Rugby Six Nations: Fixtures, Results & Analysis

The annual Six Nations rugby tournament, a recognisable fixture in the international rugby calendar, once again invites fervent support from across the United Kingdom and beyond. In a competition where every ruck, maul, and try carries the weight of national expectation, the rugby six nations unfailingly delivers on intensity and drama. With a tradition stretching back over a century, this storied rugby contest pits national teams against each other in a series of matches that are as much a test of strategy and skill as they are of fortitude and passion.

The dynamics of the game translate into rugby fixtures that consistently captivate audiences, whilst fostering a unique camaraderie that transcends rivalries. As each national team in the Six Nations rugby competition pushes the boundaries of athletics, the fusion of historical rivalries and the shared love for the sport elevates the six nations rugby tournament into an event cherished by many. It’s a celebration of international rugby where the stakes are high and every game is a chapter in the rugby annals.

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Key Takeaways

  • Intricate balance of tradition and fierce competition marks the rugby six nations.
  • Every match in the Six Nations rugby contest is rife with tactical depth and national pride.
  • Engagement in the rugby tournament extends beyond the games, uniting communities.
  • Rugby fixtures act as crucibles for player growth and team evolution in rugby.
  • In the fabric of international rugby, the Six Nations stands out as a premier rugby competition.

The Pinnacle of International Rugby: Six Nations Tournament Overview

The Six Nations tournament is the quintessential expression of the sport’s highest level, where national rugby teams from across Europe battle for the coveted title. The competition, rich in heritage and steeped in the traditions of rugby union, stands atop the hierarchy of rugby championships, offering an annual spectacle cherished by fans and players alike.

Throughout its storied history, the tournament has showcased intense rivalries that have transcended the mere confines of a sporting event to become part of the cultural fabric. It is here where the raw emotions of pride, passion, and perseverance are on full display, as six national squads—representing Ireland, England, France, Italy, Scotland, and Wales—converge in the arena of international rugby supremacy.

This competition is a testament not only to the physical prowess required to succeed in rugby but also to the strategic minds orchestrating every move on the pitch. The Six Nations serves as the stage where legends are born and where the anthology of the game’s greatest narratives continues to evolve.

At its core, the Six Nations tournament reinforces the values that rugby purports: teamwork, respect, and discipline. Each match offers a window into the soul of the sport, where every scrum, lineout, and try tells a story of dedication and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As the teams vie for dominance in one of the world’s most prestigious rugby championships, they also contribute to the fellowship and unity that only such a shared international endeavour can cultivate.

Whether a seasoned follower or a newcomer to the thrills of rugby, the Six Nations tournament represents the zenith of rugby union‘s international scene. Every game is a chapter in a larger narrative—one that will continue to capture the imagination and pride of nations, and inspire generations to come.

Rugby Six Nations: A Legacy of Competition

The Six Nations rugby championships are not merely annual fixtures in the rugby union calendar; they represent a tradition that encapsulates the enduring legacy of competition. It’s a tournament where grit is just as important as finesse, and the history books are filled with tales of heroism and heartbreak. From its inception to the present day, the rugby six nations stands as a testament to the sport’s capacity to engender national pride and forge rugby legends.

Amid the roaring crowds and storied stadiums, every ruck and try contributes to the rich narrative that is Six Nations rugby. The clash of titans on the field is matched only by the camaraderie off it, as the competition brings together nations in a celebration of rugby excellence. This is where the essence of rugby union is distilled into 80 minutes of pure, unadulterated adrenaline. The legacy it weaves runs deeper than the final score lines—it’s an indelible part of the cultural fabric.

Within this arena of high stakes, records are made and broken, myths are born, and the collective identity of rugby nations is continuously moulded. Indeed, the emerge of iconic moments in rugby six nations history serves as inspiration for countless aspiring athletes and loyal fans alike. Whether it’s the thunderous defeat of a reigning champion or an unexpected underdog’s victory, each match adds a layer to the storied past of European rugby.

“The Six Nations is in many ways a crucible into which teams enter with dreams and emerge as part of history, whether in victory or valiant defeat.”

In recent years, the tournament has seen historic milestones being reached, such as Ireland’s relentless pursuit of a Grand Slam and France’s display of sheer rugby artistry. The competition thrives on the suspense of the unknown—the possibility that a new chapter of rugby lore is about to be written in ninety minutes of strategic genius and physical prowess.

