Upcoming Rugby Tournaments in the USA 2023

The United States is poised for an exciting and robust 2023 rugby season, welcoming a slate of upcoming rugby tournaments that cater to an array of enthusiasts and athletes alike. From the thunderous tackles at youth levels to the strategic plays in professional arenas, the multitude of 2023 rugby events offers a full display of the athletic prowess and passionate competition inherent to USA rugby. These tournaments are not just competitions; they are a celebration of the sport’s culture and a testament to its growing community. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer, the upcoming rugby season showcases the best of what rugby competition has to offer across the American landscape.

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Key Takeaways

  • Rugby fans can anticipate a variety of upcoming rugby tournaments throughout 2023 in the USA.
  • These events are essential for the development and visibility of USA rugby across multiple age groups and skill levels.
  • High-profile rugby competitions will provide thrilling entertainment and showcase rising talent.
  • 2023 rugby events will include both domestic and international rugby tournaments, solidifying the USA’s position in the global rugby scene.
  • These platforms serve as an opportunity for rugby athletes to compete at high levels and gain broader exposure.

National Spotlight on Rugby Tournaments

With the year ahead, the electrifying spirit of rugby takes center stage on a national level, heralding a series of key events that punctuate the USA sports calendar. In this revered union of speed and strategy, the upcoming national rugby tournaments promise to draw crowds and athletes alike to witness the cream of the crop in American rugby talent.

USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships

The USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships stand as a cornerstone of the nation’s rugby festivities. As the premier event in national rugby tournaments, this championship is set to blaze trails in Madison, Wisconsin, on the weekend of August 12-13. Rugby enthusiasts across the globe will be able to capture every tackle and try as the matches will be streamed live, ensuring none of the on-pitch excitement is missed.

USA Rugby Women’s National Team Events

The USA Rugby Women’s National Team is gearing up for an action-packed summer. The team’s ventures into international rugby tournaments are marked by their participation in the Pacific Four Series in the scenic stretches of Ottawa, Canada. With matches against formidable teams such as Australia and New Zealand, the Women’s National Team is set to showcase the high caliber of rugby the USA can offer on an international stage.

International Rugby Involvement and USA Falcons

Stretching beyond domestic boundaries, this season includes varied levels of international rugby tournaments, with a special shout-out to the youngest teams all the way to the synergic group known as the USA Falcons, whose involvement in tournaments like the Next Gen 7s in Canada hints at a vibrant future for the sport. Such international engagements reinforce the global stance of the USA in the rugby arena, as the upcoming generations of athletes take center stage and don the national colors with pride.

Event Location Date Note
USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships Madison, Wisconsin August 12-13 Livestreamed globally
Pacific Four Series Ottawa, Canada July 2023 USA Women vs. International teams
USA Falcons – Next Gen 7s Canada Summer 2023 Featuring players from age-grade teams

Premier Rugby Sevens: A Proving Ground for Upcoming Talent

The Premier Rugby Sevens (PR 7s) circuit is quickly becoming the hottest ticket for aspiring rugby players aiming to etch their names into the sport’s legacy. Not only does it underscore the explosive growth of rugby sevens tournaments across the United States, but it also offers a pivotal platform for talent development through intense competition and exposure. Serving as a developmental beacon, PR 7s meshes together the raw energy of emerging talent with the seasoned prowess of established athletes, creating a breeding ground for the sport’s next-generation stars.

The series travels the nation, making stops in key cities, each chosen for their unique contributions to the rugby landscape. It electrifies the local rugby communities, bringing together fans, players, and enthusiasts alike. Additionally, these tournaments aren’t just about the matches themselves—high performance camps associated with the series play a critical role in honing the skills of participants, offering coaching and training at an elite level.

Premier Rugby Sevens provides a spectacle of athleticism and sportsmanship, with its key dates for the 2023 series poised to set the stage for unmissable action:

  • June 17 in Austin, Texas – the heat of Texas summer meets the sizzle of PR 7s rugby.
  • June 24 in Minneapolis, Minnesota – a showcase of midwestern rugby fervor and finesse.
  • July 15 in San Jose, California – the Golden State’s enchantment coupled with top-tier rugby.
  • July 23 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – the historic city offering a storied backdrop to raw rugby talent.
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The crescendo of the series is the championship event on August 6 in Washington, D.C., where the stakes are highest. Teams vie for the ultimate glory of being crowned champions, and individuals look to make an impact that could catapult them onto larger platforms, such as with the Eagles or the USA Falcons, or perhaps catch the eye of international scouts.

