Upcoming Soccer Events in the USA 2023

For avid soccer fans and sports enthusiasts, 2023 is more than just an odd-numbered year; it’s a calendar filled with thrilling soccer events that will unfold across the United States. Despite a traditional dip in international tournaments during odd years, the USA 2023 soccer schedule ensures that the soccer spirit remains high with a roster of leagues, championships, and cups to keep the momentum of the beautiful game. Enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing soccer tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 and getting behind the FIFA U-20 World Cup. Most notably, the anticipation for the FIFA Women’s World Cup is palpable as it expands to include 32 teams, making it a historic event for soccer championships globally.

For soccer tournaments at the club level, the FIFA Club World Cup beckons with a groundbreaking appearance by the Seattle Sounders as the CONCACAF representative, marking a monumental moment for soccer events in the region. Additionally, prestigious matches such as the Europa League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League Finals are poised to captivate audiences. Thanks to extensive coverage by sports networks, the expanse of soccer’s reach in the USA will be unparalleled. All these events weave together a rich tapestry of sports events that contribute to an unforgettable year of soccer.

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Key Takeaways

  • The 2023 sports calendar in the USA teems with must-watch soccer events and championships.
  • In a historic first, the Seattle Sounders will represent MLS at the FIFA Club World Cup.
  • Soccer enthusiasts can catch the Euro 2024 Qualifiers and UEFA Champions League action on American screens.
  • The eagerly awaited FIFA U-20 World Cup and Women’s World Cup highlight soccer tournaments of young and elite talent.
  • End-year events such as the UEFA Super Cup and Euro 2024 draw cap off a thrilling year for soccer championships.

Highlighting FIFA Tournaments on American Soil

The landscape of international soccer events is ever-changing, and in 2023, the United States is set to host an array of FIFA tournaments that spotlight America’s growing presence in global soccer. The coming year not only shines a light on key professional soccer matches but also heralds the debut of American teams on stages once foreign to them. Among these events, the FIFA Club World Cup stands out with the inclusion of the Seattle Sounders, representing Major League Soccer (MLS) as the CONCACAF champions. The Sounders’ participation marks a notable first in the history of the tournament, setting the stage for a new chapter in international club soccer.

In another leap forward for soccer in the United States, the eagerly anticipated FIFA Women’s World Cup is coming to American soil, promising an unparalleled showcase of elite women’s soccer. For the first time, the tournament will expand to feature 32 talented teams from across the globe, battling for triumph and the esteemed title of world champions. This expansion not only elevates the event itself but brings to light the ever-increasing appetite for women’s soccer, delivering matches packed with intensity, skill, and the spirit of competition to fans nationwide.

The significance of these global sporting events extends beyond the white lines of the pitch. They become engines driving cultural exchange, economic impact, and the universal passion for soccer ever deeper into the American consciousness. Fans, young and old, will have the opportunity to witness first-hand the cultural tapestry that is international soccer, brought to life through electrifying matches and unforgettable moments that will resonate long after the final whistle.

The United States, known for its vast sporting traditions, once again demonstrates its capacity to host major international soccer events, laying down the welcome mat for the world and connecting communities through the universal language of soccer.

CONCACAF’s Role in Shaping American Soccer Events

In 2023, the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) has once again proven instrumental in molding the landscape of American soccer events. This year offers a trifecta of pivotal sports events that underscore CONCACAF’s influence on elevating the competitive standards of soccer in the region. With the Seattle Sounders stepping onto the global stage, the evolution of the CONCACAF Nations League, and the excitement of the Gold Cup, CONCACAF’s role is as impactful as ever.

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Seattle Sounders Break New Ground at FIFA Club World Cup

Embarking on a historic journey, the Seattle Sounders have become the first MLS club to serve as a CONCACAF representative at the FIFA Club World Cup. Their entry into this revered soccer tournament marks a significant milestone for US Soccer events, showcasing the prowess and progress of American soccer clubs in an arena dominated by the world’s premier teams. As the Sounders encounter elite international clubs, they not only represent their city but also the ambition of the entire Major League Soccer to be recognized on a global scale.

