Rugby League World Cup Fixtures & Schedule 2023

The stage is set for a spectacular display of athleticism and international rivalry with the release of the rugby league world cup fixtures and schedule. Amidst changes to traditional hosting arrangements, with France stepping back from the 2025 World Cup due to financial hurdles and a Southern Hemisphere revamp on the horizon for 2026, the 2023 RLWC promises to captivate fans across the globe. Furthermore, England’s rugby arena will witness a clash of titans as the national teams engage in compelling matches on their home turf throughout the year, culminating in historic end-of-year series.

The lineup of rugby league WC fixtures extends an invitation to enthusiasts worldwide to partake in the unfolding drama of one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the sport’s calendar. With every run, tackle, and try, the rugby league world cup schedule articulates not just the matches themselves, but the passion, dedication, and community that underpin this storied competition.

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Key Takeaways

  • The full itinerary of rugby league world cup fixtures ensures an action-packed tournament.
  • Despite France’s withdrawal for 2025, the 2023 RLWC remains a highlight of international rugby league.
  • England is poised to host significant matches against pre-eminent rugby nations throughout the year.
  • A new World Cup format for 2026 highlights a fresh focus on the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Anticipation builds as fans ready themselves to immerse in the gripping narrative of the rugby league WC schedule.
  • The 2023 calendar promises to deliver a spellbinding blend of tradition and the sport’s evolving landscape.

Overview of Rugby League World Cup 2023

The 2023 Rugby League World Cup is shaping up to be an epic showcase of international rugby league, with the world’s finest teams preparing to engage in a tournament that defines the pinnacle of the sport. As the anticipation for 2023 RLWC action builds, plans are being meticulously laid to deliver a competition that lives up to the storied history of this esteemed event. Across the rugby league world cup venues, nations will battle it out in a fierce contest of strength, agility, and strategy, all striving for the glory of lifting the coveted trophy.

Introduction to the Tournament

The Rugby League World Cup 2023 will bring together a vibrant tapestry of cultures united by their love for rugby league. Celebrated every four years, the tournament offers a platform for rugby league stars to shine and embody the spirit of their nations. Ensuring the venue stage is set, cities and stadiums are primed and ready to welcome the influx of fans and athletes alike for a celebration of the sport’s rich heritage and dynamic present.

Significance of the World Cup in International Rugby League

The forthcoming tournament holds great significance for international rugby league, transcending the boundaries of sport to become a truly global event. It is not simply a series of matches; the Rugby League World Cup is an event that captivates hearts and minds, creating heroes on the field and inspiring future generations off it. As players prepare to grace the rugby league world cup venues, their exploits resonate with the dreams of aspiring young players across continents, underlining the tournament’s influence well beyond the scoreboard.

Key Dates and Rugby League World Cup Fixtures

The eagerly awaited rugby league world cup dates for 2023 are now set, marking the calendar with a plethora of international fixtures and tournaments. This year’s series of engagements in the realm of rugby league sport will take teams and fans on a journey across various parts of the globe. One of the highlights of the season is the Pacific Championships, a first-of-its-kind tournament, which along with the traditional mid-season international games and the end-of-year series featuring England, have all eyes riveted on the unfolding action of the rugby league WC dates.

In what promises to be four months of bone-crunching tackles and spectacular tries, the schedule encapsulates everything from test matches between unlikely rivals to highly anticipated competitive fixtures. Of particular note are the finals of the men’s Pacific Cup in Hamilton, New Zealand, and the men’s Pacific Bowl in Port Moresby. The vibrant international agenda also features England’s stalwart display against powerhouse teams from the Southern Hemisphere, penning down a compelling narrative in the RLWC dates.

  • August to November: A multitude of international games, starting with Czech Republic versus Serbia and concluding with the finals of the Pacific Championships.
  • End of Year Series: England taking on Tonga and Wales in significant fixtures that carry the potential to shape the outcomes of the league.
  • Rugby League Ashes: The return of the revered Ashes series in 2025, with the England men’s and women’s teams making the trip down under, lays the groundwork for a resurgence of traditional rivalries.
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As the heartlands of rugby league brace for these key encounters, the stage is set for a showcase of top-flight athleticism, tactical genius, and unyielding competitive fire. Stay tuned as the teams embark on their quests for glory, aligning with the much-anticipated rugby league world cup dates, and delivering a spectacle that promises to be nothing short of historic.

