How to Cancel Your NFL Plus Subscription: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the world of streaming services can be as tricky as a quarterback dodging a blitz, especially when it’s time to call an audible on your subscription. NFL Plus has become a go-to for die-hard football fans, but there comes a time when even the most enthusiastic viewers need to know how to cancel their service. Whether it’s the off-season or a shift in your viewing habits, understanding the cancellation process is key.

This article will tackle the step-by-step guide on how to cancel NFL Plus. They’ll cover everything from timing to troubleshooting, ensuring you’re not left with any penalties on your play. Keep reading to find out how to effortlessly navigate away from NFL Plus when you’re ready to change your game plan.

Why Cancel NFL Plus?

Many subscribers ponder the decision to cancel NFL Plus for a variety of reasons. Personal circumstances often dictate the need to reevaluate subscriptions and monthly expenses. For some, budget constraints make it necessary to trim non-essential services. NFL Plus, while offering extensive coverage and exclusive content, may not be deemed as a must-have for viewers tightening their financial belts.

Another common reason for cancelling involves the seasonality of football. Fans might subscribe to enjoy the perks during the football season but find little value in the off-season. With no live games to stream, the appeal of NFL Plus diminishes, leading many to reconsider the service’s value relative to its cost.

Changing viewing habits also play a role in the decision. As consumers’ lifestyles evolve, so do their content consumption preferences. A fan might shift priorities, opting for different types of entertainment or, conversely, deciding to stream through another platform that offers a broader range of shows along with sports.

The user experience could influence the choice to move on from NFL Plus. If subscribers encounter technical difficulties or find the app’s interface less user-friendly, the frustration can warrant a cancellation. Viewers expect seamless streaming and easy navigation; anything less can drive them away.

It’s worth noting that alternatives in the streaming market might sway users to cancel. The competitive landscape of digital streaming services means that subscribers have a plethora of options. Attractive offers from other platforms, including exclusive deals or bundled packages, can entice football fans to explore new services. The presence of these alternatives pushes NFL Plus to continually innovate to maintain subscriber loyalty.

Savvy consumers who are aware of their changing needs and the variety of available options will weigh these factors when deciding whether NFL Plus remains the right choice for their football viewing experience.

Step 1: Assess Your Subscription

Before rushing to cancel NFL Plus, it’s important to assess your subscription thoroughly. The evaluation will help determine whether your current plan aligns with your entertainment needs and viewing habits. Initiating this review at the start of the offseason can be particularly advantageous, as it gives you ample time to make a well-informed decision.

Subscribers should first revisit the terms of their subscription. Understanding what exactly your NFL Plus package encompasses ensures that you’re aware of what you’ll be missing out on should you decide to cancel. It is essential to verify:

  • Live and on-demand game access
  • Exclusive camera angles and footage
  • Availability of historical content and NFL original shows
  • Any additional perks tied to your plan

Next, analyze your usage patterns. How often do you watch live games or make use of the platform’s on-demand features? It might turn out that the games you’re interested in are the ones that are most affected by blackout restrictions, or perhaps you’re only actively using the service during the regular season and playoffs.

Many subscribers might find it beneficial to track their actual utilization of the service over a period of time. This data provides tangible evidence to justify the subscription’s value. Consider the following aspects:

  • Frequency of NFL Plus access each month
  • Hours spent watching content
  • User satisfaction with the service quality and content offering

Evaluating competitor offerings can also play a crucial role. Are there other streaming platforms providing similar or better football content, possibly with additional sports or entertainment options included? Be sure to consider the cost, watchability, and content quality of these alternatives as well.

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By carefully assessing your NFL Plus subscription, you can make an educated decision on whether the service is worth retaining. Deliberate over the aspects of what the service brings to your football experience and weigh them against your personal preferences, financial considerations, and the full spectrum of available viewing options.