CONCACAF Nations League: The Path to 2024 Copa America

The CONCACAF Nations League has emerged as a cornerstone event, offering national teams a pathway to more prestigious soccer tournaments. The 2023 edition is no exception, as it sets the stage for the US Men’s National Team to gear up for the upcoming 2024 Copa America, destined to be hosted on American soil. With each match, the teams garner crucial on-field experience and tactical wisdom, elements that are indispensable in preparing for high-caliber soccer championships like the Copa America.

Gold Cup Glory: USA Defends the Crown

Amidst a plethora of soccer events, the Gold Cup remains an eagerly awaited biennial spectacle. Defending their title, the USA’s quest for Gold Cup glory is more than just a pursuit of silverware—it exhibits the country’s unwavering commitment to soccer development and competition. Fostering regional rivalries and uniting fans from across the CONCACAF zone, the Gold Cup serves as both a celebration of soccer and a testament to America’s status as a significant force in international soccer.

Event Significance Date in 2023
FIFA Club World Cup Seattle Sounders compete as CONCACAF representative February 1-11
CONCACAF Nations League Preparatory pathway for 2024 Copa America Ongoing (Various Dates)
CONCACAF Gold Cup USA defends their regional title June 24 – July 16

International Flavors: UEFA and AFC Soccer Events in the US

The coming year is rife with international soccer events that have found a home on American television. With the Euro 2024 Qualifiers, AFC Asian Cup, and UEFA’s most prestigious leagues unraveling before the American audience, the transatlantic love for soccer only grows stronger. These competitions provide a platform for U.S. fans to indulge in the strategic prowess and athletic splendor that these international soccer events are celebrated for.

Track the Euro 2024 Qualifiers Across American Networks

Fervent soccer supporters in the United States have the opportunity to track the journey of European national teams like Italy through the Euro 2024 Qualifiers. These intense competitions are broadcasted across various American networks, allowing fans to follow every match as the teams vie for a place in the grand Euro 2024 Championship. These qualifiers encapsulate the high stakes and dramatic narratives that define UEFA soccer games.

Asian Soccer Prowess: AFC Asian Cup Broadcasts in the USA

The 2023 AFC Asian Cup, set to be held in Qatar, brings together the top 24 nations from the Asian continent. American networks, including heavyweights like CBS Sports, deliver the action-packed soccer games right to U.S. screens. This tournament highlights the soccer excellence of Asian countries, contributing to the melange of international soccer events that entertain and edify American audiences.

Captivating Champions: UEFA League Finals on American Screens

Come the climax of the European soccer season, the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League Finals capture undivided attention. These soccer games, featuring clubs that have trudged through their respective leagues to reach the pinnacle of European soccer, are broadcasted in the USA, courtesy of networks such as CBS Sports and Univision. The leagues’ finals contribute significantly to the fabric of soccer culture in the U.S., spotlighting the very best of international club competitions.

Dates to Circle: Key Soccer Matches and Tournaments

The American sports events calendar for 2023 is brimming with key soccer matches and tournaments that enthusiasts will not want to miss. As the beautiful game continues to grow in popularity stateside, there are particular dates that promise to deliver the intensity and drama that soccer is renowned for globally. With the UEFA Euro 2024 draw on the horizon, fans are also eagerly awaiting to see how this prestigious event will shape the future of international soccer competitions.

Among the soccer events highly anticipated are the knockout stages of European club competitions. As these tournament matches approach, here is a breakdown of dates and details that define the soccer season:

Event Date Highlight
UEFA Champions League Round of 16 February 14 and ongoing until March 15, 2023 Top European clubs vie for supremacy in one of soccer’s most elite competitions.
Europa League Final May 31, 2023 Budapest lights up with the clash of Europe’s thriving soccer talents.
FA Cup Final June 3, 2023 The historic English competition culminates with a must-see final.
UEFA Europa Conference League Final June 7, 2023 Emerging clubs take the spotlight in Prague for this inaugural trophy.
UEFA Champions League Final June 10, 2023 Istanbul hosts the crowning of the kings of European club soccer.
UEFA Euro 2024 Draw December 2, 2023 Teams learn their fate as the groups for the Euro 2024 are drawn.