In a sport that thrives on speed, agility, and tactical brilliance, the Premier Rugby Sevens presents a microcosm of all that and more, setting a precedent for what’s possible in the realm of American rugby while contributing to the global narrative of this electrifying sport.

The Pinnacle of College Rugby Tournaments

Highlighting the vibrancy and competitive spirit of collegiate rugby, tournaments like the Dennis Storer Classic and the Los Angeles Invitational are cornerstones for aspiring athletes. These events not only test the mettle of emerging rugby talents but also serve as a beacon, showcasing the potential of college-level rugby in the United States. The significance of these tournaments cannot be understated as they provide a stage where student-athletes chase greatness, forging the future of the sport with every match.

Dennis Storer Classic: Showcasing Collegiate Rugby Excellence

Scheduled for January 2024 in Los Angeles, California, the Dennis Storer Classic is synonymous with excellence in college rugby tournaments. It is an annual competition where college teams congregate to honor the legacy of the legendary coach Dennis Storer and compete at the highest levels of sportsmanship and skill.

Los Angeles Invitational: Broadening the Collegiate Rugby Experience

The Los Angeles Invitational, set for March 2024, broadens the scope for student-athletes by featuring a wide range of categories. From youth to masters, this event encapsulates the full spectrum of rugby, painting a diverse and inclusive picture of the game while focusing on the heart of the future—collegiate rugby.

Tournament Date Location Categories Represented
Dennis Storer Classic January 2024 Los Angeles, CA College
Los Angeles Invitational March 2024 Los Angeles, CA Youth, High School, College, Club, Masters

These platforms give student-athletes not only the chance to compete but also to network, learn, and grow within the sport, making the Dennis Storer Classic and Los Angeles Invitational must-attend events for anyone involved and invested in college rugby tournaments.

Rugby Tournaments that Shape Future Stars: Youth and High School Competitions

The landscape of rugby in the United States is fertile ground for nurturing talent, with youth rugby tournaments and high school rugby tournaments playing a vital role in developing the next generation of rugby stars. These tournaments not only test the athletic prowess of young players but also instill a deep sense of sportsmanship and an understanding of the strategic nuances of the game.

High School National Championships: A Platform for Young Athletes

Among the most prestigious events in this realm is the High School National Championships. Set for May 2023 in Elkhart, Indiana, this tournament serves as a formidable platform where elite youth rugby talent is both discovered and honed. With its exclusive invitation to the country’s top single-school and club teams, the championship is the ultimate battleground for high school athletes to demonstrate their skills and dedication to the sport.

Can-Am Tournament and New York 7s: High Visibility for High School Players

Continuing the trend of premier rugby events, the Can-Am Tournament is yet another pivotal gathering, bringing together teams in July 2024 in Saranac Lake, New York. This tournament, along with the famed New York 7s scheduled for November 2023 in New York City, offers young athletes high visibility and the chance to be scouted by colleges and club teams. High school rugby tournaments like these are crucial for players looking to leap forward in their athletic careers.

Tropical 7s and World Schools Festival: International Youth Exposure

The Tropical 7s, occurring in March 2024 in Tampa, Florida, and the World Schools Festival, set for December 2023 at an as-yet-unannounced location, provide an international stage for youth to showcase their talent. These events draw together diverse age groups and nationalities, broadening the horizons of young rugby players who are eager to test their mettle against international standards and potentially catch the eye of global rugby connoisseurs.

Event Location Date Age Groups
High School National Championships Elkhart, IN May 2023 High School
Can-Am Tournament Saranac Lake, NY July 2024 High School
New York 7s New York, NY Nov 2023 High School
Tropical 7s Tampa, FL Mar 2024 U14 to U18, U23
World Schools Festival TBD Dec 2023 International Youth

Through the crucible of competition at such distinguished events, the seeds of excellence are sown, setting the stage for passionate young athletes to evolve into rugby’s future leaders and legends.

Rugby Sevens Tournaments in the USA: A Game-Changing Format

Emerging as one of the most thrilling spectacles in sports, rugby sevens tournaments are revolutionizing the landscape of American rugby. Known for its fast-paced action and high scores, the sevens format has escalated in popularity and become a fan-favorite across the nation. In the United States, the inclusion of rugby sevens in the Olympic Games has further amplified the excitement around these tournaments, drawing new fans and encouraging wide participation.

At the core of the sevens appeal is the adaptation of traditional rugby into a form that’s more explosive and condensed, making every second on the field count. With its heart-pounding action and shorter match durations, the sevens format tests the agility, speed, and resilience of its contenders, giving rise to a spirited and captivating breed of rugby.

