NFL TV Map Week 1 Guide: Find Your Game & Stream Hassle-Free

Football fans across the nation are gearing up for the much-anticipated kickoff of the NFL season. Week 1 brings with it not just the promise of fresh competition, but also the complexities of regional broadcasting. Navigating the NFL TV map can be as tricky as a quarterback reading a blitz.

This article’s got you covered, breaking down the NFL TV map for Week 1. They’ll dive into which games are airing where, ensuring you don’t miss a single snap from your favorite team. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a fantasy football aficionado, knowing the broadcast schedule is key to planning your perfect football Sunday.

What Is the NFL TV Map?

Understanding the NFL TV map is crucial for fans who want to catch their favorite teams in action. This tool is essentially a visual representation of the geographic distribution of televised NFL games across different regions. It directs fans to the games that will be televised in their local area.

The NFL TV map is designed by the league and its broadcasting partners. This aims to maximize viewership by showing the most appealing regional games. It takes into account factors such as team popularity, historical rivalries, and market sizes. For instance, a match featuring a team with a nationwide following, like the Dallas Cowboys, may be broadcast to a larger audience.

Each week, the NFL schedule splits in a way that designates certain games to specific regions. Local networks, such as CBS and FOX, will broadcast the games that the map indicates for their areas. Moreover, they often have an agreement with the NFL on doubleheaders – Sundays where one network airs two games back-to-back in a given market.

Breaking Down the Regional Coverage

  • Early Games: Typically kick off at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Markets may get more than one game depending on local interest.
  • Late Afternoon Games: Starting around 4:05 PM or 4:25 PM ET, these feature teams from both the home and away markets.
  • Primetime Games: Aired nationally across all markets. Includes Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football.

Exclusive Broadcasting Rights play a role in this distribution. For instance, if the local team is playing at home on an ‘exclusive’ network, other networks cannot air a competing game.

Fans looking to get a clear idea of which games they’ll be able to watch can refer to the NFL TV maps released usually by midweek. These maps are widely available on sports websites and can be crucial for viewers outside their favorite team’s local market. They provide a structured view of what’s available and ensure dedicated NFL followers map out their game day effectively.

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Understanding Regional Broadcasting

Regional broadcasting of NFL games hinges on a complex set of agreements between the NFL, television networks, and local TV stations. These deals determine which games are broadcasted in the viewers’ local markets and are a crucial part of the NFL’s strategy to engage fans and increase viewership. Fans must understand that local team games are typically prioritized, which means they’ll usually have the chance to watch their home team in action.

During the early and late afternoon game slots on Sundays, multiple games occur simultaneously. Networks have the authority to choose which games to broadcast in each region. They make these decisions based on several factors:

  • Local market preferences
  • Historical viewership ratings
  • Team performance
  • Marquee player matchups

Take for example Week 1: networks often highlight games featuring teams with high preseason expectations or notable offseason acquisitions. These games have a built-in draw and can command larger audiences.

In markets without a home team playing at a given time, networks decide which game they believe will generate the most interest. They take into account rivalry games or contests featuring stars such as quarterbacks who command national fanbases.

Viewers may find that certain games are blacked out in their region. Blackouts may happen when local games do not sell out; however, the NFL has relaxed blackout rules in recent years, making this a less common occurrence.

Understanding this system can help fans make sense of the NFL TV map and its patterns. For example, a fan in Miami will more likely see AFC East games prominently featured on their local CBS or Fox affiliates, while a viewer in Seattle may see more NFC West games.

For Week 1, the NFL TV map will reflect not just regional loyalties but also national excitement for the return of football. Networks carefully select games for each market to capture that enthusiasm and kick off the season with strong viewership numbers.

Week 1 Games and Their Broadcasting Locations

Kicking off the new NFL season, Week 1 presents an array of games that reflect regional preferences and national interest. The broadcasting map for these initial matchups is meticulously planned to ensure maximum coverage and satisfaction for the eager fan base.

In the heart of the Midwest, fans can expect to tune into the Chicago Bears clashing against the Green Bay Packers, a time-honored rivalry that never fails to draw a crowd. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, San Francisco 49ers supporters gear up for their face-off with the Arizona Cardinals.

The New York Giants taking on the Washington Football Team headlines the East Coast broadcasts, tapping into the storied competition between these Eastern Division rivals. It’s imperative for fans to be aware that these geographical broadcast decisions are often subject to change due to various factors, including national appeal and last-minute scheduling adjustments.

To further illuminate the Week 1 broadcast landscape, consider the below table showcasing a selection of key matchups and their designated viewing regions:

Game Primary Broadcast Region
Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Midwest
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals West Coast
New York Giants vs. Washington Football Team East Coast
New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins New England and Florida
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It’s these matchups that set the tone for the season, with broadcasters aiming to balance local interests with games that have a broader nationwide appeal. For instance, the New England Patriots against the Miami Dolphins is positioned to capture not only the Northeastern and Floridian markets but also to draw in viewers who follow the intrigue of this competitive AFC East clash.

