Budda Baker NFL Journey: Pro Bowls to Community Hero

Budda Baker’s journey in the NFL is a testament to resilience and talent. From his first NFL start with the Arizona Cardinals against the Houston Texans six years ago to his recent activation from injured reserve, Baker’s impact on the field is undeniable. His tenacity and sportsmanship have earned him consecutive nominations for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award, highlighting his influence as a player and a teammate.

Amidst offseason drama, Baker’s commitment to the game didn’t waver, leading to a much-deserved raise before training camp. As the Cardinals navigate through their season, the return of their All-Pro safety is a much-anticipated boost to the defense. In this article, we’ll delve into Baker’s career highlights, his role with the Cardinals, and what his return means for the team’s dynamics.

An Overview of Budda Baker’s NFL Career

Early Life and College Career

Budda Baker’s remarkable journey to the NFL began in Bellevue, Washington. Excelling at Bellevue High School, Baker helped lead his team to three consecutive 3A state championships. His all-around athleticism was unmistakable—he played not only as a safety but also contributed as a running back and a return specialist. During his high school tenure, Baker was recognized as the Associated Press and Seattle Times State Player of the Year in 2013 and was also lauded as the Seattle Times Male Athlete of the Year across all sports.

His performances earned him national distinction with first-team All-America honors from MaxPreps and even an invitation to the prestigious U.S. Army All-American Bowl. These achievements paved the way for Baker’s subsequent success at the University of Washington, where he continued to impress with his defensive prowess and versatility, eventually leading to his status as a top prospect for the NFL Draft.

Drafted by the Arizona Cardinals

Budda Baker’s entry into the NFL came in 2017 when the Arizona Cardinals selected him in the second round, securing the 36th overall pick. This critical milestone was backed by his impressive collegiate track record and foresaw his future impact on the team. In his first six NFL seasons, Baker solidified his role with the Cardinals, making 93 regular-season game appearances with 83 as a starter.

His leadership qualities and consistent performances on the field did not go unnoticed, earning him the honor of being voted a team captain for three years in a row. Baker’s ascent in the NFL was marked by recognition from peers and fans alike, culminating in his selection for the Pro Bowl five times—a testament to his skill and impact as a safety.

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Establishing Himself as a Versatile Safety

Building upon his multi-faceted skills, Budda Baker quickly established himself as one of the NFL’s most versatile safeties. His track record of success is not just in pass defense; he’s known for his run defense, open-field tackling, and ability to orchestrate the secondary. In the 2021 game against the Indianapolis Colts, Baker’s talent was on full display with 12 total tackles and a critical sack that underscored his agility and anticipation.

Baker’s capacity to effectuate game-changing plays is a cornerstone of his reputation in the league. Whether it’s his high school days where he scored on kickoff and punt returns, or his professional moments of brilliance on third downs and his leadership capabilities, Baker’s career is defined by versatility. With continued performances at this caliber, he remains an integral piece of the Cardinals’ defense aiming to navigate the challenges and dynamics of the ongoing season.

Buddha Baker’s Key Attributes and Skills

Speed and Agility

Buddha Baker’s athleticism is prominently showcased by his exceptional speed and agility on the field. From his high school days when he helped his team to three consecutive 3A state championships, it was clear that speed was an integral part of his repertoire. His capability to close the gap between himself and ball carriers or receivers makes Baker a formidable presence in the secondary. On special teams, as well, his agility enables him to navigate through tight spaces, making him an asset to the Arizona Cardinals. These traits allow Baker to excel not just in defending the pass but also in creating havoc in the backfield, as evidenced by his ability to chase down quarterbacks for sacks and make tackle attempts behind the line of scrimmage.

Intelligence and Football IQ

Buddha Baker’s acumen for the game goes well beyond his physical abilities. His football IQ sets him apart as an exceptional safety within the NFL. He reads plays with anticipation and has a proven track record for being in the right place at the right time, contributing to his substantial tally of tackles and interceptions. The Cardinals’ safety has shown the foresight to identify offensive patterns, which plays a crucial role in defensive adjustments and on-field communication. His ability to diagnose plays before they unfold is critical in limiting the opposing offense’s success, making him a leader in the Cardinals’ defensive unit.

Tackling and Coverage Abilities

One of the most indispensable skills Buddha Baker brings to the Cardinals is his tackling ability alongside his coverage prowess. Despite facing injuries, Baker’s performance rarely falters. His 118 tackles during the 2020 season and consistent 100+ tackle seasons since 2018 establish him as one of the most reliable defensive backs in the NFL. His tackling technique is proficient, while his coverage skills often disrupt the opponent’s passing game. With a significant number of passes defended and an eye for opportune interceptions, Baker ensures that his presence is felt by opposing quarterbacks and receivers alike. His versatility in coverage ranges from shadowing tight ends to contesting wide receivers, illustrating the breadth of his defensive capabilities.

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Notable Achievements and Accolades

Pro Bowl Selections

Budda Baker has attained a prestigious reputation within the NFL through his multiple Pro Bowl selections, a testament to his elite performance on the field. Selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Baker quickly established himself as a versatile player. A standout moment came in 2019 when he earned his second Pro Bowl nod, this time as a safety, becoming the first in Arizona Cardinals history to be chosen for the Pro Bowl both as a special teamer and a position player. His prowess continued in 2020 when he achieved his third Pro Bowl selection, at the time becoming one of only two players in Cardinals history to receive at least three Pro Bowl nods before their 25th birthday. Baker’s fifth Pro Bowl selection in 2022 further solidified his impact, making him just the third player in franchise history to obtain five Pro Bowl selections in the first six seasons of their NFL career.

