NFL Network on Cox: Ultimate Guide to Packages & Features

NFL fans rejoice! Cox Communications has got your back when it comes to catching every touchdown, tackle, and time-out. They’re serving up the NFL Network on their platform, ensuring you won’t miss a single play.

Whether it’s Thursday Night Football or in-depth analysis and commentary, Cox offers a variety of packages to get you in the game. Stay tuned as we dive into the details on how to access the NFL Network through Cox, what channel to tune into, and what extra features you can expect.

How to Access the NFL Network on Cox

For NFL enthusiasts looking to catch every pass, tackle, and touchdown, Cox Communications makes accessing the NFL Network a breeze. The first step is to subscribe to a package that includes the NFL Network in its lineup. Cox offers a variety of packages, and customers can choose based on their viewing preferences and budget constraints.

After selecting the right plan, customers should navigate to the Sports and Information Pak. By adding this to their subscription, they gain access not only to the NFL Network but to an array of other sports channels as well.

Setting up the NFL Network is simple. Customers need to:

  • Log in to their Cox account
  • Go to the ‘My Services’ section
  • Choose ‘TV’
  • Click on ‘Manage My TV Channels’
  • Follow the prompts to add the Sports and Information Pak

Once the package is activated, subscribers can locate the NFL Network on the channel specific to their area. To find the exact channel number, customers can use the on-screen guide or check online at the Cox Channel Lineup page, which provides detailed information based on the user’s location.

Additionally, Cox customers can enjoy the NFL Network on the go. By using the Cox Contour app, subscribers can stream live NFL games and content directly on their mobile devices and tablets. This feature ensures that fans don’t miss out on any action, no matter where they are.

Cox also includes unique features, such as the ability to record games, rewind live TV, and access a vast on-demand library. These tools allow fans to tailor their viewing experience to match their schedules, ensuring they never miss a pivotal game moment.

The integration of the NFL Network with Cox’s cable service highlights the company’s dedication to delivering diverse and comprehensive sports content to its subscribers. Through simple navigation and accessible technology, Cox subscribers are set to enjoy a robust football season with minimal downtime.

Channel Guide: Finding the NFL Network on Cox

Navigating to the NFL Network on Cox requires understanding the channel lineup intricacies. Whether you’re tuning in for a Thursday Night Football game or diving into detailed analyses from expert commentators, finding the right channel is key. Cox Communications has structured its channel guide to be user-friendly so football enthusiasts can quickly locate the NFL Network and immerse themselves in nonstop football coverage.

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To start the process, Cox subscribers should first ensure they have the Sports and Information Pak activated. Without this Pak, the NFL Network won’t be accessible. After confirming subscription details, customers can use the Cox Contour TV guide to find the NFL Network’s channel number. This guide is tailored to each geographical location, which means channel numbers may vary based on where customers reside.

Here are easy steps to locate the NFL Network:

  • Browse: Use the Cox Contour remote to navigate through the on-screen guide.
  • Search Function: Utilize the search feature by typing ‘NFL Network’ to bring up the channel.
  • Voice Command: For a hands-free approach, Cox Contour voice remote users can simply say “NFL Network” to find the channel instantly.

For those eager to gear up for gameday from anywhere, Cox provides an efficient solution. Customers can access the Cox Contour app, offering live streaming of the NFL Network. The app transforms your smartphone, tablet, or web browser into a portable TV, ensuring fans stay connected to their favorite teams and all the action, whether they’re at home or on the go.

Moreover, seasoned fans who thrive on statistics and want the inside scoop can capitalize on additional programming like NFL RedZone, which takes the football viewing experience to the next level — especially on Sundays. Remember to check for subscription eligibility as RedZone requires an upgrade.

Cox aims to elevate the sports-viewing experience by consistently updating its services and providing flexible options to satisfy all football fanatics. Whether opting for traditional TV viewing or embracing the mobility of streaming with the Cox Contour app, subscribers have multiple avenues to ignite their NFL passion.

Cox’s NFL Network Packages and Pricing

For die-hard NFL fans looking to catch every tackle, touchdown, and timeout, Cox offers several packages that include the NFL Network. Subscribers have the option to choose from various bundles that cater to their sports viewing preferences while considering their budget.

Cox Contour TV is the baseline package where subscribers can begin their NFL Network journey. Featuring a plethora of channels, this package also allows access to high-definition sports content, making it a valuable choice for those who do not want to miss out on any football action. The price for the Contour TV package may vary based on location and the current deals Cox offers.

To further enhance their NFL viewing experience, customers often pair the base package with the Sports and Information Pak. This add-on includes NFL Network alongside other sports and news-oriented channels for a comprehensive media lineup. The Sports and Information Pak is priced at an additional monthly fee, ensuring that enthusiasts can enjoy wider coverage beyond the typical game broadcasts.

Here’s a summary of the potential costs involved:

Package Additional Pak Monthly Pricing
Cox Contour TV Variable by location
Sports and Information Pak (with NFL Network) Additional monthly fee
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Customers should be aware that promotional rates are often available, and bundling services with internet and phone can lead to significant savings. Check for Offers by visiting the Cox website or contacting customer service for the most up-to-date pricing and package options.