England’s Journey in the RLWC 2023

As the Rugby League World Cup 2023 draws ever closer, the fervour surrounding England’s rugby league journey intensifies. The national teams, both men and women, have already showcased their formidable strength in mid-season international fixtures, charting a course for what promises to be an exhilarating series of RLWC fixtures.

Mid-Season International Double-Header Results

In a resounding affirmation of prowess, England’s teams annihilated their French counterparts at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, recording identical and staggering 64-0 triumphs. These commanding victories not only cement England’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with but also inject a surge of confidence as they advance on their RLWC fixtures.

Shaun Wane’s Squad and the End of Year Series

England’s men’s rugby league squad, under the meticulous stewardship of Shaun Wane, has a crucial series lined up against Tonga. The planned fixtures represent significant milestones in the calendar year, foreshadowing intense competition as England’s rugby league journey continues to unfurl towards the World Cup horizon.

Date Fixture Venue Competition
October 22, 2023 England v Tonga (men) Totally Wicked Stadium, St Helens End of Year Series
October 29, 2023 England v Tonga (men) John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield End of Year Series
November 4, 2023 England v Tonga (men) & England v Wales (women) Headingley Stadium, Leeds End of Year Series Double-Header

This convergence of RLWC fixtures will culminate in a momentous double-header event, where the women’s side will clash with Wales, sharing the stage with the men’s team. These engagements are pivotal as they not only contribute to the anticipation for the World Cup but also serve as a testament to the unwavering spirit and ambition prevalent in England’s rugby league journey.

Pacific Championships

In a groundbreaking development for the sport, the inaugural rugby league Pacific Championships took center stage in the international rugby league calendar, marking a historic event for teams hailing from the southern hemisphere. This groundbreaking competition spanned across Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea from October to November, symbolising a new chapter in rugby league history and offering an additional layer of excitement in the build-up to the 2023 RLWC.

By pitching six formidable male teams against each other in a series of gripping contests, the Championships acted as a litmus test for the participating nations’ prowess. Each team went into battle with the hopes of their country on their shoulders, looking to secure their place in the annals of international rugby league fixtures.

  • Australia, Samoa, and New Zealand formed one pool, bringing together some of the most renowned rugby league nations in a powerful display of athleticism and skill.
  • The second pool comprised Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and the Cook Islands, with each team proving that passion and determination are as critical as reputation and past achievements.

The Championships’ fixtures were a testament to the increasing global appeal of rugby league, drawing fans from across the region and further afield. Passionate supporters partook in the sportsmanship and intense competition that each game unfailingly delivered.

Week Fixture Location
Week One Australia v Samoa (men) Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville
Week One PNG v Cook Islands (men) Santos Stadium, Port Moresby
Week Two New Zealand v Samoa (men) Eden Park, Auckland
Week Three Australia v New Zealand (men) AAMI Park, Melbourne
Finals Australia v New Zealand (men’s Pacific Cup) Hamilton, New Zealand
Finals Papua New Guinea v Fiji (men’s Pacific Bowl) Santos Stadium, Port Moresby

The culmination of the Championships, with nerve-wracking finals in both Hamilton and Port Moresby, highlighted not only the players’ physical prowess but also their tactical acumen. As the teams laid it all on the line, they etched their names into the rich tapestry of rugby league Pacific Championships, igniting a flame that will burn brightly as they look forward to the challenges of the 2023 RLWC.

Rugby League World Cup Venues

The 2023 Rugby League World Cup is poised to showcase international rugby league at a selection of the world’s most iconic stadiums. These rugby league world cup venues have been selected not only for their capacity to host thrilling sports events but also for their deep roots in the local communities. As the tournament progresses, the spotlight will turn to these revered rugby league WC venues, each with its unique attributes contributing to the overall grandeur of the event.

