Trey Washington: 2023 NFL Draft Profile & Team Prospects

Trey Washington’s journey to the NFL Draft is a story of resilience and raw talent. As scouts and fans alike buzz about his potential, it’s clear that Washington’s draft profile is one to watch. With a blend of speed and agility, he’s caught the eye of top teams looking for a game-changer.

In this article, we’ll dive into Washington’s stats, strengths, and the intangibles that make him stand out. From his college career to his combine performance, we’ll unpack why Washington’s name is climbing draft boards and what he could bring to a professional team.

College Career

Trey Washington’s collegiate journey is a testament to his grit and explosive athleticism. Dominating the field at the University of Texas, he quickly became a cornerstone for the Longhorns’ defense. In his freshman year, Washington wasted no time showcasing his talents, earning a spot on the All-American Freshman Team—an accolade that hinted at the fruitful career ahead.

Throughout his time in college, Washington’s stats were nothing short of impressive. His sophomore and junior years were pivotal, as he racked up a staggering number of tackles and interceptions, cementing his reputation as a defensive powerhouse. His agility and speed allowed him to cover large parts of the field with ease, disrupting offensive plays and turning the tide in favor of his team.

Season Highlights include:

  • Sophomore Year: 5 interceptions with two returned for touchdowns
  • Junior Year: 72 solo tackles, leading the team

Washington’s senior season solidified his prospects as an NFL player. Not only did he lead the Longhorns in pass deflections, but his leadership on and off the field became invaluable. Teammates and coaches alike praised his work ethic and ability to read the game, traits that are essential at the professional level. In his final college game, Washington’s performance was pivotal, with a highlight-reel interception that showcased his exceptional ball-hawking skills.

Scouts point to his College Stats as a clear indicator of his potential impact on any NFL team:

Year Solo Tackles Assisted Tackles Interceptions Pass Deflections
Freshman 23 17 2 5
Sophomore 41 27 5 12
Junior 72 35 4 18
Senior 48 22 3 21

With numbers like these, it’s evident that Trey Washington’s college career wasn’t just about personal records; it shaped him into a well-rounded player ready to take on the rigorous demands of the NFL. His progression each year demonstrated his capacity for growth and adaptation—qualities that indeed make a difference at the next level.

Scouting Reports

Scouting reports are crucial in evaluating a player’s potential at the professional level. Trey Washington stands out in several key areas according to scouts who have closely analyzed his performances. They’ve broken down his strengths, weaknesses, potential, and fit within an NFL team strategy.


Scouts have been effusive about Washington’s strengths. His physical prowess and work ethic are unmatched, and his ability to make instinctual plays sets him apart. Noteworthy are his:

  • Speed and acceleration that give him the edge on both offense and defense
  • Field vision which allows him to read plays and react proactively
  • Tackling technique that is both efficient and effective

All these attributes are viewed as indicators of his ability to transition seamlessly to the professional game.

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Weaknesses and Areas for Improvement

Despite his numerous strengths, Washington is not without areas that could benefit from further refinement. For instance, his pass coverage can be inconsistent at times, raising questions about his adaptability to complex NFL offenses. Additionally, the need for improved strength to take on bigger, more physical players at the next level is pointed out.

NFL Readiness

Washington’s readiness for the NFL is highly praised. His college career has seen him tackle diverse challenges, hinting at his preparedness for the professional stage. Scouts suggest he could start early in his NFL career, potentially even making a first-year impact if drafted to a team that suits his style of play.

Fit in NFL Schemes

The right NFL team with the right scheme can optimize Washington’s natural abilities. Teams that favor a fast-paced, aggressive defense will find his attributes align well with their philosophy, making him a valuable addition.

The continuing interest and scrutiny surrounding Washington’s progress are a testament to his potential to leave a mark in the league. As the draft nears, it is clear that his performance and skills honed at the University of Texas have sculpted him into a promising prospect for any team looking to bolster its defense.


