers streaming of the NFL Network through the DirecTV app for mobile and online viewing.

What DirecTV packages include the NFL Network?

The NFL Network is included in the Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Premier DirecTV packages.

Are there any special programs available on the NFL Network through DirecTV?

Yes, the NFL Network offers programs like NFL GameDay, Thursday Night Football, A Football Life, and NFL Total Access among others.

Does DirecTV offer additional features for NFL fans?

DirecTV features like NFL REDZONE and DirecTV Fantasy Zone are available for an enhanced NFL viewing experience.

Is the NFL Network included in DirecTV’s Choice Package?

Yes, the NFL Network is included in DirecTV’s Choice Package and all higher packages.

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