Stadiums Hosting the 2023 Cup Matches

The global tournament will be embraced by an array of stadiums, each bringing their unique character to the rugby league WC venues roster. These stages are set for the world’s rugby elite to compete, enthralling fans with a blend of historic venues and state-of-the-art arenas. From the dynamic atmosphere of England’s rugby heartlands to the intense passion of the Southern Hemisphere’s rugby bastions, each venue will play a crucial role in the fabric of the 2023 World Cup narrative.

Accessibility and Amenities at the Venues

Ensuring an inclusive experience for all, the rugby league world cup venues are strategically chosen to offer a vast spectrum of accessibility options catering to diverse visitor needs. These stadiums possess advanced infrastructural amenities, ensuring that every fan enjoys optimal viewing and engagement with the games. The locations are well-equipped to manage the huge influx of international rugby enthusiasts, offering not only seating comfort but also a plethora of dining and entertainment choices to enrich the live rugby league spectacle.

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Rugby League World Cup Fixtures

The Rugby League World Cup fixtures present an exhilarating sequence of matches that signify the zenith of the competition. With a kick-off destined to set the tone for the ensuing rugby league WC fixtures, the structure of the tournament sets into motion a chain of events meticulously charted through the pools, followed by the high-stakes knock-out stages that culminate in crowning the champions of the world-stage rugby league.

As nations converge on the rugby league world cup venues in France, the quest for supremacy unfurls across various stages, each bringing its unique narrative to the fore. From the formidable display of tactical skill in the initial rounds to the relentless push towards the finals, the RLWC fixtures signify more than just games—they represent the heart and soul of international rugby league.

The chronology of events within the rugby league world cup schedule is meticulously aligned for optimal competitive flow, positioning teams against each other in a rigorous format that demands peak performance. The calendar of rugby league WC fixtures is replete with matchups that promise to define not only the outcomes of this world cup but also the future of rugby league as a sport.

Date Match Location
8 September 2023 France vs New Zealand Stade de France, Paris
23 September 2023 South Africa vs Ireland TBA
9 September 2023 England vs Argentina TBA
28 October 2023 Final Stade de France, Paris

With gripping encounters from pool phase to the final whistle, the rugby league world cup fixtures schedule encapsulates the quintessence of high-stakes international competition. The anticipation that builds with each phase is palpable—the knock-out stages, in particular, are a converging point where history is written and legacies are forged on the pursuit towards the coveted title.

The RLWC fixtures are not simply dates on a calendar but milestones in the journey of every rugby league enthusiast. As the world’s most accomplished teams embark upon their quest, the international stage awaits; poised to narrate an unparalleled saga of unity, ambition, and the undying spirit of the rugby league.

Global Teams Contending in RLWC 2023

The Rugby League World Cup 2023 greets a medley of formidable international rugby league teams, each poised to make their indelible mark on the tournament. This global gathering is a testament to the burgeoning reach of the sport, as nations converge to contend for the esteemed title. Among these, the South African team arrives with the distinction of being the current world champions, exemplifying the pinnacle of rugby excellence, while traditional heavyweights, England and New Zealand, are set to reinforce their status as top RLWC contenders.

Analysis of Strongest Teams and Dark Horses

The rugby league landscape is renowned for its unpredictability, and this year’s World Cup is no exception. While established teams boast disciplined structures and storied pasts, the World Cup has historically been fertile ground for dark horses to emerge. This unpredictability adds a thrilling layer of complexity to the tournament’s competitive dynamic, as each match has the potential to elevate an underdog to the status of a giant-slayer. These contenders, often overshadowed by teams with a more decorated history, bring their unrelenting spirit and drive to the fore, ready to rewrite the scripts penned by rugby league pundits.

Predictions Based on Current Form

Predictions in the realm of international rugby league are a careful blend of analysis and intuition. Current form is a crucial indicator, with recent performances providing insight into the potential trajectory of a team’s campaign. Meticulous scrutiny of the pre-tournament fixtures and the rhythm of teams’ play provides a barometer for assessing how they may fare when faced with the exhilarating pressure of the Cup’s challenges. While the echelons of international rugby venerate the achievements of historical champions, this World Cup may well be primed for a new champion to emerge, embodying the thrilling unpredictability that is the lifeblood of the sport.