Fans from regions not covered by their local team broadcasts have alternative options, such as subscription services or satellite packages, to ensure they don’t miss any of the action. As the first week rolls out, it becomes clear that the NFL TV map is a complex yet thoughtfully crafted system designed to optimize the viewing experience for fanatics across the country.

How to Find Your Local Broadcast

Navigating the NFL TV map for Week 1 doesn’t have to be a complex task. Fans looking to catch their local broadcast can easily find which game will air in their region with a few simple steps.

First and foremost fans should check their local listings. Major networks such as CBS and FOX typically provide regional broadcasts, and these stations will have weekly NFL listings available on their websites. The exact channels may vary, however, the NFL’s schedule is structured so that certain networks cover AFC-centric or NFC-centric games depending on the week and time slot.

Next, viewers should consider the use of interactive TV maps offered online. These tools allow users to input their location to see which games will be broadcasted in their area. 506 Sports, for example, is a widely used resource that offers a detailed breakdown of NFL regional broadcasting maps for each week.

Additionally, fans can utilize mobile apps and the official websites of the NFL and their favorite teams. These platforms often provide real-time updates and broadcast information specific to user regions. Local television guide apps are another convenient way for fans to track which games will be airing locally.

If viewers find that their local broadcast isn’t showing their preferred game, they have the option to explore packages from providers like NFL Sunday Ticket which provides access to out-of-market games. These subscription services are a reliable fallback for those who wish to follow a team that’s not regionally featured.

While regional preferences heavily dictate the NFL’s broadcast map strategy, fans have multiple avenues to find their desired Week 1 matchups. With a little research and the right resources, missing out on any game, no matter the location, is a hurdle that can be easily overcome.

Planning Your Perfect Football Sunday

Navigating the NFL TV map for Week 1 is just the start to planning the perfect football Sunday. Fans should consider their entire day’s schedule to make the most out of the experience.

Early preparation is key. Fans can review game times and listings a few days in advance; this ensures they know precisely when and where to tune in. Even for those attending a game in person, knowing the surrounding broadcast schedule helps plan tailgating or viewing parties beforehand.

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To balance the day smoothly:

  • Keep track of start times and network channels for the games you’re interested in.
  • Ensure access to the necessary streaming services or channels ahead of time, avoiding last-minute technical difficulties.
  • Plan for meals and snacks around game breaks to avoid missing any critical plays.

Moreover, considering a dual-screen setup can enhance viewing. This allows fans to watch multiple games or keep an eye on live statistics and social media reactions in real-time. For the tech-savvy, smart home devices can be programmed to provide game start reminders or to switch on the TV automatically.

Another aspect to consider is the halftime break. Use this time to stretch, refill on snacks, or catch up on other game highlights. With the NFL RedZone channel, fans can switch to this service during breaks and monitor all the high-scoring scenarios as they happen.

Throughout the day, fans should stay updated with any last-minute changes in broadcasting. Weather conditions, unforeseen events, or changes in broadcasting rights can alter the planned TV map. Mobile apps and push notifications can be integral in delivering these updates swiftly, so it’s advisable to keep your device close and notifications on.

Remember that planning your football Sunday is not just about watching the game, it’s about enjoying the complete NFL experience from pre-game to final whistle—without having to worry about missing any action. Whether it’s with friends or solo, the preparation will pay off, making for an unforgettable kickoff to the season.


With the NFL season kicking off, fans are gearing up for an exhilarating Week 1. They’ve got the tools and tips to ensure they don’t miss a single touchdown or tackle. Whether it’s through local broadcasts, interactive TV maps, mobile apps, or subscription services, viewers are well-prepped to dive into the action. The key is in the preparation—knowing when and where to tune in and creating the perfect game day environment. As the excitement builds, fans are reminded to stay flexible and ready for any last-minute broadcast changes. Here’s to enjoying every play, every strategy, and every victory that Week 1 has to offer. Let the games begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to find out which NFL games are on TV locally for Week 1?

To find out which NFL games are on TV locally for Week 1, check your local TV listings, use interactive TV maps online, or download your favorite team’s mobile app for real-time updates.

Can I watch NFL games that are not broadcasted in my local area?

Yes, you can watch out-of-market NFL games by subscribing to services like NFL Sunday Ticket, or by using streaming services that offer NFL game broadcasts.

How can I plan for the ultimate football Sunday experience?

Plan your ultimate football Sunday by keeping track of game times and channels, ensuring you have access to necessary streaming services, preparing meals and snacks in advance, and considering a dual-screen setup to watch multiple games.

What should I do during the halftime of an NFL game?

During halftime, you can stretch, refill on snacks, catch up on other game highlights, or engage in any quick activity that enhances your enjoyment of the game day experience.

How can I stay updated with last-minute changes in NFL game broadcasts?

Stay updated with last-minute changes in NFL game broadcasts by constantly checking official NFL platforms, your local TV listings, and following your favorite team’s social media channels for any announcements.

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