The USA rugby sevens scene is vibrant with tournaments that serve as critical talent incubators. From burgeoning local clubs to seasoned professional teams, these competitions are forging pathways for athletes at all levels to showcase their abilities. The spotlight shines on events like the USA Club 7s National Championship and the Premier Rugby 7s, which not only provide thrilling displays of athleticism but also contribute to the strategic evolution of the game.

Dynamic action at USA rugby sevens tournament

These tournaments embody the exciting blend of physicality and strategy, serving as a testament to the sport’s inclusive nature. Whether it’s a homegrown hero or an international rugby star, the sevens stage is an equalizer, highlighting the role of teamwork and individual flair in equal measure. The success of these competitions is a reflection of the burgeoning interest in rugby across the country, propelling the sport to new heights on the American sports stage.

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Furthermore, rugby sevens tournaments offer a compelling platform for community engagement and growth. From the electric atmospheres in the stands to the close-knit nature of the rugby community, sevens events are more than just competitions; they are celebrations of a sport that prides itself on respect, inclusivity, and camaraderie.

As the USA continues to embrace the seven-a-side rendition of rugby, these tournaments promise to remain central to the sport’s budding success story. They are the battlegrounds where tomorrow’s legends cut their teeth and where today’s fans become tomorrow’s players—a true game-changing format for an exhilarating sport.

Regional Rugby Tournaments: Uniting Communities Through Sport

In the heartland of America’s sporting culture, regional rugby tournaments stand as a beacon of unity and celebration. These events, far beyond the boundaries of competitive sport, serve as community pillars that bring together enthusiasts from all walks of life. It’s here where the local spirit intertwines with the global phenomenon of rugby, creating an atmosphere that’s both uniquely American and universally thrilling.

Lakefront 7s: A Midsummer Celebration of Rugby

Among these community events is the Lakefront 7s held annually in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This tournament, scheduled for June 24, 2023, not only spotlights the athleticism and tactics of rugby sevens but also captures the essence of summertime festivities. The Lakefront 7s, a cornerstone among regional rugby tournaments, dazzles with its array of local teams that embody the spirit and passion for the game.

With its inclusive environment, the Lakefront 7s is paramount in the calendar of community rugby events. Teams converge upon the green expanses of Milwaukee’s lakefront, turning a day of rugby into a symphony of camaraderie, competition, and celebration central to the sport’s ethos.

Carolina Ruggerfest: Regional Passion for the Game

Moving to the warm embrace of the South, the Carolina Ruggerfest reflects a growing rugby culture in Charlotte, North Carolina. Slated for March 2024, this tournament is a testament to the passion and dedication that the Carolinas have for rugby. Striking the perfect balance between fierce competition and a family-friendly atmosphere, the Carolina Ruggerfest is a pulsating hub for the sport in the region.

What sets the Carolina Ruggerfest above is its unwavering commitment to fostering a sense of community within the sport. Young and old, player and spectator, all gather in a celebration that highlights the unifying power of regional rugby. It’s an event where local heroes are made and traditions are born, playing a vital role in expanding the reach of rugby events in the broader sporting community.

Event Location Date Highlights
Lakefront 7s Milwaukee, WI June 24, 2023 Midsummer rugby festivities attracting teams across the Midwest
Carolina Ruggerfest Charlotte, NC March 2024 A celebration of southern rugby passion with family-friendly vibes

In conclusion, events like the Lakefront 7s and the Carolina Ruggerfest are more than mere tournaments; they are integral to the fabric of local rugby. As they echo cheers and rallies, these tournaments reinforce the camaraderie and tenacity that are the lifeblood of regional rugby tournaments, solidifying their position as annual highlights that uplift and unite rugby communities far and wide.

Women’s Rugby Tournaments: Fostering Growth and Recognition

Women’s rugby tournaments are becoming increasingly crucial in advancing the sport and providing vital platforms for female athletes to exhibit their skills. The collective effort in organizing and promoting such events has notably contributed to the growth of women’s rugby, capturing the attention of sports enthusiasts worldwide. A notable example is the USA Rugby Women’s National Team, which showcases the prowess of American female rugby players on the international stage. The international tournaments not only serve as competitive grounds but also broadcast the rising standards of women’s rugby to a broader audience.

Domestically, women’s rugby tournaments offer younger athletes the opportunity to compete at advanced levels, such as the U23 and the U20 teams partaking in fixtures like the Americas Rugby Trophy in Brazil and against Canadian youth teams. The Pacific Four Series and participation in WXV Tier 2 further underscore the USA’s commitment to bolstering women’s presence in the sport on a global scale.