The blend of established rugby nations and emerging forces, competing on the international stage, promises to imbue the tournament with both the traditional fervour of rugby and the fresh vitality of its global ascendancy. As the countdown to the grand kick-off missions forward, the stage is set for a tournament replete with athleticism, strategy, and the sheer, unadulterated passion for rugby league.

How to Get Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets

Rugby devotees around the world are counting the days until the commencement of the Rugby World Cup 2023, and securing rugby world cup 2023 tickets is paramount for those wishing to witness the action live. To ensure a seamless experience, official travel partners are offering comprehensive rugby world cup travel packages that include not only match tickets but also accommodations and other amenities for a hassle-free tournament experience.

These travel packages are specifically tailored to cater to the needs of travelling supporters, allowing fans to immerse themselves fully in the festivities without concerning themselves with the minutiae of matchday preparations. By opting for these bespoke arrangements, supporters can forge unforgettable memories, focusing solely on the thunderous tackles and spectacular tries that epitomise rugby league’s showpiece event.

Keeping abreast of the latest offerings from official sources is crucial. Fans are encouraged to subscribe to newsletters and official updates to receive the most current information on ticket releases and travel package availability. With demand expected to soar, staying informed provides the best opportunity to secure your place among the global rugby community as it converges in France.

Travel Package Elements Description Benefits
Match Tickets Inclusive of entry to selected Rugby World Cup 2023 matches Guaranteed access to experience live action
Accommodation Quality lodging close to match venues Convenience and comfort, enhancing the overall experience
Transportation Options On-ground travel arrangements between venues and accommodations Stress-free travel ensuring punctual arrival for games
Additional Perks May include welcome packs, merchandise, or exclusive events Extra value and a deeper dive into rugby culture

As the tournament edges closer, securing rugby world cup 2023 tickets will be crucial for those wanting to partake in the electrifying atmosphere of the stadiums. Moreover, customised rugby world cup travel packages serve not only as a golden ticket into the world of rugby but as a gateway to an all-encompassing sporting fiesta tailored for the most ardent of fans.

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International Test Matches and Tours

The calendar for international rugby league is robust with a series of test matches and tours that capture the essence of the sport’s global presence. In the wake of exciting fixtures and the promise of the Ashes returning, fans of the game are set for a period replete with historic rivalries and resounding feats of athleticism. These international tours not just kindle the thrill of competition but also foster unity among diverse rugby league cultures.

The Ashes Return and Key Dates for England’s Tours

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated events in rugby league is the Ashes series, slated for a grand comeback in 2025. The resurrection of this venerable competition sees England, brimming with determination, taking on their longstanding Southern Hemisphere adversaries. Reflecting on England’s commitment to the international landscape, the following key dates exemplify their continued pursuit of excellence:

Date Opponent Event
2025 Australia (Men and Women) Ashes in Rugby League
2027 New Zealand (Men) Rugby League International Tours
2028 Australia (Men) Rugby League International Tours

This series of tours not only reinforces the Ashes’ emblematic status but also highlights the growing anticipation surrounding England’s role in the international arena.

Other Nations’ Tours and Their Impact on The Sport

While the Ashes series holds its revered place, the influence of rugby league spans well beyond, with numerous nations around the globe embarking on international tours. This expansion reinforces the sport’s position as a key player in promoting athletic prowess and cultural engagement. These tours serve as a platform for nations across Europe, Africa, and the Americas to illustrate their rugby league prowess:

Date Teams Location
August to November Various European Teams Europe
September 16 Montenegro vs Malta Europe
November 25 France vs England (Wheelchair) Europe
September 23 to 27 Jamaica vs USA (Women) Americas North Championships

The significance of these rugby league international tours resonates profoundly within the sport, promoting diversity and competition across all levels of the game.

As teams and fans traverse continents in pursuit of victory and fellowship, the game’s essence is enlivened through each thrilling encounter. International rugby league tours are not merely about the games played but represent a cultural exchange, enriching the sport’s tapestry with each match.