Trey Washington’s ascent in the realm of college football has been marked by a number of distinct strengths. His exceptional speed is the cornerstone of his athletic prowess. Clocking a 40-yard dash time that puts him in the upper echelon of his draft class, Washington’s swiftness is a formidable weapon on the field. This speed translates fluidly into his coverage, allowing him to stay with even the most agile receivers step for step.

Adding to his physical attributes, Washington’s field vision is second to none. His ability to read quarterbacks and anticipate routes makes him a constant threat for interceptions. With such a high football IQ, he regularly positions himself to disrupt passes and close windows quickly, oftentimes leading to game-changing plays.

His tackling technique also stands out. As a player who consistently leads his team in tackles, Washington’s approach is both precise and powerful. His form is textbook; he consistently wraps up opponents, driving through his center of gravity, a testament to his proficiency in this fundamental aspect of the game.

  • Speed
    • Elite 40-yard dash time
    • Agility in coverage
  • Field Vision
    • High football IQ
    • Route anticipation
  • Tackling
    • Solid form and execution
    • High tackle counts

Beyond these key areas, Washington also brings versatility to the table. Capable of playing both safety and cornerback, his adaptability makes him a valuable asset to any defensive scheme. His experience in various coverage situations enhances his draft stock significantly, making him a highly sought-after prospect for teams looking for flexibility in their secondary.

Scouts have noted Washington’s infectious energy and leadership qualities among his intangible attributes. On the field, he’s known to elevate the play of those around him, making crucial calls and adjusting alignments as necessary. His presence in the locker room is equally impactful, fostering a culture of accountability and determination.

With these attributes in hand, Trey Washington isn’t just a prospect with outstanding potential—he’s a dynamic playmaker ready to make an immediate impact at the professional level. His abilities promise to shine brightly in the NFL, contributing to any defensive unit in search of a talent boost.


While Trey Washington’s strengths position him as a coveted prospect, scouts have noted areas that could benefit from refinement. One point of critique centers on Washington’s size. Standing at just under six feet, Washington is on the shorter side for a safety, which might pose challenges when matched up against taller, physically dominant receivers.

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Experience at the cornerback position has also drawn attention. Despite showcasing versatility in his college career, Washington has had limited snaps as a cornerback. This lack of experience may require an adjustment period as he learns to face wideouts with advanced route-running skills and physicality that exceeds college-level play. To excel at the next level, Washington will need to demonstrate that his transition to a full-time cornerback role, if required, is seamless and effective.

Another area of concern is what some scouts refer to as “over-aggressive tendencies.” Washington’s eagerness to make plays has occasionally led to missed tackles and overcommitting to plays that savvy NFL quarterbacks could exploit, such as play-action passes or double moves. His penalty record is not insignificant; the discipline Washington showed in college will need to sharpen to avoid costly flags in the pros.

When analyzing his play recognition, there are instances where Washington’s anticipation could be better. While he possesses great field vision, the complexity of NFL offenses will test his ability to read and react to plays as they develop. This skill will be critical in distinguishing between a good and great professional career.

Teams will also weigh these weaknesses against Washington’s numerous strengths, considering how coachable he is and the potential for growth within the NFL’s more sophisticated defensive schemes. The success of his transition to the NFL will be contingent on his ability to address these areas and adapt to the higher level of play.

Combine Performance

When Trey Washington arrived at the NFL Combine, expectations were high, and he didn’t disappoint. His performance in the 40-yard dash was a defining moment, clocking in an impressive time that caught the eyes of scouts and analysts alike. Washington’s agility drills further showcased his quickness and fluidity of movement, vital for defensive backs in the high-stakes games of the NFL.

Strength is crucial too, and Washington demonstrated his with a solid number of reps on the bench press. His vertical and broad jumps reflected an explosive lower body power, a testament to his ability to burst forward and upward, disrupting passes and outleaping receivers.

While physical tests are pivotal, the Combine also probes into a prospect’s football IQ. Washington’s interviews with team officials gave him the chance to illustrate his understanding of defensive schemes. He proved that he can not only talk the talk but walk the walk, explaining complex plays with a level of detail that hints at his readiness for the professional level.