These tournaments are indispensable for high school girls too, offering them a stage identical to their male counterparts to shine and be scouted. Events like the Can-Am Tournament and the New York 7s demonstrate inclusivity by actively featuring categories for young female players. This inclusion highlights the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent from an early age in the sporting life cycle.

Event Level International/Domestic Significance
Pacific Four Series National Team International USA Women showcase on an international platform
WXV Tier 2 National Team International Competition against global teams for higher stakes
Americas Rugby Trophy U23 Domestic Development of the U23 squad through competitive matches
Can-Am Tournament High School Girls Domestic Visibility and development for young female athletes
New York 7s High School Girls Domestic Offers high-level competition and potential for scouting

Investments in women’s rugby tournaments are proving to be a major catalyst for the sport’s development. Through high-profile events and encouraging grassroots participation, the trajectory for women’s rugby is decidedly upward. As visibility increases, the sport is gaining more enthusiasts and inspiring the next generation of the USA Rugby Women’s National Team athletes. The trend is clear: women’s rugby tournaments are indispensable in spearheading the unprecedented growth of women’s rugby across the globe and especially in the USA.

The Rugby Calendar: Highlighting Top Rugby Tournaments

For rugby fans and players alike, staying abreast of the rugby calendar is essential for catching top-flight action and witnessing the sport’s defining moments. The year 2023 is brimming with key rugby dates, featuring a mixture of high-octane domestic showdowns and international rugby fixtures that cater to various skill levels and age brackets.

Detailing Dates for Key National and International Tournaments

From gripping local club clashes to epic international showcases, the array of tournaments scheduled for 2023 is set to thrill audiences across the nation and around the globe. Notably, the USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships is penned in for a summer spectacle that’s not to be missed. This tournament draws teams from across all regions, assembling a patchwork of potent talent and expansive team styles.

Mark Your Calendars: Important Rugby Events in the USA

Key fixtures in the USA rugby scene shine a spotlight on emerging talents and seasoned professionals alike. The Premier Rugby 7s circuit marks its bold print on the summer months with integral dates like June 17 in Texas and July 23 in Pittsburgh, turning up the heat on the competitive rugby landscape. Fans are encouraged to mark their calendars for these top rugby tournaments, ensuring they don’t miss any of the tackles, tries, and triumphs that define the sport.

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Event Location Date Details
USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships Madison, WI August 12-13 Top teams from across the country converge for national glory
Premier Rugby 7s – Eastern Conference Kickoff Austin, TX June 17 Kickstarting the PR 7s summertime circuit
Premier Rugby 7s – Western Conference Finals San Jose, CA July 15 Critical matchups in the western conference determine finalists
Premier Rugby 7s – Eastern Conference Finals Pittsburgh, PA July 23 The best in the east go head-to-head for a place in the championship
Premier Rugby 7s – Championship Washington, D.C. August 6 Crowning moment for the PR 7s series

As the seasons change, so does the rhythm of competition across the rugby spectrum. Fans and players are united by the shared anticipation of these key dates, each one an opportunity to witness the game’s unyielding energy and enthralling narratives in full swing. Be it on the domestic pitches or international arenas, these tournaments make up the vital pulsations of the rugby calendar.

Professional Rugby Tournaments: Where Elite Competition Thrives

The pinnacle of professional rugby tournaments unfurls across the fields of the United States, where the energy of the crowd matches the intensity on the pitch. Encapsulating the very essence of elite rugby competition, these events are the heartbeats of the sport, pumping life and fervor into every match and movement.

Within this competitive cauldron, the Premier Rugby 7s and USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships stand out as prime examples of top-tier rugby contests. These tournaments bring together the crème de la crème of rugby talent—national teams, international stars, and the finest domestic clubs. With each game, they carry the flag for rugby’s expanding profile, ensuring that the thrill of the sport reaches an ever-wider audience.

Let’s take a closer look at these key tournaments that are shaping the contours of American rugby on the professional scene:

Tournament Highlight Contribution to Rugby
Premier Rugby 7s Fuses emerging talent with seasoned players Amplifies talent development and fan engagement
USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships Gathers top teams from across the nation Reflects the high skill level and athleticism of USA rugby

The crescendo of competition in these professional rugby arenas is not just a spectacle for determined athletes seeking glory. It also represents a burgeoning platform for the ardent rugby fan and the casual follower being introduced to the sport’s dynamism. Every ruck, maul, and try scored underlines the captivating allure of rugby that resonates within each tournament.