Coupled with the anticipation that precedes each fixture, the legacy of the competition continues to evolve, making the rugby six nations not just matches on a field but events that resonate across borders and generations. This compelling mix of heritage, rivalry, and passion encapsulates the essence of what makes the tournament more than just a series of rugby union games—it’s a perennial rugby pilgrimage, promising moments of glory that will echo in the annals of rugby union for years to come.

  • Historic Rivalries: The Six Nations is home to some of the oldest and fiercest rivalries in international sport, each encounter imbued with decades, sometimes over a century, of history.
  • Iconic Victories: The competition has witnessed numerous teams rise to the occasion, producing awe-inspiring performances that have become etched in the memory of every rugby union enthusiast.
  • Emergence of Legends: Many a rugby union legend has been forged in the fire of Six Nations competition, with performances on this stage shaping the course of players’ careers and the future of the teams they represent.
  • National Pride: For fans and players alike, the Six Nations championships stir a sense of nationalism and pride, with every scrum, kick, and try amplifying the roars of an entire nation.
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As the Six Nations rugby tides ebb and flow with each passing year, they leave behind a legacy that proves indispensable to the spirit and narrative of rugby union. In a realm replete with enduring competition and unscripted drama, the Six Nations stands as a colossus in the world of rugby championships.

Breaking Down the 2023 Six Nations Fixtures and Match Locations

The pulsating heart of international rugby beats within the storied stadiums that hosted the 2023 Six Nations tournament. Each ground’s storied past and electric present played a crucial role in moulding the character of this year’s clashes. Let’s take a moment to delve into the annals of these iconic rugby fixtures and examine the theatre of dreams where the riveting action of the rugby six nations unfurled.

Analyzing the Venues: Story Behind Each Ground

The magnificent stages that welcomed the titans of the Six Nations rugby championship are more than mere venues; they are hallowed grounds where history has been repeatedly written and rewritten. From the soaring stands of Twickenham to the roaring terraces of Stade de France, each location resonates with the collective memories of triumphs and tribulations that define the spirit of rugby.

As the vibrations of stomping feet and the crescendo of national anthems pierce the atmosphere during each game, these venues serve as both backdrop and witness to the unfolding drama of competition. Whether echoing with the cheers of victory or murmuring with the sighs of near-misses, these stadiums are integral characters in the narrative of the Six Nations tournament.

Key Matchdays to Watch: Marquee Clashes

Though every match in the Six Nations rugby championships is steeped in anticipation, certain fixtures stand out as seminal moments of the season. These marquee clashes, steeped in generations of rivalry, capture the imagination of supporters and sports enthusiasts alike.

  • The Calcutta Cup encounter between England and Scotland, with passion and pride as its unmistakable undercurrent.
  • The fierce confrontation of traditional powerhouses, as France and Ireland duel for dominance, each stride and strategy scrutinised with bated breath.
  • Wales’s spirited face-offs against their neighbours, where every play could tilt the scales of regional supremacy in rugby six nations lore.

These key matchdays are the crescendos of the tournament, whereby every pass is charged with hope and every tackle carries the heavy expectation of nations. It is in these fixtures that heroes are forged and stories are scribed onto the rich tapestry of international rugby triumphs and heartaches.

In conclusion, the 2023 rugby fixtures of the Six Nations brought not only a spectrum of skill and tenacity but also continued the cherished traditions that solidify the tournament as a centrepiece of rugby championships. With stadiums that echo the essence of the sport and fixtures that amplify the pulse of international rugby, the six nations stand unrivalled in its contribution to the rugby union saga.

Comprehensive Results from Recent Six Nations Clashes

The enthralling encounters of the 2023 Six Nations rugby competition have provided not only spine-tingling moments of action but also a significant set of results that have shaped the standings in this year’s championship. The culmination of these games has offered a vivid tapestry of what rugby competition at the highest level is all about.

As nations collided on the rugby pitch with hopes of etching their names into the annals of Six Nations history, it was Ireland who continued their imperious march towards a potential grand slam. The Irish team’s robust display of tactical acumen and sheer determination positioned them at the summit of the championship, leaving opponents in their wake and audiences in awe of their prowess.

