2023 Steelers NFL Mock Draft: Defensive Prospects Spotlight

As the NFL Draft approaches, Steelers fans are buzzing with predictions and hopes for their team’s picks. The 2023 mock draft season is in full swing, and speculation is at an all-time high. Will they bolster their offense, or will defense be the top priority?

Analyzing expert opinions and insider insights, we’ll dive into the potential selections for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’re poised to make strategic choices that could shape their roster for years to come. Stay tuned as we explore the prospects who might soon don the black and gold.

The Importance of Mock Drafts

Mock drafts are a critical tool in the arsenal of NFL teams, media pundits, and fans, setting the stage for the actual event. By simulating the draft rounds, mock drafts provide a hypothetical snapshot of the draft day possibilities. They allow teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers to evaluate various scenarios and tailor their strategies accordingly.

For teams, mock drafts serve as an elite preparatory exercise, enabling front offices to gauge the market value of players and identify potential draft-day trades or steals. The Steelers’ decision-makers scrutinize mock drafts to better understand how the national perception of player value could impact their draft strategy. This insight is invaluable as it helps construct a board that balances need with talent acquisition.

For analysts and experts, mock drafts are a medium to showcase their insights based on thorough scouting of prospects. They study player performance, team interviews, and combine results to predict how the draft might play out. The publicized mock drafts also spark conversations among Steelers fans, escalating excitement and providing fodder for debate on forums and social media.

In a broader context, mock drafts influence the narrative surrounding the draft. They can often build a consensus on who the top picks will be, affecting the expectations placed on young players stepping into the league. Additionally, the continuous iteration of mock drafts keeps engaging viewers and fuels the content cycle leading to the draft.

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As the Pittsburgh Steelers look to bolster their roster, they’ll be paying close attention to the latest from expert mock drafts. This feedback loop plays an essential role in the Steelers’ war room, where strategy meets opportunity to secure the next generation of talent. Each mock draft iteration brings a clearer vision for the team’s shape come the actual selection event.

Analyzing the Steelers’ Needs

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ front office is gearing up for a decisive 2023 NFL Draft, and identifying team needs is paramount. As the Steelers assess their roster, several positions emerge as critical areas for enhancement. Offensive Line stands out, with a focus on securing a stalwart left tackle who can anchor the unit for years to come. Quarterback protection remains a top priority to ensure their signal-caller has the time needed to execute plays effectively.

Defensive reinforcements are equally essential. The Steelers are traditionally known for their formidable defense, and maintaining this reputation calls for adding talent at both the linebacker and cornerback positions. Recent departures have left voids that fresh faces out of college could fill, restoring the defense to its historically high standards.

Additionally, Pittsburgh’s wide receiver corps could use a dynamic addition. The departure of key players in the past seasons has led to a necessity for a wideout who can take the top off the defense. The team’s hunt for a playmaker at this position is crucial for diversifying the offense and providing the Steelers’ quarterback with additional weapons downfield.

Depth is another area where the Steelers must pay attention. Injuries and unexpected performance drops have highlighted the importance of having reliable backups in line to step up. A careful examination of the bench strength across all positions remains a focus to ensure the team’s resilience through the long and grueling regular season.

The 2023 NFL Draft presents a plethora of options for the Steelers to address these needs. Collaborations between the scouting department and coaching staff have ramped up, aiming to align the draft strategy with the identified gaps. The integration of rookies from the draft is pivotal to injecting vitality and competition into the line-up, preserving the Steelers’ competitiveness both in the AFC North and across the league.

Offensive Prospects to Consider

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ search for key offensive players in the NFL Draft must be meticulous and strategic, focusing on the blend of talent and fit that can elevate their gameplay to new heights. In the quest for a left tackle, the Steelers might look closely at the pool of collegiate linemen known for their agility, strength, and ability to protect the quarterback.

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Potential left tackle draft prospects include players from top-tier football programs recognized for producing NFL-ready talent. They require individuals who are not only capable of adjusting to professional schemes quickly but also of bringing a tenacity and work ethic that matches the Steelers’ storied tradition.