Step 2: Check the Cancellation Policy

When considering cancelling an NFL Plus subscription, it’s crucial to delve into the cancellation policy. Often, terms are outlined in the fine print that could impact the decision. Before taking action, subscribers should seek clarity on several points.

  • Is there a cancellation fee?
  • Are there any time constraints or deadlines for cancelling?
  • Does the service offer a prorated refund?

Reviewing the Terms of Service can provide valuable insights. Typically, NFL Plus requires users to cancel before the next billing cycle to avoid additional charges. It’s essential to look for any specific instructions or conditions that may apply to early cancellation.

Next, subscribers should examine the refund policy. Depending on when the service is cancelled, they may be eligible for a full or partial refund. This may vary for monthly subscriptions versus annual ones. In the case of a prepaid plan, understanding how refunds are calculated and processed is a key factor in the decision-making process.

Customer support can also offer guidance. Engaging with the NFL Plus customer service team via chat, email, or phone can help clarify any uncertainties about the cancellation policy.

Finally, keep an eye out for auto-renewal settings. Many users forget to disable auto-renewal after signing up. Disabling this feature will ensure that the subscription doesn’t unintentionally continue beyond the desired period. Subscribers should be aware that the process for turning off auto-renewal might require them to navigate through account settings or directly contact customer support.

Subscribers are advised to perform these checks thoroughly and with attention to detail. This ensures they’re fully informed of the potential financial implications and procedural requirements associated with cancelling their NFL Plus subscription.

Step 3: Timing Is Everything

Deciding when to cancel an NFL Plus subscription significantly affects both financial outcomes and access to services. Subscribers must be aware of the billing cycle to ensure cancellation occurs before a new cycle begins. Most subscriptions auto-renew, meaning that without timely action, one may be charged for an additional cycle. It’s best to mark the calendar several days prior to the renewal date to have a buffer for any unforeseen delays that might hinder the cancellation process.

It’s equally important to consider the NFL season and off-season timing:

  • During the season, cancellations might mean missing out on live games and exclusive content.
  • In the off-season, there could be less content available, making it a strategic time to cancel for those looking to minimize losses.

Subscribers should take into account any playoffs or special events that are covered by NFL Plus. If the intent is to cancel after enjoying a particular event, verifying the event’s dates becomes crucial. This allows one to make the most of their subscription up until cancellation.

On another note, there are potential cost-saving advantages connected to Pro-Rated Refunds, depending on the service’s policies. If NFL Plus offers refunds for unused portions of the subscription, pinpointing the cancellation to align with the billing cycle’s end can lead to partial refunds.

Payment Method Updates can also influence the timing. If a subscriber’s payment information is due to expire or change, it may be more convenient to cancel in conjunction with updating this information to avoid any disruptions or unnecessary charges.

In short, being strategic about the timing can help subscribers avoid extra charges and capitalize on the service offerings. Paying close attention to the calendar and staying informed about any upcoming changes or events can help one leverage their NFL Plus subscription to its full potential before making the decision to cancel.

Step 4: Gather Necessary Information

Before making the final move to cancel an NFL Plus subscription, it’s essential to gather all pertinent information that could impact the process. This preparation ensures that subscribers aren’t caught off guard by any unforeseen requirements or complications that could arise.

Subscribers must locate the account details, including login credentials and the associated email address. This information is needed to access the NFL Plus account and navigate through the cancellation process. It’s also wise to review past billing statements for records of subscription charges. This will help in verifying any prorated refunds that may be due upon cancellation.

Another key element is to verify the subscription type—whether it’s a monthly or yearly package, as the cancellation steps might vary slightly. Additionally, subscribers should take note of the payment method used for the subscription because it might be necessary to update or remove this information from the account to prevent future charges.

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Documentation is crucial during cancellation. Subscribers should be ready to take screenshots or keep records of the cancellation confirmation and any correspondence with customer support. This documentation serves as proof of the subscriber’s intention to cancel and can be invaluable if disputes occur later.