Meanwhile, France, renowned for their flair and competitive spirit, demonstrated a consistent pursuit of excellence that kept them within touching distance of the title. Despite a setback against Ireland, Les Bleus’ resolve never wavered, encapsulating the fighting spirit synonymous with Six Nations rugby.

England’s rugby six nations journey has been punctuated by a search for redemption after enduring a historic defeat at Twickenham. The response to such adversity was a theme that not only tested the character of the English side but also captivated fans, creating a narrative of resilience and rebuilding.

Match Date Location Result
Ireland vs England 18 March 2023 Dublin Ireland 29 – 16 England
France vs Wales 18 March 2023 Paris France 41 – 28 Wales
Scotland vs Italy 18 March 2023 Edinburgh Scotland 26 – 14 Italy
England vs France 11 March 2023 Twickenham England 10 – 53 France
Wales vs Italy 11 March 2023 Cardiff Wales 27 – 19 Italy

Reflecting on these Six Nations results, each game offered a pursuit of victory that was both intense and emblematic of the championship’s standing as a premier rugby competition. It is through the ebb and flow of these clashes that the fabric of the Six Nations is woven—an enthralling narrative of skill, passion, and national pride that continues to captivate audiences across the globe.

Expert Analysis of Six Nations Performances

The curtain has fallen on another thrilling edition of the Six Nations tournament, proving once again why this championship is a jewel in the crown of international rugby. Across verdant pitches, where the annals of rugby history continue to be written, nations have clashed in pursuit of glory. Here we provide an incisive dissection of team performances and spotlight the luminaries whose exploits have illuminated this year’s contest.

The tournament has seen a cauldron of tactical variance, strategy execution and, occasionally, heart-stopping failure. Each match witnessed a chess-like battle, not just of brawn but of brains, as teams endeavoured to outwit and outplay their opposition. The stakes of the Six Nations rugby are high, and so are the expectations—teams are scrutinised not just for their physical dominance but for their strategic savvy.

Team Performance Reviews

Analysis of team strategies has revealed a multitude of approaches—some that led to sterling triumphs, others to sobering defeats. The French flair for expansive play was met with the Irish precision in territorial control, showing a contrast in effective tactics. Meanwhile, the stalwart English defence, hitherto regarded as impenetrable, found itself under siege, leading to introspective soul-searching within the squad. The Italians’ spirited displays, although not always victorious, reflected their burgeoning intent in the rugby union hierarchy.

The Scots, with their calibrated blend of grit and guile, consistently punched above their weight, whereas the Welsh side, caught amidst transitions, struggled to wield the same influence of yesteryears. Each Six Nations contest offers an instructive narrative—a lesson in resourcefulness, adaptability, and sometimes, the rugged acceptance of unforeseen outcomes.

Top Players of the Tournament

Amidst teams’ collective efforts, individual brilliance often becomes the crux of victories. These are the players who, through sheer grit and sublime skill, shaped the destiny of their nations’ campaigns in the Six Nations tournament. From the consistent boot of Ireland’s fly-half Johnny Sexton to the dynamic French scrum-half Antoine Dupont, the tournament spotlighted talents that cast a long shadow across the rugby six nations stage.

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It is here where the mettle of every player is tested, and the narrative of the young hopeful as well as the seasoned veteran unfolds. The rugby union encompasses tales of heroic sprints down the wing, majestic leaps in the lineout, and scrum dominance against the head, personified by players who wore their hearts on their sleeves every time they stepped onto the Six Nations pitch.

Nation by Nation: Dissecting National Rugby Teams’ Journeys

In the kaleidoscope of the Six Nations tournament, each national rugby team weaves its own narrative, contributing to the rich tapestry that is international rugby. Following their journeys, their rise, their tribulations, and their moments of glory, offers insight into the spirit and dynamism of these teams and the championships at large. As we take a closer look, the distinct paths of these teams through the tournament’s rugged terrain come to light.