At the receiver position, the Steelers are in need of a player who brings more than just speed and hands. They need someone who can create separation, run precise routes, and showcase versatility across the field. Dynamic wide receivers from high-powered offenses should be on their radar, with attention paid to their collegiate production, as well as their potential fit within Pittsburgh’s system.

Scouring the depths of offensive talent means also looking for players who can provide backup and support, ensuring depth at crucial positions. This includes robust running backs and tight ends that can serve dual purposes, adding layers to the offense through both the ground game and the aerial attack.

Additionally, the Steelers must consider the intangibles – leadership qualities, football IQ, and the ability to adapt and improve. Prospects with a history of elevating their game during critical moments could be particularly valuable in a franchise that prides itself on performing under pressure.

It’s critical for the Steelers to evaluate and invest in prospects with high ceilings. Identifying these budding talents and integrating them into the offensive playbook not only solidifies the team’s immediate needs but also builds a stable foundation for future success on the field.

Defensive Prospects to Consider

As the Pittsburgh Steelers turn their attention to strengthening the defense, several prospective players should be on their radar. Identifying talents who can amplify the team’s pass rush and rejuvenate the secondary are key to maintaining the Steelers’ defensive tenacity.

Edge rushers and cornerbacks are high-priority positions given the rigors of modern NFL offenses. A standout player in the draft who could immediately contribute is Florida State’s Jared Verse. Known for his quickness off the ball and relentless pursuit, Verse would be a valuable addition to the Steelers’ front seven.

Concerning the secondary, Penn State’s Joey Porter Jr. offers the physicality and coverage skills the Steelers covet. His familiarity with the team—being the son of former Steelers’ linebacker Joey Porter—could present a seamless transition into the black and gold uniform.

Interior Defensive Line Options

Given the importance of stopping the run and pressuring the quarterback from the inside, the Steelers may look at players like Bryan Bresee from Clemson. At 6’5″ and over 300 pounds, Bresee’s combination of size and athleticism could shore up the interior of the defense.

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Tackling Safety Depth

Safety is another position that the Steelers might aim to strengthen through the draft. Antonio Johnson from Texas A&M has the versatility to play both in the box and in deep coverage, presenting options for defensive coordinator schemes.

Special Teams Considerations

Drafting players that have the capability to contribute on special teams can often provide added value. Prospects with notable special teams prowess not only enhance overall team depth but also can make immediate impacts as they develop into more prominent defensive roles.

As the draft approaches, the Steelers’ front office and coaching staff will be gauging these defensive prospects, among others. While not strictly an indicator of a player’s future success, their college statistics and combine performances will be scrutinized to ascertain their potential fit with the Steelers’ defensive schemes.


The Steelers’ approach to the 2023 NFL Draft is a critical step in fortifying their defense. They’re eyeing prospects like Jared Verse and Joey Porter Jr. who could make an immediate impact. With edge rushers cornerbacks and interior linemen on their radar the team’s decision-makers have their work cut out for them. It’s about finding the right fit for their defensive schemes and ensuring depth across the board. Drafting players who can excel on special teams could be the hidden gem that elevates the Steelers’ roster. As the draft nears all eyes will be on Pittsburgh’s picks poised to shape the team’s future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What positions are the Pittsburgh Steelers focusing on in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are focusing on defensive positions, primarily edge rushers, cornerbacks, and interior defensive linemen, as they prepare for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Who are some defensive prospects the Steelers may be interested in?

Specific prospects of interest include Jared Verse from Florida State and Joey Porter Jr. from Penn State, who are seen as potential immediate contributors to the Steelers’ defense.

Why is safety depth significant for the Steelers in the draft?

Safety depth is significant for the Steelers to ensure strong defensive coverage and to back up starting players, leading to a more resilient and versatile defense throughout the season.

How important are special teams players in the Steelers’ draft strategy?

Drafting players who excel in special teams is highly important for the Steelers, as it adds depth and provides an immediate impact in an often overlooked but crucial aspect of the game.

What factors will influence the Steelers’ evaluations of defensive prospects?

The Steelers will consider college statistics, combine performance, and how well a prospect’s abilities align with the team’s defensive schemes when evaluating potential draft picks.

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