It’s worth noting that on top of the package costs, Cox may also charge equipment fees, including fees for HD receivers or DVR services. These allow for an enhanced viewing experience with the ability to pause live games or record matches to watch later. Pricing for these services will also factor into the overall monthly costs and should be considered when selecting the best package for NFL Network access.

For viewers who crave even more football, Cox offers access to NFL RedZone through a separate subscription. Lovers of the sport can watch every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoons during the NFL regular season with this service.

Before finalizing a subscription, customers should review their current plans and consider potential upgrades to ensure that every pass, play, and strategic move is right at their fingertips when the season kicks off.

Extra Features: What Cox Offers for NFL Fans

Cox Communications doesn’t just stop at providing the basic NFL Network package. They cater to the ultimate NFL fan with extra features designed to enhance the football viewing experience. Cox’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive NFL package means subscribers can access features like:

  • NFL RedZone: An exciting feature for those who want to catch every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoons.
  • On-Demand Games: Missed the game? Cox offers replays on demand, so you never have to miss a moment.
  • High-Definition (HD) Viewing: Experience the game with crisp, clear HD quality, making you feel like you’re right there in the stands.

These features ensure fans can immerse themselves in all things NFL, keeping up with the latest touchdowns, game highlights, and analyses. For fantasy football enthusiasts, services such as NFL RedZone are invaluable, helping them track player performances in real time, critical for those high-stakes league decisions.

Beyond just the features, Cox’s technology also plays a part in the NFL fan’s experience. With Cox’s Contour TV, customers have access to a cutting-edge viewing platform. Contour TV offers ease of use with voice remote capabilities, personalized recommendations, and a smart guide that helps viewers navigate through channels and programs quickly.

For subscribers wanting more than just football, Cox has options to cover all sports bases. The Sports and Information Pak not only expands NFL coverage but also includes channels dedicated to other sports genres, catering to the all-around sports aficionados.

Subscribers to Cox’s NFL offerings should remain attentive to seasonal promotions and deals that may provide added value. Packaging different Cox services can lead to significant savings, allowing fans to enjoy premium NFL content without straining their budget. Fans are encouraged to review their subscription options regularly, ensuring they get the best mix of sports entertainment that Cox Communications has to offer.

Cox vs. Other Cable Providers: Is Cox the Best Choice for NFL Fans?

When considering cable providers for the ultimate NFL experience, fans are often torn between Cox Communications and its competitors. The decision pivots on several key factors: channel lineup, pricing, and additional perks tailored to enhance football watching. Cox’s commitment to offering dedicated NFL content like the NFL Network and NFL RedZone is a major draw for enthusiasts of the sport.

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Cox’s channel lineup stands strong with its inclusion of the NFL Network, ensuring that subscribers don’t miss out on live games, commentary, and in-depth analysis. Other cable providers may offer similar networks, but Cox sets itself apart with the integration of the Contour TV platform, with its voice remote capabilities, providing a seamless navigation experience.

When it comes to pricing, it’s crucial to delve into what you’re getting for your money. Cox’s deals can be competitive, especially with the bundling options that potentially lower the cost when combined with internet and telephone services. These bundles can offer more value over services from providers like Comcast or AT&T, which may not always present such comprehensive packages.

It’s not just about the number of channels or the price tag; additional services enhance the overall viewing experience. Cox’s on-demand games, high-definition viewing, and personalized recommendations through Contour TV cater specifically to NFL fans’ needs. They set the stage for a customized sports entertainment experience that may not be matched by all providers.

Before making the switch, NFL fans should scrutinize seasonal promotions as they can tip the scales in favor of one provider over another. With Cox, subscribers often find special offers during key sporting seasons, bolstering its appeal. Football fans are encouraged to weigh these aspects diligently to decide on the service that scores the most points for their personal viewing playbook.


NFL fans looking for a robust football viewing experience will find Cox Communications’ offerings compelling. With its dedicated NFL content and innovative Contour TV platform, Cox stands out among cable providers. The voice remote feature adds convenience to the game day experience, ensuring viewers don’t miss a play. Bundling options present a valuable opportunity for fans to enjoy more for less, especially when taking advantage of seasonal promotions. It’s clear that for those prioritizing high-definition games and personalized services, Cox is a strong contender in the sports entertainment arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

What NFL packages does Cox Communications offer?

Cox Communications provides various packages that include NFL Network, offering a diverse football viewing experience. Customers should review current offerings as package details and availability may vary.

How does Cox compare to other cable providers?

Cox stands out with dedicated NFL content and the integration of the Contour TV platform, which includes a voice remote feature. Cox’s offerings are comparable to other providers but with unique features geared towards NFL fans.

What additional features does Cox offer for NFL fans?

Cox offers additional services such as on-demand games, high-definition viewing, and personalized recommendations, enhancing the overall NFL viewing experience.

Are there any seasonal promotions available for NFL fans?

Yes, Cox Communications often runs seasonal promotions. NFL fans should keep an eye out for these deals, especially during the football season, to get the best value.

Is the Cox Contour TV platform beneficial for NFL fans?

The Cox Contour TV platform is beneficial for NFL fans, as it offers a voice remote capability that simplifies searching for games and other football content. It also provides a more personalized viewing experience.

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