Each respective soccer event is much more than a game; it is an amalgamation of culture, passion, ambition, and the unequivocal spirit of competition. As dates approach, calendars are marked, and anticipation builds, soccer fans across the U.S. and beyond are turning their eyes toward these soccer spectacles that promise to enchant and thrill.

Whether it’s the iconic UEFA Champions League anthem echoing through stadiums or the drawing of lots for UEFA Euro 2024, each of these moments captures the essence of soccer’s global appeal. Fans will be looking forward to these dates, knowing that each match holds the potential for new soccer heroes to emerge and existing legacies to be solidified. Truly, these are dates on the sports events calendar that no soccer aficionado should miss.

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Soccer Events: A Look Ahead in the US Sports Calendar

As stadiums eagerly await the rumble of excited fans and the echo of soccer anthems, the United States gears up for an electrifying array of soccer championships that capture the essence of the sport. From the passion of youth soccer events to the prestige of professional tournaments, the upcoming soccer events are set to ignite soccer fever across the nation. Highlighting these events are the esteemed FIFA U-20 World Cup, the UEFA Nations League Final, and the celebrated AFC Asian Cup. These soccer tournaments not only present a feast for the fans but also play a key role in nurturing the soccer players of tomorrow.

The FIFA U-20 World Cup invites soccer enthusiasts to marvel at the next generation of talent, where rising stars take to the field with dreams of glory and the determination to make their mark on the international stage. Similarly, the UEFA Nations League Final will see soccer giants clash in an epic showdown that exemplifies the drive and skill that dominates European soccer circles. Meanwhile, the AFC Asian Cup will expose fans to a diverse lineup of soccer events, displaying the prowess of Asia’s finest teams on the quest for continental supremacy. These soccer tournaments are a testament to the US’s growing role as a global hub for soccer events, thrilling audiences and enriching the sports calendar with matches to remember.

Event Scope Impact on Soccer Development
FIFA U-20 World Cup International Youth talent showcased on a global platform
UEFA Nations League Final International Demonstrates elite European soccer strategy and skill
AFC Asian Cup International A celebration of Asian soccer strength and culture

Between the cheering crowds and the unfolding drama, youth soccer events also make their highly anticipated return, promising intense competition and invigorating experiences that foster the growth of America’s young soccer hopefuls. These platforms serve as an incubator for burgeoning talent, where dreams are chased and ambitions are fueled, underpinning the future of soccer in the US. The keen eyes of scouts and enthusiasts alike will be on the lookout as these events pave the pathway for youth players to evolve into tomorrow’s soccer legends.

With every game played, whether on home turf or beamed across screens, the upcoming soccer events promise to stitch together diverse communities through a shared passion for the sport. Each whistle heralds not just a game, but a celebration of the culture, community, and spirit that define soccer’s unique place in the US sports calendar.

US Men’s National Team’s Preparatory Matches for 2026

As the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) looks toward the 2026 World Cup, preparation is key. Through a series of friendly games and participation in conclusive tournaments, the team sharpens its strategies and solidifies a cohesive unit ready to represent the nation on one of the grandest stages in sports.

Interim Management and Friendly Games: Building USMNT for the Future

In pursuit of excellence, the USMNT is engaging in a variety of USMNT friendly games, leveraging these soccer matches as opportunities for talent assessment and tactical refinement. With interim management at the helm, these soccer events are critical for assembling a cadre of players adept at translating their club success onto the international pitch and inculcating a culture of adaptability and resilience which are paramount for the team’s long-term objectives.