  • Ireland: An indomitable force, the Irish team pushed forward with resilience, aiming for a grand slam that would inscribe their names into the annals of the illustrious Six Nations tournament. Their performances exemplified rugby prowess blended with unwavering determination.
  • France: The French squad, known for their joie de vivre on the field, remained a spectacle of sparkle and flair. Their brand of rugby delighted fans, as they sought to carry on their inimitable legacy within the rugby championships.
  • England: In the midst of reflection post-World Cup, England looked to redefine their standing. The storied team focused on rebuilding their identity and proving their mettle in the face of adversity.
  • Wales: The Welsh team, caught in a struggle for form, endeavoured to rediscover the rhythm that once made them a revered force in the rugby union. Their journey was a testament to the unpredictable nature of the sport and the relentless pursuit of revival.
  • Scotland: The Scots, through defiance and guile, consistently played with heart, reinforcing their reputation as a team capable of upsets and commanding respect on the rugby stage.
  • Italy: The Italians faced the perennial challenge to stave off the wooden spoon, showcasing bouts of tenacity that hint at a brighter future in international rugby.

The mosaic that these narratives form presents the Six Nations tournament as an arena where history is written with each pass, tackle, and try. A tournament fashioned as much by the players and their dedication as by the storied rivalries that underscore the competitions standing as a premier event in international rugby.

Team Tournament Ambition Key Players to Watch Memorable Moment
Ireland Grand Slam Glory Johnny Sexton (Fly-Half) Dominance in the face of adversity
France Championship Title Antoine Dupont (Scrum-Half) Unleashing their renowned flair
England Redemption and Rebuilding Maro Itoje (Lock) Searching for a post-World Cup narrative
Wales Return to Form Alun Wyn Jones (Lock) The quest for performance revival
Scotland Defiant Respect Stuart Hogg (Full-Back) The spirit of formidable underdogs
Italy Fight against the wooden spoon Sergio Parisse (Number Eight) Displays of growing tenacity

The engrossing chapter of each nation in the Six Nations tournament encapsulates not just the outcomes, but equally the journey—the mistakes made, the lessons learned, and the triumphs celebrated. In doing so, they lay the foundation for future conquests, and ultimately, etch their unique stories into the enduring fabric of rugby championships.

Rugby Championship’s Impact on World Rugby Rankings

The Six Nations Rugby Championship wields a definitive influence on world rugby rankings, exemplifying the paramount importance of the tournament on the global stage. Each scrum, try, and conversion during the Six Nations rugby matches carries the potential to sway the hierarchical status of the nations involved. This impact reflects the gravitas of the competition and accentuates the significance of every fixture within the annals of rugby union.

“As a focal point in the rugby union calendar, the rugby six nations not only determines continental supremacy but also shapes the global pecking order in rugby.”

A closer look at recent fluctuations in rankings post Six Nations tournament reveals the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of international rugby. Below, we examine select ranking changes and delve into the aspects that contribute to the shifts in standing amongst the giants of rugby championships.

Country Pre-Tournament Ranking Post-Tournament Ranking Change
England 3rd 5th -2
France 5th 3rd +2
Scotland 7th 8th -1
Ireland 4th 2nd +2
Wales 9th 9th 0
Italy 12th 14th -2

Notably, wins and losses at the Six Nations rugby championship resonate beyond the pitch, altering perceptions and expectations of national teams. A triumphant campaign can lead to an ascent in rankings, as seen with Ireland’s spectacular performance, signifying their rising dominance in rugby union. Conversely, disappointing results, such as England’s recent showing, highlight the shifting tides within the hallowed grounds of rugby championships. Furthermore, even teams like Wales, which may maintain their numerical rank, can experience qualitative shifts in world perception due to the competitive nature of their matches.

It is in the seismic aftermath of the rugby six nations that the repercussions of each game ripple through the existing world order, ensuring that the championship remains a significant determinant in shaping the contours of international rugby rankings.

Partnerships and Sponsorships: The Business Side of Six Nations Rugby

The synergy between partnerships and sponsorships stands as a testament to the commercial vitality of rugby six nations. These collaborations reflect the strategic alliances vital for elevating the global profile of one of the most prestigious rugby tournaments. Key to this enterprise has been the groundbreaking alliance between Six Nations and Guinness, a sponsorship deal that has ingrained itself into the fabric of rugby union, underscoring the importance of strategic commercial relationships in sports.

The Six Nations sponsorship landscape serves as an intricate matrix of partnerships that bolster the competition from a business perspective. The patronage of renowned brands has not only heightened the tournament’s appeal but has also infused a substantial revenue stream into the sport, ensuring its sustained growth and heightened spectator experience.