All-Pro Honors

Achieving All-Pro status is a rare honor that distinguishes a player as one of the best at their position. Baker’s remarkable abilities earned him first-team All-Pro honors as a rookie in 2017, primarily for his contributions to special teams. He led the Cardinals and ranked third in the NFL with 16 special teams tackles that season. It was his adept skill set that allowed him to transition from a special teams ace to a defensive cornerstone. His continued excellence was recognized in 2020, when he was once again named first-team All-Pro. This recognition underscored his significant contributions to the team’s defensive prowess, showcasing his versatility and leadership.

Team Records and Milestones

Budda Baker’s career has been marked by a series of team records and personal milestones that highlight his significance for the Cardinals. Not only has he stood out through Pro Bowl selections and All-Pro honors, but he has also sparked key defensive metrics. During the 2020 season, Baker tied for the NFL lead among defensive backs with 118 tackles and again made his mark with seven tackles for loss, two sacks, and two interceptions. In October of that year, Baker’s exceptional performances earned him the title of “NFC Defensive Player of the Month,” a distinction that only three other players in Cardinals history have achieved. With his comprehensive skill set encompassing speed, agility, intelligence, and coverage ability, Baker’s role as a leader and a game-changer for the Cardinals is undeniable.

Impact on the Arizona Cardinals’ Defense

Leadership and Communication

The importance of Budda Baker to the Arizona Cardinals’ defense cannot be overstated. Baker’s presence on the field serves as a cornerstone for the team’s defensive strategies. As a leader, he sets the tone for both effort and execution. Communication is one of his most valuable assets. His ability to relay plays, make adjustments on the fly, and ensure teammates are well-positioned is what helps to keep the Cardinals’ defense cohesive and responsive to the challenges posed by opposing offenses. Baker’s insight into the game enables him to diagnose plays quickly, allowing him to direct his teammates effectively during high-pressure situations.

Versatility and Defensive Schemes

Baker showcases a remarkable versatility that’s become invaluable to the Cardinals’ defensive schemes. Whether he’s lining up as a traditional safety, dropping into the box to support the run defense, or covering some of the league’s elite receivers, Baker’s skill set allows the Cardinals to be flexible in their defensive formations. His capability to perform at a high level in a variety of defensive roles not only disrupts the offense’s game plan but also permits the Cardinals to employ complex schemes without compromising the integrity of their defense. The team leverages his multifaceted role to create mismatches and generate pressure, an attribute not every NFL team has at their disposal.

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Game-Changing Plays

When the Cardinals need a game-changing play, Budda Baker consistently delivers crucial moments of impact that can turn the tide of a game. His proactive approach to reading the quarterback’s eyes and anticipation skills lead to turnovers and defensive scores that shift momentum. Baker’s impressive stats reflect his knack for being at the right place at the right time. From game-saving tackles to thrilling interceptions, his playmaking abilities infuse the Cardinals with a sense of reliability when the game is on the line. The Cardinals’ reliance on Baker to make plays in clutch moments speaks volumes about his standing within the team’s defense.

Buddha Baker’s Off-Field Contributions

Community Service and Philanthropy

Budda Baker’s influence extends far beyond the gridiron. His commitment to community service and philanthropy is commendable. Buddha Baker doesn’t just deliver game-changing plays; he also makes substantial contributions to society through charity work and community events. His generosity and eagerness to give back have won him admiration from fans and community members alike.

Mentoring and Inspiring Young Athletes

Budda Baker has taken on a key role in mentoring young athletes, sharing his experiences and knowledge. He recognizes the importance of guiding the next generation, instilling in them the values of hard work, discipline, and perseverance. By offering his wisdom, Buddha Baker helps these budding sports enthusiasts navigate the challenges of competitive sports while emphasizing the significance of academic excellence.

Role Model for the Youth

In his position as a public figure, Buddha Baker understands his capacity to impact the youth positively. He demonstrates the traits of a remarkable role model, showing integrity both on and off the field. His journey resonates with many young individuals, encouraging them to strive for greatness in all aspects of life. Baker’s exemplary conduct and dedication to personal improvement set a standard for what young fans and athletes alike can aspire to.


Budda Baker’s journey from a high school standout to a linchpin in the Arizona Cardinals’ defense is a testament to his dedication and skill. His impressive track record, marked by Pro Bowl selections and All-Pro honors, underlines his status as one of the NFL’s elite safeties. Off the field, Baker’s commitment to giving back and mentoring the next generation reflects his character, making him a true asset to the community. As he continues to make his mark, both in the league and in society, fans and aspiring athletes alike look to Baker not just for his on-field prowess but also for his exemplary conduct away from the gridiron. Budda Baker’s legacy is one that will resonate for years to come, inspiring many to strive for excellence in all walks of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Pro Bowls has Budda Baker been selected for?

Budda Baker has been selected for the Pro Bowl five times (2017, 2019-2022).

Will Budda Baker return to play after being on injured reserve?

Yes, Budda Baker is expected to return from injured reserve in 2023.

What is Budda Baker’s current contract value?

Budda Baker’s current contract is a four-year, $59 million extension signed in 2020.

What injury did Budda Baker suffer?

Budda Baker suffered a shoulder injury in 2022 and went on injured reserve in 2023.

Is there an NFL player with the last name Baker other than Budda?

Yes, Jerome Baker is a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL.

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