Nations League and Gold Cup: Steps Toward a New Era

Embarking on the road to the 2026 World Cup, the USMNT’s itinerary features prime soccer events such as the Nations League and the Gold Cup. These CONCACAF tournaments play a pivotal role in testing the mettle of the team against regional adversaries under competitive conditions. Achievements in these arenas not only bolster confidence but also provide vital experience that will serve the USMNT as it gears up for the massive mantle of co-hosting the 2026 spectacle.

Event Role in USMNT’s Prep Importance
Nations League Matches Strategizing and team cohesion Direct qualification and international exposure
Gold Cup Tournament Defensive tactics and forward play Continental dominance and team spirit
USMNT Friendly Games Player evaluation and roster building Long-term vision and player development

The culmination of these efforts is discernible in the improvements seen on the field, and the investment in these matches is slated to pay dividends as the USA soccer schedule prepares fans for an exciting and competitive future. Showcasing a developing team now will lead to a seasoned squad ready to take the world stage at the 2026 World Cup.

Youth Soccer Events: Development of the Next Generation

As a foundational pillar of growth for young athletes, youth soccer events represent a critical pathway in the cultivation of tomorrow’s soccer stars. US Youth Soccer, at the forefront of this initiative, not only champions the spirit of competition but also fosters environments where skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship are paramount. From the National Championship Series to the ODP (Olympic Development Program), these soccer tournaments offer a stage where dedication and talent can be recognized and honed into professional prowess. Moreover, these events are meticulously planned to ensure every participant, regardless of the level, experiences the thrill and learning that such platforms are meant to deliver.

With national championships at stake, the focus is not solely on the titles but also on the holistic development that comes through exposure to high competition levels. These events, poised to prepare the young athletes for both national and international soccer landscapes, are more than games; they are a confluence of culture, discipline, and dreams.

Ultimately, ODP serves as an elite gateway for those looking to ascend in the soccer hierarchy, notably bringing together the best of the best. It’s where coaches and scouts alike converge to spot potential and nurture it through national soccer echelons. The implications of these youth soccer events echo far and wide, underpinning the very core of soccer’s future in the US.

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Event Date Location Significance
National Presidents Cup July 12-16, 2024 Wichita, KS A convergence of teams from across the nation to contend for prestigious youth soccer accolades.
National Championships July 23-28, 2024 Orlando, FL Hosted at ESPN Wide World of Sports, this event culminates the season with the highest honor in US youth soccer.
ODP Interregionals January 18-22, 2024 (Girls); January 24-28, 2024 (Boys) Orlando, FL Brings together top-tier youth talent from different regions to showcase skills and competitive spirit.

Youth soccer is where the journey begins, a journey marked by elation, learning, and a persistent quest for greatness. As these young players lace their boots and step onto the pitch, they carry with them not just the aspirations of personal success but the shared goal of lifting American soccer to new heights.

American Clubs on the International Stage

American soccer has witnessed a pivotal evolution with its increased participation in global soccer competitions, signaling a growing prowess and enhanced international presence. The support and success of American soccer clubs in these high-stakes tournaments not only broaden their horizons but also mirror the maturing quality of soccer in the U.S.

The Impact of the Seattle Sounders in Global Competitions

The Seattle Sounders’ debut in FIFA tournaments like the FIFA Club World Cup is a testament to the strategic and technical advancements being made by American soccer clubs. The Sounders’ role as the CONCACAF champion is not only about representing their league but also fitting into the wider narrative of American clubs participating in international soccer events. Their efforts in these global soccer competitions offer keen insights into the standards of American soccer on the world stage and set a benchmark for future U.S. club performances internationally.

Successes and Learnings: US Clubs in International Face-Offs

The foray of US clubs into international tournaments is filled with both successes and valuable lessons. Each matchup in these high-profile soccer tournaments becomes a learning opportunity, showcasing the adaptability and competitive spirit of American soccer clubs. Engaging in global soccer competitions offers an unparalleled experience that shapes club strategies, enhances player and team development, and reflects the overall impact of American soccer clubs in the landscape of international football.

