Find NFL Channels on DIRECTV: Game Day Guide

NFL fans with DIRECTV subscriptions often find themselves asking which channel they can tune into for the latest game. It’s a common dilemma, especially with the myriad of channels and packages available. They’ll be thrilled to know that finding the right channel is easier than they might think.

This article breaks down exactly where to find NFL games on DIRECTV, ensuring viewers won’t miss a single touchdown or tackle. Whether it’s Thursday Night Football, Sunday showdowns, or Monday night matchups, they’re covered. Keep reading to get the full scoop on NFL viewing on DIRECTV.

What Channels Are Available on DIRECTV for NFL Games?

NFL die-hards with DIRECTV subscriptions often wonder which channels broadcast their favorite games. The simple answer is that DIRECTV offers a wide array of channels that cover all things NFL, ensuring that fans can catch every pass, every touchdown, and every incredible moment throughout the season.

DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket is the crown jewel for football enthusiasts. Exclusive to DIRECTV, NFL Sunday Ticket gives subscribers access to every live out-of-market game, every Sunday. It’s the go-to service for those who don’t want to miss any action from teams not in their local broadcast area. NFL Sunday Ticket can typically be found on channels 705 to 719.

Throughout the week, there are more options for NFL content. Thursday Night Football games are readily available on the NFL Network, which is on channel 212. When it comes to most Sunday games, viewers will turn to FOX and CBS. Depending on the viewer’s location and the game’s national or regional status, these can be found on channels 711 to 719 for those with NFL Sunday Ticket, or on the viewer’s local FOX and CBS channels without it.

Monday night brings another staple in NFL broadcasting: Monday Night Football. These games are shown on ESPN, which is located on channel 206. On occasion, due to scheduling or special broadcasts, games might also appear on NBC, which DIRECTV subscribers can find on channel 394.

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For those interested in pre-game and post-game commentary and analysis, DIRECTV offers additional channels like ESPN2 and NFL RedZone. NFL RedZone provides a whirlwind tour of every scoring play across the league every Sunday afternoon and can be found on channel 703.

Channel Network Content
705-719 NFL ST Live out-of-market games
212 NFL Network Thursday Night Football
Local FOX/CBS FOX/CBS Most Sunday games
206 ESPN Monday Night Football
394 NBC Occasional games & special broadcasts
703 NFL RedZone All scoring plays on Sunday

How to Find Thursday Night Football on DIRECTV

Thursday Night Football is a staple for NFL fans looking to kick off their weekend with exciting gridiron action. Fans can cherish the convenience as DIRECTV offers the NFL Network, where Thursday Night Football is predominantly broadcast. NFL Network is found on Channel 212 for DIRECTV subscribers, delivering a front-row experience to the Thursday night matchups.

Getting to the game is straightforward. Subscribers can either use their DIRECTV remote to punch in the channel number directly or navigate through the on-screen guide. The guide is an efficient way to confirm game times and any pre-game programming that’s scheduled. In addition to the NFL Network, some Thursday Night Football games also air on FOX, which varies depending on the viewer’s local DIRECTV channel lineup.

For an immersive viewing experience, DIRECTV also features HD and 4K options. Fans who prefer razor-sharp clarity can look for the HD or 4K versions of the channel depending on their package and the availability of the technology in their area. It’s essential to have a compatible receiver and television to enjoy the high-definition or ultra-high-definition broadcasts.

The NFL Network on DIRECTV doesn’t just stop at games; it offers around-the-clock coverage including:

  • Expert analysis
  • Breaking news
  • In-depth interviews
  • Fantasy football tips

With a focus on all things NFL, the channel ensures fans are well-prepared for Thursday Night Football. Additionally, DIRECTV’s mobile app allows football enthusiasts to catch the live action on the go. So whether they’re at home or on the move, subscribers won’t have to miss a single pass, tackle, or touchdown.

The Best Channels for Sunday NFL Games on DIRECTV

With an array of channels broadcasting NFL games, DIRECTV ensures sports fans never miss a moment of the action-packed Sundays. The crown jewel for avid football fans is NFL Sunday Ticket, which is exclusive to DIRECTV. Subscribers get the privilege of watching every live out-of-market game on Sundays, a feature no other service can boast. Channel specifics vary, as the service auto-populates the best available games based on the viewer’s location.