Lastly, keeping an eye on communication from NFL Plus is advised. Subscribers should monitor their emails for any changes to the service that could affect their decision or the cancellation process itself. Being informed ensures a smooth transition and helps avoid the pitfall of missing critical updates that may come through official communications.

By taking the time to carefully gather the necessary information, subscribers position themselves to navigate the cancellation process of NFL Plus with confidence and precision, ensuring no details are overlooked.

Step 5: Navigate to the Cancellation Page

Once subscribers have all the necessary information at hand, the next critical step is to locate the cancellation page on the NFL Plus platform. This is where they’ll be able to officially start the process of terminating their subscription. Typically, the cancellation page is found within the account settings or subscription management section of the website or app.

To reach this section, subscribers should first log in to their NFL Plus account. It’s important to use accurate login credentials to prevent any delays. After logging in, they’ll want to look for options such as ‘My Account’, ‘Subscriptions’, or ‘Membership’. These sections often have intuitive icons or labels making it easier to navigate through the options.

Here, an important tip is to ensure that account details match with what’s logged in the system. Discrepancies can cause confusion and might hinder the cancellation process. Subscribers should carefully follow any given instructions to reach the cancellation page. Instructions are often presented in a step-by-step format, guiding them through each phase.

Once on the cancellation page, many services will provide a series of prompts or questions to understand why a user wishes to cancel. While answering these questions is often optional, providing feedback can help improve the service for other users.

Additionally, it’s crucial to be wary of any last-minute offers or incentives to stay subscribed. NFL Plus, like many providers, might present additional offers or discounts to retain customers. Subscribers should stand firm in their decision if they’ve chosen to cancel.

Remember, navigating to the cancellation page is a straightforward task, but it requires attention to detail to ensure the process is completed without any hitches. Subscribers should take their time to understand each step and follow through without rushing, making sure they are completely aware of what each action entails.

Step 6: Follow the Cancellation Process

Once at the cancellation page, the subscriber needs to look for the specific instructions or links that facilitate the cancellation process. NFL Plus usually outlines the steps necessary to cancel the subscription, so it’s important to read everything carefully. If there’s an option to chat with customer support, it can be helpful to use this feature for assistance. Keep an eye out for a confirmation number or email as proof that the cancellation was successful.

Walkthrough of Cancellation Procedures

  • Sign in to the NFL Plus account
  • Navigate to Account Settings or Subscription Management
  • Select Cancel Subscription or similar wording
  • Follow any additional prompts to confirm cancellation

Subscribers should be prepared for potential surveys or feedback requests as part of the cancellation process. While these are optional, providing feedback can inform future improvements to NFL Plus services. If prompted to provide a reason for cancelling, be honest but brief.

It’s crucial to review all screens for hidden checkboxes that could indicate a desire to keep the service. Uncheck any such boxes to avoid unintentional retention of the subscription. Additionally, screenshots of each step can serve as further evidence of the cancellation should any disputes arise later.

Before exiting the page, ensure that the system acknowledges the cancellation. There should be a clear indication that the subscription will not renew. Subscribers should keep a vigilant eye on their bank statements or payment method associated with the NFL Plus subscription in the following weeks to confirm that no additional charges appear. If all steps are followed correctly, and no further charges are noted, the cancellation can be deemed complete. However, it’s recommended to stay observant until the next billing cycle has passed to catch any unresolved issues promptly.

Step 7: Confirm the Cancellation

Once the cancellation process is complete, it’s critical to obtain confirmation. This usually comes in the form of an email or a notification within the subscription account. Subscribers should check their email inbox, including the spam or junk folder, for a cancellation confirmation from NFL Plus.

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Documentation is key at this point. Subscribers should save a copy of the cancellation confirmation email or take a screenshot of the notification page. This evidence is vital in case of any disputes over billing or if the cancellation does not process correctly.

In the event that a confirmation email isn’t received within a reasonable timeframe—usually 24 hours—subscribers should reach out to NFL Plus customer service. They should be prepared to provide account details and evidence of their attempt to cancel. It’s essential to keep a record of who they spoke with and what was said during the contact.