Beyond financial incentives, these sponsorships steward the sport into varied avenues, from grassroots development to enhanced media coverage, thereby increasing the reach and influence of rugby union. Such strategic partnerships are pivotal in maintaining the sport’s status as a leading international rugby spectacle and in promoting a palette of diversity within its followership.

The implications of such collaborations extend beyond the immediate seasons’ matches, laying the groundwork for long-term sustainability in rugby. They empower unions and clubs to strive for greater heights, investing in talent development and infrastructure that pave the way for the future stars of rugby union.

In the backdrop of this business dimension, the Six Nations rugby landscape continues to thrive, garnering attention and investment that propel it to be one of the well-regarded rugby spectacles. The flow of commercial engagements intertwines seamlessly with the passion on the pitch, illustrating how the spirit of the game and its business facets are mutually reinforcing.

As we witness the fusion of the robust traditions of the Six Nations with the innovative approaches of contemporary sponsorship dynamics, we see a sporting experience that’s not only thrilling in its athletic contests but also pioneering in its business model.

Injuries and Comebacks: The Personal Stories of Six Nations Athletes

The journey through the Six Nations rugby championship is often marred with the physical toll that elite-level rugby competition exacts on players. Yet, it is from these trials that we witness the most compelling human stories of resilience and recovery. The personal stories of these athletes, enduring injuries and executing inspiring comebacks, encapsulate the very essence of what it means to be a part of rugby union.

Tribulations and Triumphs: Player Setbacks and Recovery

The 2023 Six Nations tournament has been particularly poignant with stories of athletes like England’s Tom Curry, who, sidelined due to a hip injury, must watch from afar as his compatriots battle on the pitch. The path to recovery in such high-stakes tournaments is an arduous one, but it stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit inherent in the game of rugby. Players who make their return do so having surmounted significant personal obstacles, embodied by their fervour and tenacity to contribute once again to their national teams’ ambitions.

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These comebacks are not just a return to form but a symbol of the never-say-die attitude that rugby union embraces. Be it a sprained ankle, a muscle tear, or more severe injuries, the periods of convalescence and the eventual return to roaring crowds serve as powerful reminders of the sheer will and determination of rugby six nations athletes.

Milestones Achieved: Records Broken During the Tournament

The Six Nations rugby isn’t solely about personal challenges and recovery; it’s also a ground for historical sporting achievements. The 2023 tournament has seen records shattered and new milestones set, adding yet another layer of excitement and significance to the championship’s annals. Every try, penalty, and conversion has the potential to propel a player into the record books, an aspiration that drives athletes to push their limits on the field.

It is within the cauldron of the Six Nations tournament that players not only forge their path back to the pitch but also cement their legacies. These narratives of personal setbacks surmounted and records broken inspire fans and aspiring players, proving that the spirit of rugby union is about much more than the score at the final whistle; it’s about the journey, the battles fought, and the triumphs savoured along the way.

Predictions and Expectations for the Upcoming Six Nations Tournament

As the drumbeats of the Six Nations tournament get louder and the rugby fields await the thundering surge of athletes, there is a palpable sense of anticipation that surrounds the forthcoming rugby fixtures. With passionate rugby enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the kick-off, predictions and expectations for the upcoming Six Nations rugby competition are more rife than ever.

Analysts are meticulously evaluating team rosters and strategies, weighing in on who might ascend the throne of this illustrious rugby tournament. There is speculation around how the balance of power within European rugby union could shift, with many pondering over the potential of an underdog’s emergence to disrupt the familiar hierarchy.

Following a year of unpredictable outcomes and spectacular performances, the rugby six nations landscape appears primed for new legends to be crafted. Encouraged by past upsets and legendary comebacks, fans are on the lookout for the teams that can blend youthful exuberance with seasoned experience to conquer the rugby union battlegrounds.

  • Will the Irish team maintain their relentless drive towards victory, proving their dominance yet again in the face of emerging contenders?
  • Can France, infused with their trademark flair, captivate audiences and clinch the title with panache and precision?
  • Is this the moment for England to script a tale of redemption, fortifying their ranks and returning to their erstwhile rugby majesty?
  • How will Scotland and Wales, fiercely proud rugby nations, articulate their narratives in this year’s chapter of the Six Nations rugby annals?
  • And what of Italy, with their unyielding spirit, looking to craft a new outset and leave an indelible mark on the tournament?