As the rugby league fraternity casts its gaze back on a thrilling Rugby League World Cup in 2023, it is clear that the tournament has surpassed expectations, delivering a smorgasbord of heart-stopping matches and edge-of-your-seat moments. The RLWC fixtures roundup tells a story of fierce battles, unexpected upsets, and the dazzling display of skills that has captured the imaginations of fans worldwide. This competition, more than a series of fixtures, has been a canvas where stories of heroism and heartache have played out, embodying the unyielding passion at the heart of rugby league.

The host nations, along with all participating teams, have contributed to a rugby league WC summary that resonates with the sound of cheering crowds, the crunch of tackles, and the sight of triumphant tries. As the event winds down, the imprints left are indelible—not solely in the form of scores and statistics but in the enduring spirit woven into the fabric of the sport. The tournament’s legacy goes beyond the rugby field, igniting aspirations and engendering a profound respect for the values that underpin this hallowed game: teamwork, respect, and sheer perseverance.

In retrospect, the RLWC has been an exemplar of international sport, drawing together nations in a celebration of athletic excellence and the unity that defines rugby league. This odyssey has fortified the global rugby community and set the stage for the sport’s bright future. As we move forward, the highlights and stories from this World Cup will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of rugby stars and aficionados alike—spurring them on to grasp the rugby ball and write their chapters in this continually evolving, enthralling sport.


What are the key dates for the Rugby League World Cup 2023?

The key dates for the Rugby League World Cup 2023 span from August to December, with specific dates for fixtures, including mid-season international games and the end-of-year series, as well as the inaugural Pacific Championships.

Where can I find the Rugby League World Cup fixtures and schedule for 2023?

The fixtures and schedule for the Rugby League World Cup 2023 can be found on the tournament’s official website and through rugby league-affiliated news outlets, which provide detailed information on RLWC fixtures and schedules.

How did England fare in their mid-season international matches?

England’s rugby league teams achieved dominant victories with scorelines of 64-0 in their mid-season international matches against France, setting a strong precedent for their performance in the upcoming World Cup fixtures.

What were the results of Shaun Wane’s squad in the series against Tonga?

At the time of writing, specific results of the matches in the series against Tonga have not been disclosed. However, the series is seen as crucial preparation for Shaun Wane’s squad leading up to future Rugby League World Cup fixtures.

What is the significance of the Pacific Championships in international rugby league?

The Pacific Championships serve as a groundbreaking addition to international rugby league, bringing together male teams from southern hemisphere nations for a competitive tournament that showcases the sport’s talent and diversity in the region.

Which stadiums are hosting the Rugby League World Cup 2023 matches?

The stadiums hosting the Rugby League World Cup 2023 matches are iconic venues located in various regions, each offering a mix of accessibility options and amenities for fans. The specific venues can be checked through official RLWC channels for detailed information.

How are rugby league world cup venues selected?

Rugby league world cup venues are selected based on criteria such as infrastructure capability, audience capacity, ease of accessibility, and a strong rugby heritage within the community, ensuring an optimal experience for both players and fans.

Who are considered the strongest teams and potential dark horses in RLWC 2023?

South Africa enters as the current world champions, with England and New Zealand also fielding strong contenders. There is always the potential for dark horses to emerge and challenge the traditional powerhouses, making the outcome of matches unpredictable and exciting.

What options are available to rugby enthusiasts for purchasing Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets?

Rugby enthusiasts can purchase World Cup 2023 tickets through official travel partners offering ticket-inclusive packages. These can include accommodation and ensure fans have a seamless experience during the tournament.

When will the Ashes series in rugby league return?

The Ashes series in rugby league is set to return in 2025, reigniting the historic rivalry between England and their Southern Hemisphere counterparts, with key dates to be announced in advance.

How do other nations’ rugby league tours impact the sport?

Tours by other nations significantly impact the sport by enhancing its profile, competitive spirit, and fostering cultural exchange. These tours spotlight different styles of play and contribute to the global fraternity of rugby league.

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