These tournaments, more than any other athletic events, break the mold, providing fans with a front-row seat to the burgeoning league of rugby contenders. Instant classic matches, tales of tenacity, and raw athleticism are woven into the tapestry of these contests, rendering them not just competitions but can’t-miss sporting experiences.

Indeed, the narrative of American rugby is being written on these grand stages, where professional rugby tournaments become chronicles of strength, skill, and the inexorable spirit of one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation.


The tapestry of USA rugby in 2023 is intricately woven with a myriad of tournaments that cater to every strand of rugby enthusiasm. From the adrenaline-laced matches of the Premier Rugby 7s to the strategic battleground of the USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships, the landscape is dynamic, pulsating with the heartbeats of future legends and the echoing cheers of fervent fans. With the range of competitions available, each event carries its own narrative, set to leave an indelible mark on the fabric of American sports culture.

In this rugby tournaments conclusion, we reflect on how these gatherings are not solely about the scores and victories, but about the stories they tell and the communities they build. They are the platforms where the spirited drive of youth finds its full expression, where the methodical finesse of the collegiate level is celebrated, and where the exacting standards of professional play delight the sensibilities of rugby aficionados.

USA rugby final thoughts look forward to the unfolding of the 2023 tournaments with eager anticipation, recognizing that these events will do more than entertain; they will foster unprecedented growth and elevate the visibility of the sport across the USA. As the year progresses, it is with a sense of pride that the rugby community will embrace the unfolding spectacle—from the fresh faces making a name for themselves to the seasoned veterans commanding the field—ensuring that every ruck, scrum, and try is a step toward the grander vision of rugby’s promising future in the United States.


What are some of the upcoming rugby tournaments in the USA for 2023?

Notable upcoming rugby tournaments in the USA for 2023 include the USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships, Premier Rugby Sevens series events, Dennis Storer Classic, Los Angeles Invitational, Boys High School National Championships, Lakefront 7s, Carolina Ruggerfest, and the Pacific Four Series involving the USA Rugby Women’s National Team.

Where can I watch the USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships?

The USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, on August 12-13, and the matches will be livestreamed for fans worldwide.

Are there rugby events for high school athletes looking for visibility and recruitment opportunities?

Yes, high school athletes can gain visibility and recruitment opportunities at tournaments such as the Can-Am Tournament, the New York 7s, the Tropical 7s, and the World Schools Festival.

What is the Premier Rugby Sevens and when are their key events happening?

The Premier Rugby Sevens (PR 7s) is a professional series offering a high-profile platform for up-and-coming talent. Key events will take place in Austin, Texas on June 17; Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 24; San Jose, California on July 15; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 23; and the championship in Washington, D.C. on August 6, 2023.

Where and when is the Dennis Storer Classic being held?

The Dennis Storer Classic is scheduled for January 2024 in Los Angeles, California, showcasing collegiate rugby excellence.

What rugby tournaments are there for youth and high school levels?

Youth and high school rugby tournaments include the Boys High School National Championships in May, Can-Am Tournament in July 2024, New York 7s in November 2023, Tropical 7s, and the World Schools Festival in December 2023.

Why are rugby sevens tournaments significant in the USA?

Rugby sevens tournaments are significant in the USA due to their fast-paced, high-scoring format, which has gained popularity especially after rugby sevens became an Olympic sport. Events like the USA Club 7s National Championship and the Premier Rugby 7s help develop skills and showcase talent.

Are there any regional rugby tournaments that bring together local communities?

Yes, regional rugby tournaments such as the Lakefront 7s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Carolina Ruggerfest in Charlotte, North Carolina, serve as celebrations of rugby that bring together local communities.

How is women’s rugby being promoted through tournaments in the USA?

Women’s rugby is being promoted through tournaments like the Pacific Four Series, WXV competitions for the USA Rugby Women’s National Team, and domestic events that include categories for high school girls, such as the Can-Am Tournament and New York 7s.

What are some key dates and events to look out for in the USA rugby calendar?

Key dates in the USA rugby calendar feature national and international tournaments. Important dates include the Premier Rugby 7s circuit dates and the USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships in August, among other events spread throughout the year.

What defines professional rugby tournaments in the USA?

Professional rugby tournaments in the USA are characterized by elite competition where the top players display high skill levels and athleticism. These events include the Premier Rugby 7s and USA Club 7s Rugby National Championships, featuring national teams and international stars.

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