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Aside from the NFL Sunday Ticket, several network channels serve as primary hubs for Sunday NFL games. CBS and FOX are the traditional carriers for AFC and NFC games, respectively. DIRECTV users can find these games on their designated local stations. CBS typically airs on channels in the 2 to 69 range, while FOX’s placement on DIRECTV’s lineup may differ based on the viewer’s region, falling within the same channel range. It’s important to note that availability may vary, so supporters should check their local listings.

HD and 4K broadcasts are the new standard for viewers craving an immersive experience. Games on CBS and FOX come to life with stunning picture quality, making fans feel like they’re right in the stadium. DIRECTV’s offerings in this department stand out, particularly for those equipped with compatible 4K TVs and the necessary DIRECTV packages.

For regional coverage, DIRECTV also provides local channels, ensuring viewers can support their home teams. Local channels are typically found in the lower channel numbers and, just like the national broadcasters, will vary by location. Subscribers should consult DIRECTV’s guide or use the on-screen search function to pinpoint exactly where and when their preferred games will air.

Engaging with the service’s mobile app, subscribers can take the Sunday NFL games wherever they go. They’ll have to verify their subscription, but once that’s done, live games stream seamlessly to their devices. This flexibility only enhances the value proposition, leaving NFL fans satisfied with their ability to tune in from virtually anywhere.

Catching Monday Night Football on DIRECTV

When the NFL action doesn’t conclude on Sunday, fans gear up for the thrilling spectacle of Monday Night Football. DIRECTV subscribers have the upper hand when it comes to catching these games, thanks to ESPN’s exclusive broadcast rights. ESPN is the home of Monday Night Football and on DIRECTV, viewers can tune in to channel 206 to catch every moment of the prime-time showdowns.

The experience of Monday Night Football on DIRECTV goes beyond just the standard definition broadcast. Fans looking for a more immersive experience can indulge in high-definition broadcasts. HD brings out the vivid colors, crisp action, and allows viewers to feel like they’re part of the crowd from the comfort of their home. The sharper image and superior sound quality transform an ordinary game night into an extraordinary one.

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For those who crave even more convenience, DIRECTV offers features that cater to the needs of the modern NFL enthusiast. With the DIRECTV mobile app, subscribers can stream Monday Night Football live no matter where they are. Whether stuck in traffic, working late at the office, or away from the TV, they won’t have to miss a single play. This flexibility ensures that fans remain connected to their favorite games and teams at all times.

In addition to live games, DIRECTV’s NFL coverage includes pre-game analysis, in-depth reviews, and post-game discussions – all available on ESPN. These features offer an all-encompassing experience that goes beyond the traditional expectations of sports broadcasts. Audiences can immerse themselves in the full spectacle of NFL Monday nights, from the hype before kickoff to the post-game breakdowns.

The combination of ESPN’s coverage and DIRECTV’s service options provides NFL fans with an unparalleled viewing experience. With a subscription, the excitement of gridiron battles on Mondays is just a remote click away.


Finding the right channel for NFL games on DIRECTV is a breeze whether you’re at home or on the go. With services like NFL Sunday Ticket and access to local channels for CBS and FOX broadcasts, fans won’t miss a single touchdown. The additional perks of HD and 4K options along with the convenience of the DIRECTV mobile app ensure that every game is an event not to be missed. For those dedicated to the thrill of Monday Night Football, ESPN’s coverage is the icing on the cake. Rest assured, DIRECTV has got your NFL cravings covered from every angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels on DIRECTV offer NFL games?

DIRECTV subscribers can watch NFL games on local CBS and FOX stations for AFC and NFC games respectively, and have exclusive access to NFL Sunday Ticket for live out-of-market games on Sundays. ESPN is also available for Monday Night Football.

Can I watch every NFL game on DIRECTV?

Yes, with NFL Sunday Ticket, DIRECTV subscribers can access every live out-of-market NFL game on Sundays. However, regional games are subject to local broadcasts on CBS and FOX.

Is NFL viewing on DIRECTV available in high-definition?

Yes, DIRECTV offers HD and even 4K broadcasts for NFL games for an improved and immersive viewing experience.

Can I watch NFL games on my mobile device?

Yes, DIRECTV subscribers can stream NFL games live on their mobile devices using the DIRECTV mobile app.

Does DIRECTV offer any exclusive NFL content?

DIRECTV provides exclusive access to Monday Night Football on ESPN, along with pre-game analysis, in-depth reviews, and post-game discussions.

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