NFL Week 3 Coverage Map 2022: Essential Viewing Tips

Navigating the NFL coverage map for Week 3 of the 2022 season can be as thrilling as the games themselves. Fans are eager to know which matchups will be broadcast in their local areas and if they’ll catch their favorite teams in action. This article’s got the details that’ll help you plan your Sunday football experience.

With regional broadcasts dictating the action you’ll see, understanding the NFL coverage map is key to catching every touchdown and tackle. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a fantasy football guru, we’ll break down the coverage so you won’t miss a play. Keep reading to find out which games are on tap and how to watch them.

Understanding the NFL Coverage Map

Navigating the intricacies of the NFL coverage map isn’t always straightforward, yet grasping its layout crucial for fans wanting to make the most of their Week 3 viewings. Essentially, the coverage map is determined by several factors including geographical location, team popularity, and network broadcasting rights. It dictates which games are televised on certain channels within different regions of the US.

Regional broadcasting operates under a basic principle: games that feature a local team are typically prioritized for airing in that team’s immediate area. This ensures a fanbase’s access to their home team’s games. It’s important to note that the NFL’s national broadcasting partners, such as CBS and Fox, have specific agreements allowing them to show games in particular regions.

The maps are divided primarily between the early games, which kick off at 1 PM ET, and the late afternoon games, starting around 4:05 PM or 4:25 PM ET. Fox and CBS often swap these slots week to week to balance exposure. For instance, if CBS has the nationwide singleheader for Week 3, it means Fox will air games in the early and late time slots.

Checking the Week 3 coverage map ahead of Sunday’s kickoffs is key to planning. The NFL provides an official map, but other sports websites offer more interactive versions, often with a zip code search function. Always refer to the latest updates, as coverage can adjust due to inconspicuous reasons such as blackout policies or last-minute scheduling changes.

Tracking changes and understanding the scheduling pattern helps fans across the country strategize their viewing plans. Local market games are set, but out-of-market game access might require a subscription service like NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows viewers to watch any game regardless of their location.

Moreover, for fans on the move, mobile streaming services provide alternative viewing options. These services, including apps from the NFL and Yahoo Sports, require a stable internet connection and often cater to a younger, digitally savvy demographic.

As the season progresses, matchups may also shift in broadcasting priority based on team performance, storylines, and fan interest. Always stay alert for updates to the NFL schedule and the corresponding coverage maps.

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Week 3 Matchups

Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season presents a slate of games bound to capture the interest of football fans across the country. Viewership preference often dictates regional coverage, yet Week 3 brings some head-to-head battles that command widespread attention.

Several marquee games are fueling the excitement. The early time slot showcases a faceoff between two powerhouse teams, testing their mettle in what’s anticipated to be a gritty confrontation. Rivalry matchups ignite passionate fanbases and stimulate viewership, which in turn affects the coverage map distribution.

Meanwhile, the late-afternoon games have their own appeal, featuring a mix of high-octane offenses and defensive juggernauts. Key players hitting their stride could make for unpredictable gameplay, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

The following is a breakdown of some pivotal games:

  • Fox Early Game: Highlights a tension-filled contest between long-standing division rivals, where every possession carries the weight of history.
  • CBS Early Game: Offers a clash of underdogs, each seeking to prove their critics wrong with an upset victory that could be a defining moment in their season.
  • Fox Late Game: Spotlights a duel between seasoned quarterbacks, an encounter that could lead to a high-scoring shootout and provide an ultimate test of defensive coordinators’ strategies.

With these matchups, Week 3 demonstrates the NFL’s ability to offer a diverse array of engaging games, reinforcing its place as a centerpiece of American sports culture. For fans who want to catch every play, reviewing the NFL coverage map becomes as crucial as ever. Whether opting for local broadcasts or contemplating a subscription to a service like NFL Sunday Ticket, fans must navigate the coverage maps to ensure they don’t miss a moment of the action that an NFL Sunday brings.

It’s imperative for supporters to stay informed about the broadcast schedules, noting that surprises can and do happen. Keep an eye on up-and-coming teams that might start creeping into more prominent broadcast slots as their on-field success captures the nation’s attention.

Regional Broadcasts and Local Areas

Understanding the NFL regional broadcasts for Week 3 of the 2022 season is crucial for fans who prefer watching the games aired by their local TV stations. Each local broadcaster is assigned specific games, predominantly based on the location of the teams and the regional interest they garner.

TV networks work closely with the NFL to determine which games are shown in different regions of the country. For fans, this means the coverage you’ll receive for Week 3 may differ significantly from someone in another state or even a neighboring city. Major networks such as CBS and FOX alternate each week between airing a doubleheader and a single game, further influencing the local broadcast landscape.

Games with high regional interest often include teams with a strong local following or matchups between geographical rivals. Here’s how to navigate the viewing options:

  • Check the local listings a few days before game day to have the latest information on broadcasts.
  • Pay attention to whether CBS or FOX is allotted a doubleheader for the week, as this affects the number of games aired locally.
  • Identify if your region’s favorite team is playing at home or away as home games are more likely to be covered in local broadcasts.
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In markets with two local teams, or for fans near team borders, choices become more complicated. Networks have the arduous task of selecting one game over another, sometimes leading to difficult decisions and disappointed fans outside the primary market.