Additionally, checking the status of the account on the NFL Plus platform itself can provide immediate confirmation. Logging in and navigating to the account settings should show the subscription status. If it no longer says “Active,” the cancellation process has likely been successfully completed.

Here are some steps to take if the confirmation isn’t immediately apparent:

  • Refresh the email inbox and check other folders
  • Contact NFL Plus customer service directly
  • Review the account status page on the NFL Plus website

Remember, vigilance during this step guarantees peace of mind and ensures no unexpected charges will occur. Subscribers should remain attentive and proactive until they have unequivocal confirmation that their NFL Plus subscription has been canceled.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues and Solutions

When attempting to cancel an NFL Plus subscription, subscribers might encounter several common issues that can hinder the process. It’s crucial to know how to troubleshoot these problems swiftly to avoid unwanted charges.

  • Problem with Website Navigation: Navigating the NFL Plus website can sometimes be confusing. If the cancellation option isn’t easily found, customers should look for the ‘Account Settings’ or ‘Subscriptions’ sections. This is often where the cancelation features are hidden.
  • Cancellation Button Not Working: At times, the cancellation button may not respond when clicked. This issue could be due to browser problems. In such cases, clearing the cache and cookies or trying a different browser could be the solution.
  • No Confirmation Email: If a confirmation email isn’t received within the expected timeframe, checking the spam folder is advisable. If it’s not there, contacting customer service directly is the next best step.

Technical Glitches: Technical errors can pop up without warning. These can range from issues with the website’s servers to individual user account problems. If faced with a glitch, subscribers should:

  • Try reloading the website
  • Sign out and then sign in to their NFL Plus account again
  • Use the NFL Plus app as an alternative to the website

If these measures don’t work, the next action is reaching out to the NFL Plus support team for assistance.

Delayed Cancellation Processing: Some subscribers may notice that their cancelation hasn’t been processed as promptly as they expected. It’s important for users to:

  • Keep monitoring their email for any updates from NFL Plus
  • Continually check their account status on the platform for changes
  • Maintain direct contact with customer support if delays extend beyond a reasonable timeframe

Subscribers should always document all interactions with customer service and any steps taken to resolve issues. They can note the time and date of any calls or chats and save email correspondences or screenshots of support tickets. This documentation could prove invaluable in case any disputes arise concerning the cancelation or any unexpected charges.


Cancelling an NFL Plus subscription may present a few hurdles but understanding the potential challenges and how to overcome them makes the process smoother. Subscribers are equipped with the necessary strategies to navigate any obstacles, from technical issues to customer service interactions. It’s crucial to be diligent, follow the provided guidance, and ensure all steps are documented. With the right approach, fans can successfully manage their NFL Plus subscriptions and make informed decisions about their sports streaming services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my NFL Plus subscription?

To cancel your NFL Plus subscription, log in to your account, navigate to the subscription page, and click on the cancellation button. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process. Ensure you receive a confirmation email as proof of cancellation.

What information do I need before cancelling my NFL Plus subscription?

Before cancelling, have your account information, subscription details, and a method to document the process, such as screenshots or notes.

What should I do if the cancellation button is not working?

If the cancellation button isn’t working, clear your browser’s cache and cookies, try using a different browser, or contact NFL Plus customer service for assistance.

Why haven’t I received a confirmation email after cancelling my NFL Plus subscription?

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, check your spam or junk folders. If it’s not there, contact NFL Plus customer service to confirm the status of your cancellation.

What steps should I take if I encounter technical glitches while cancelling?

For any technical glitches, try restarting your device, use a different device or web browser, or reach out to NFL Plus customer service for support.

How do I handle delayed cancellation processing with NFL Plus?

If the cancellation seems delayed, document your cancellation attempt with dates and times, and follow up with customer service to ensure the cancellation is processed in a timely manner.

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