Event Performance
40-yard Dash Excellent Time
Bench Press Solid Rep Count
Vertical Jump Impressive Height
Broad Jump Noteworthy Distance
Agility Drills High Agility Score

Washington addressed concerns about his size during these sessions. Despite being shorter than some of his counterparts, his leaping ability and timing in the air make him a formidable opponent against taller receivers. He’s also been polishing his technique at cornerback, displaying improved backpedal speed and hip fluidity, which suggests a capacity for covering shifty slot receivers in the NFL.

In team interviews, Washington’s charismatic personality and evident leadership traits made a strong impression. He’s known for his positive impact on team dynamics and for bringing intense competitive fire to practice sessions, an attribute that could see him become a central figure in a defensive unit hungry for cohesiveness and drive.

His Combine performance underscored his resilience and commitment to continuous improvement. Washington’s readiness to take on feedback and refine his craft signals to NFL teams that he’s not just another prospect—he’s a player poised to contribute significantly from day one.

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Potential Draft Teams

As Trey Washington’s stock rises in the NFL Draft, several teams are emerging as potential suitors for his versatile defensive skills. Teams in need of a dynamic playmaker in the secondary are eyeing Washington’s ability to create turnovers and energize the defense.

The Dallas Cowboys, known for valuing athleticism and versatility on defense, could see Washington as the ideal candidate to bolster their secondary. With a defense that thrives on creating pressure and turnovers, Washington’s aggressive play style fits the Cowboys’ defensive ethos.

Another likely destination could be the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have a stout defense but could use a boost in their secondary to complement their formidable front seven. Washington’s speed and tackling proficiency would be assets to a team that’s on the cusp of contending for a Super Bowl.

The Miami Dolphins, with their commitment to a strong and versatile defense, may also consider Washington a top target. His ability to play across different positions in the secondary aligns well with the Dolphins’ defensive approach. They’ve been known to prioritize players with Washington’s mix of intelligence and athleticism.

The Philadelphia Eagles should not be overlooked as they continue to improve their defensive backfield. Washington’s leadership qualities and on-field vision could fit seamlessly into the Eagles’ defensive unit, which places a high premium on players who can contribute immediately.

The Detroit Lions, amidst a rebuild, are seeking cornerstone players for their defense. Washington’s ability to read offenses and cover ground quickly makes him an attractive option for a team in need of defensive leaders.

It’s not just about fitting into a team’s current schema – Washington brings a level of adaptability that will be a valuable asset to any NFL team. He’s demonstrated an impressive ability to understand and execute complex defensive plays, a skill that will undoubtedly be utilized to its full potential in the professional league. Whether dropping into coverage or stepping up against the run, Washington has proved to be not just a skilled athlete but a smart one.


Trey Washington stands out as a formidable prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft. His time at the University of Texas has not only showcased his athletic prowess but also his strategic mindset and leadership abilities. Teams like the Cowboys, 49ers, Dolphins, Eagles, and Lions have all shown interest, a testament to his potential to make an immediate impact on the field. With his ability to seamlessly transition between safety and cornerback, Washington’s adaptability will undoubtedly serve him well at the professional level. Whichever team secures him will be gaining not just a player but a game-changer ready to elevate their defense from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What college did Trey Washington play for?

Trey Washington played for the University of Texas, where he showcased his football talents and achieved impressive stats throughout his college career.

What positions is Trey Washington known for playing?

Trey Washington is versatile in the defensive backfield, known for playing both safety and cornerback. His agility and game-reading skills allow him to perform well in both positions.

What are Trey Washington’s key strengths as a player?

Washington’s key strengths include his speed, agility, ability to read the game, and his leadership qualities on and off the field. These attributes make him a valuable player in the defensive lineup.

Which NFL teams are interested in drafting Trey Washington?

Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and Detroit Lions have shown interest in drafting Trey Washington due to his defensive skills and ability to contribute immediately.

Why is Trey Washington considered a valuable asset for NFL teams?

Trey Washington is considered a valuable asset because of his adaptability, intelligence, and the immediate impact he can make on a team’s defense. His versatility allows teams to use him in various positions within the defensive scheme.

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