NFL blackout policies can also affect what games are shown in local markets, although changes in recent years have relaxed the strict rules once in place. These policies were originally designed to encourage stadium attendance but now, they are less likely to disrupt fans’ access to local games.

Fans looking for a more comprehensive viewing experience might turn to NFL Sunday Ticket, a service that offers wider access to games outside of their market. However, regional broadcasts provide an undeniable charm, reflecting the local spirit and community that’s an integral part of the NFL experience.

How to Watch the Games

For fans yearning to catch every tackle and touchdown in Week 3, several options make tracking your favorite NFL teams a breeze. Depending on location and preferences, viewers have a versatile array of choices to stay plugged into all the gridiron action.

Local Broadcasts are usually the first go-to for NFL game coverage. CBS and FOX hold the rights to broadcast certain games regionally. What this means is that if you’re within the market area of your favorite team, you’ll likely get the game over the air or through basic cable packages.

Cable and satellite subscribers can also watch NFL games through ESPN, NFL Network, and NBC. Each of these networks has specific game rights during the season, with ESPN hosting Monday Night Football, NFL Network airing Thursday Night Football, and NBC showcasing Sunday Night Football. These games attract national attention, offering a unique viewing experience with different commentators and analysis.

For the fans eager to break free from regional limitations, NFL Sunday Ticket serves as the golden ticket. This service provides access to out-of-market games that aren’t accessible via local broadcasts. It’s an especially attractive option for those who follow teams outside their immediate geographic region or for fantasy football aficionados tracking multiple players around the league.

Streaming Services have also joined the fray, offering flexibility for viewers on-the-go. Services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV have sports packages that include NFL broadcasts. They also offer mobile apps, which means that, as long as you’ve got an internet connection, your smartphone or tablet can become a roving gridiron companion.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on the NFL coverage map for Week 3 to determine which games will be available in your area. By checking the map and your local broadcast schedule, fans can plan their Sunday around the big games, ensuring they don’t miss a second of the excitement. And remember, market restrictions apply, so always double-check if those hard-fought duels will be shown in your corner of the world.

Tips for Planning Your Football Sunday

To maximize enjoyment during NFL Week 3, fans should consider strategic planning before Sunday. With the knowledge of the coverage map, viewers can target the games they’re most interested in and avoid the disappointment of missing out.

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Review the Schedule in Advance
Take the time to look at the NFL schedule several days before the weekend. Pinpoint the games that are must-sees and make note of their times and channels as determined by the coverage map. This simple step ensures that when Sunday rolls around, there’s a clear game plan in place.

Check the Local Listings
Local networks often have the rights to broadcast games featuring local teams. Fans should check their local listings to catch these broadcasts. It’s worth remembering that the earlier a fan checks their listings, the better; sometimes channels or timings might change last minute due to various reasons.

Utilize Dual Screens
For those enthusiastic viewers who don’t want to miss a minute of the action, setting up a dual-screen viewing experience can be a game-changer. Use a combination of television and streaming services on different devices to catch overlapping games.

Prioritize Key Matchups
Week 3 might present several marquee matchups that are anticipated throughout the week. Emphasize these key games in your viewing schedule.

Record Games
For those who can’t watch all games live, DVR options are a lifesaver. Recording games not only ensures viewers won’t miss a beat but also allows them to fast-forward through commercials, optimizing their viewing experience.

Consider Time Zones
Remember, the NFL covers multiple time zones. Adjust for these differences so as not to miss the kickoff of the game you’re planning to watch.

By following these tips, NFL fans can create an immersive and uninterrupted football viewing experience for Week 3. Whether using NFL Sunday Ticket or sticking to local broadcasts, the key is in the preparation. With the right approach, viewers won’t have to miss a single touchdown or critical play.


With these strategies, football fans can effortlessly navigate the NFL Week 3 coverage map and maximize their viewing pleasure. They’ll catch all the action from the most anticipated games without missing a beat. Whether it’s setting up dual screens or recording games for later, there’s no reason to miss out on any of the excitement this football season brings. So grab your favorite snacks, wear your team colors proudly, and get ready for a thrilling Week 3. Let the games begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I plan for a football Sunday during NFL Week 3?

Review the NFL schedule in advance and mark the games you’re interested in. Check for local broadcast times to ensure you catch your local team’s game.

What should I consider when watching multiple games?

Utilize dual screens or picture-in-picture settings to manage overlapping games. Prioritize the games with the most significant impact or those that feature your favorite teams.

How can I keep track of all the games on Sunday?

Consider recording games for later viewing. This way, you won’t miss any of the action and can also fast-forward through commercials and halftime breaks.

Why is it important to take time zones into account?

Being aware of time zones ensures you know the exact start time of each game in your area, so you won’t miss any kickoff. Adjust your viewing schedule accordingly.

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