Event Participating American Club Achievement Learning Outcome
FIFA Club World Cup Seattle Sounders First MLS club as CONCACAF representative Understanding of international playing styles and tactical approaches
Other International Cups Various MLS Teams Increased global recognition Value of international competitive experience

The successes enjoyed on this stage, whether triumphant wins or hard-fought matches, contribute meaningfully to the credibility and status of the club’s domestic league. Conversely, the lessons gleaned from shortcomings serve to fortify and refine the approach of American soccer clubs in future international soccer events. Above all, the participation in global soccer competitions is emblematic of the steady climb of American soccer on the international platform—an ascent marked with promise, potential, and a vision for global victories.


The year 2023 is set to be a landmark period for soccer in the United States, demonstrating both the nation’s passion for the sport and its burgeoning role as a host to an extensive range of soccer events. American fans and sports communities are buzzing with anticipation for an action-packed itinerary that encompasses both local soccer events and international soccer events, establishing the U.S. as a vibrant destination for soccer championships and tournaments.

From the historical participation of the Seattle Sounders in the FIFA Club World Cup to the hosting of internationally acclaimed soccer championships like the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the upcoming sports events are a mosaic of occasions featuring the crème de la crème of international soccer. Each strike, save, and scoreline from these sports events will not only stir the hearts of spectators but will also fortify soccer’s positioning within the American sports landscape.

This diverse concurrence of soccer events marks an invigorating phase in the evolution of soccer in the country, promising to leave an indelible impression on players and aficionados alike. As the year unfolds, each dribble, pass, and goal in these sports events will resonate with the excitement and commitment towards the beautiful game, keeping the flame of soccer burning brightly in the U.S. and heralding even more thrilling developments in the future of soccer championships.


What major international soccer events are taking place in the USA in 2023?

The United States is hosting a number of significant international soccer events in 2023, including the FIFA Club World Cup, where the Seattle Sounders will represent CONCACAF. The country will also welcome the FIFA Women’s World Cup, notable for featuring 32 teams for the first time.

How are the Seattle Sounders making history in international soccer?

The Seattle Sounders are making history by participating in the FIFA Club World Cup as the first MLS team to represent the CONCACAF region at this prestigious international level. Their involvement is a testament to the growing prowess of American soccer clubs on the world stage.

How does the CONCACAF Nations League affect the U.S. Men’s National Team’s plans for Copa America 2024?

The CONCACAF Nations League serves as an important preparatory platform for the U.S. Men’s National Team (USMNT), offering competitive match experience which is vital in the lead-up to their participation in the Copa America which will be hosted on American soil in 2024.

What are some European soccer events that will be broadcast in the USA?

American audiences can enjoy a wide variety of European soccer events, including the Euro 2024 Qualifying games, the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League Finals, which will be broadcast across various American networks.

What is the significance of the AFC Asian Cup broadcasts in the USA?

The AFC Asian Cup broadcasts in the USA allow American soccer fans to experience the sporting excellence of top Asian nations. Through American networks such as CBS Sports, fans can follow the tournament’s progress and witness international soccer beyond their local events.

What role do youth soccer events play in the USA?

Youth soccer events are crucial for the development of upcoming talent in the United States. These events, which include the National Championship Series and the Olympic Development Program, provide young athletes with high-level competition and opportunities for growth within the sport.

Why are friendly games and interim management critical for the USMNT ahead of the 2026 World Cup?

Friendly games and interim management are key for evaluating and fine-tuning the US Men’s National Team’s tactics and roster in preparation for the 2026 World Cup. They are essential for building a competitive team that can succeed on the world stage.

How does American club success in international competitions contribute to the sport’s growth?

The success and participation of American clubs in international competitions like the FIFA Club World Cup serve as benchmarks for the growth and strategic development of soccer in the United States. It also demonstrates the competitive level of the American soccer system against global counterparts.

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