As these prophecies and prospects swirl in the rugby six nations cosmos, one aspect remains uncontested—the upcoming fixtures are set to exude a concoction of adrenaline, strategic sagacity, and unbridled athletic prowess. This is the stage where tactics devised in the quietude of study rooms, born from ceaseless analysis and reams of data, encounter the chaotic beauty of on-pitch fluidity.

The Six Nations tournament, in all its glory, serves not just as a stage for testing the mettle of rugby’s finest, but also as a forge where the future of the sport is shaped amidst the cheers and chants of millions.

Each game presents more than a set of rugby fixtures; it’s a narrative awaiting its heroes and its twists, peppered with the possibility of unscripted drama. As the nations prepare to clash, the rugby six nations tournament evokes a sense of legacy and renewal, where expectations are high, and the rugby ball’s bounce can tilt destinies.


In summing up the vivacity and fervour of the rugby six nations, it’s clear to see how it stands as an influential force in shaping the landscape of international rugby. As the final whistle echoes across the stadiums, concluding another spirited chapter in the rich tapestry of this storied tournament, the resonant camaraderie and competition reaffirm the Six Nations as a seminal event in the rugby calendar. This is a testament to a tradition wherein nations converge in unity, displaying exemplary sportsmanship, and offering a stage for national rugby teams to reveal their mettle.

The heart-stopping fixtures and hard-won results narrate an odyssey of resilience and teamwork, underpinned by strategic brilliance and athletic excellence. From the tactical adeptness exhibited by each team to the astonishing feats of individual players, every facet of the Six Nations rugby paints a mural of the quintessence of rugby union—a kaleidoscope of soaring spirits and relentless pursuits.

As the curtain falls on the latest Six Nations rugby rendition, it leaves behind tales of heroism, strategy, and unity that are paramount to the essence of the game. These are stories that resonate with fans around the globe and bring them together, irrespective of borders, in celebration of an unrivalled sports spectacle. With pride and expectations ever skyward, the Six Nations indubitably crowns itself as a cornerstone of both the past and the future of international rugby.


What teams participate in the Rugby Six Nations?

The Rugby Six Nations features six national rugby teams: Ireland, England, France, Italy, Scotland, and Wales.

How often is the Six Nations tournament held?

The Six Nations tournament is an annual rugby competition that typically takes place in February and March.

Where can I find the fixtures and results for the Rugby Six Nations?

Fixtures and results can be found on official Rugby Six Nations websites, sports news outlets, and through various rugby apps offering live scores and updates.

What is at stake in the Six Nations rugby tournament?

Teams compete for the championship title, with the opportunity to achieve a Grand Slam by winning all their matches. Additionally, there are individual trophies such as the Triple Crown and the Calcutta Cup that are contested by specific teams.

Which venues are used for the Six Nations matches?

The Six Nations matches are played across multiple iconic venues in each participating nation, such as Twickenham Stadium in England, the Stade de France in France, and the Aviva Stadium in Ireland.

Who were the top players of the most recent Six Nations tournament?

While it varies each year, the top players are usually recognized through awards and pundit analysis post-tournament for their exceptional contributions to their respective teams.

How does the Six Nations Championship affect world rugby rankings?

Each match in the Six Nations can influence the International Rugby Board’s (IRB) world rankings as teams gain or lose points based on match results, leading to changes in their global standing.

Can you tell me about the sponsorships of the Six Nations Rugby?

The Six Nations has several sponsorship deals with major brands, with Guinness being a notable title sponsor. These partnerships help fund the tournament and support the growth of rugby union.

How do player injuries impact the Six Nations competition?

Player injuries can significantly affect team strategies and outcomes. However, recovery and comebacks also serve as inspiring personal stories that enhance the tournament’s narrative.

What are the predictions for the next Six Nations tournament?

Predictions typically emerge closer to the tournament’s commencement, with rugby analysts and fans speculating on team form, potential impact players, and likely outcomes based on previous performances and squad changes.

How can I watch the Six Nations rugby matches?

Matches can be viewed on various broadcasting channels and platforms that hold the rights to televise the Six Nations in different countries. Online streaming services may also provide live coverage.

What is the format of the Six Nations rugby competition?

Each team plays every other team once, earning points for wins, draws, and occasionally bonus points for scoring a set number of tries or losing by a small margin. The team with the most points at the end of the tournament wins the championship.

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