NFL Week 3 Broadcast Map: Find Your Game Coverage

NFL fans are gearing up for Week 3, and the anticipation’s running high. Whether you’re rooting for a nail-biting comeback or a dominant performance, knowing where to catch every play is crucial. That’s where the NFL broadcast map comes in, your ultimate guide to which games are airing in your region.

This article’s got you covered with a detailed breakdown of the Week 3 NFL broadcast map. They’ll dive into which matchups are getting national coverage and which are limited to regional broadcasting. Stay ahead of the game and make sure you’re tuned in to all the action-packed showdowns this week.

What is the NFL Broadcast Map?

The NFL broadcast map is a visual tool designed to inform viewers about the geographical segmentation of NFL game broadcasts. It’s an essential resource for fans who wish to know which games they’ll be able to watch locally on any given Sunday. Developed by the league in partnership with its broadcast affiliates, the map outlines which games are aired on specific television networks based on regional market preferences.

Networks like CBS and FOX own the rights to televise NFL games, but they don’t have unilateral reach for all games across the country. Instead, the broadcast map is drawn up based on complex agreements, which factor in regional interests, team popularity, and past viewership ratings. Local fans can typically expect to see their home team in action, while other regions might receive games featuring teams with high-profile players or significant standings implications.

In Week 3, the NFL broadcast map takes on added significance as divisional races start to take shape and teams begin to distinguish themselves. It’s critical to check the map if you’re planning to catch specific matchups, particularly if you’re in a market that does not have a home team or is geographically distant from the teams playing.

The map is updated weekly, reflecting the constant shifts in scheduling and the strategic decisions made by broadcasters to maximize audience engagement. It’s an ever-changing puzzle where regional sports networks pick from the available games to broadcast to their audiences. For instance, a viewer in Chicago might have access to the Bears game on their local channel, but the map will show which other game is slotted for broadcast immediately following that game.

By consulting the NFL broadcast map, fans can plan their viewing schedule accordingly and ensure they’re tuned in to the most exciting or relevant games of the week. It’s also an indispensable guide for those who use streaming services or NFL Sunday Ticket to follow the action outside of their local market.

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Importance of Knowing the NFL Broadcast Map

Understanding the NFL broadcast map is critical for fans who want to keep up with their favorite teams, especially during the crucial Week 3 matchups. The NFL’s regional broadcasting ensures games are aired to the predominantly interested markets, but this can be problematic for fans living outside those regions who wish to follow out-of-market teams.

Knowing the broadcast map helps fans determine whether they need to seek alternative viewing options. Streaming services and NFL Sunday Ticket offer solutions for those outside the broadcast zones, ensuring that no one misses the action due to regional restrictions.

As teams start to define their seasons in Week 3, every game could have lasting implications on the playoff race. Savvy fans look to the broadcast map to strategize their viewing, often planning how to watch multiple games throughout the day. It’s also a helpful tool for fantasy football players who need to track performances across different games to manage their lineups effectively.

In markets with overlapping fan bases, the broadcast map becomes even more crucial. Fans need to be aware of potential game time clashes and network decisions to prioritize one game over another. This knowledge guides their decisions about whether to attend viewing parties, visit local sports bars, or simply stay home to catch their team in action.

Local network affiliates often have a say in what games are broadcasted in their region. These affiliates tend to select games with higher local interest, which might not always align with a fan’s preference, especially for those supporting non-local teams. Hence, keeping an eye on the broadcast map can prevent unexpected disappointments come game day.

For those traveling during the NFL season, the broadcast map serves as an invaluable resource to pinpoint where they can watch their home team. Frequent travelers or those on vacation can plan ahead to ensure they find a compatible venue to follow the week’s games.

With all these factors at play, the NFL broadcast map remains a key piece of information for any dedicated football follower. It allows fans to navigate the complexities of NFL broadcasting and enhances their viewing experience, all while supporting the backbone of the NFL’s intricate web of regional television coverage.

Week 3 Matchups Getting National Coverage

During Week 3 of the NFL season, certain matchups are spotlighted for national coverage. These games are selected for their wide appeal and are typically expected to draw large audiences across the country. National coverage means that fans regardless of their local market can tune in to these highly anticipated clashes.

Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football feature prominently in the national coverage lineup. They’re prime-time spots offering viewers top-tier football under the bright lights. Week 3 often includes marquee matchups that pit high-caliber teams against each other, making these primetime games must-watch events for the entire nation.

This week, the Thursday Night Football game is also under the national spotlight. These early week contests set the stage for what’s to come and can offer an early advantage for teams looking to gain momentum. Plus, they’re an opportunity for fans to start their football experience ahead of the weekend rush.

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Broadcast networks like CBS and FOX switch up their schedules to accommodate multiple games, dividing the country into regions for various matchups. However, they always reserve one or two games with widespread appeal for their national slots. During Week 3, expect to see perennial powerhouse teams or those with dramatic storylines, such as quarterback debuts or recent playoff rematches, taking these coveted positions.

The highly coveted 4:25 PM ET slot on Sunday, often billed as the ‘Game of the Week’, is another staple in national coverage. This game usually features two of the NFL’s most popular and successful franchises and is broadcast to a majority of households in America, regardless of local team affiliations.

For fans eager to catch every touchdown and tackle, the Week 3 national broadcast schedule is essential. The games with country-wide coverage offer a glimpse into the league’s top talent and provide a unified experience for fans coast to coast.

Regional Broadcasting of Week 3 NFL Games

In Week 3 of the NFL season, regional broadcasting plays a significant role in how fans across various markets access their favorite games. CBS and FOX have distinct agreements with the NFL, allowing them to showcase certain matchups based on geographic location. Week 3 features a wide array of games that will be aired regionally, thus impacting how a fan may need to arrange their viewing schedule.

For instance, if the New England Patriots are playing at the same time as the New York Giants, fans in the Northeast might find difficulty in watching their preferred game. This scenario highlights the critical nature of the NFL’s broadcast map, as it dictates which game will be aired in which market. Therefore, it’s important for enthusiasts to check the NFL’s weekly broadcast map to pinpoint the games being shown in their area.

Here’s how regional broadcasting typically works with NFL games:

  • Local markets generally receive broadcasts of their home teams’ games.
  • The network with the doubleheader for the week will air two games in each market, whereas the other network will show one.
  • The early games usually begin at 1:00 PM ET, while the late games start at around 4:05 PM or 4:25 PM ET.
  • CBS and FOX rotate weekly between having the doubleheader.

The rationale behind regional broadcasting is twofold: it caters to local fan interests and maximizes networks’ ratings. However, with out-of-market fans and fantasy football players eager to follow multiple games, regional broadcasting can present certain limitations.

During Week 3, fans should be particularly mindful of regional coverage as matchups may include up-and-coming teams or key divisional battles, which can be crucial for overall standings. Local bars and establishments often provide additional viewing options, broadcasting multiple games to cater to various fan preferences. Another popular alternative is the NFL Sunday Ticket, which provides access to every out-of-market game and could be an ideal solution for those fans looking to catch every play.

How to Find Your Region’s NFL Broadcast Map

Navigating the NFL broadcast schedule can be tricky but fans can find their region’s broadcast map with a few simple steps. NFL broadcast maps are released by the television networks that have the rights to broadcast the games: CBS and FOX. They typically publish these maps each week on their websites.

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To find the broadcast map for Week 3, a fan’s first stop should be the official NFL website. It’s the most reliable source as it not only has the comprehensive broadcast schedule but also provides the detailed maps that show which game will be aired in which region. Here, you can see each game’s availability down to the regional level. You should look for a link or a section labeled ‘Broadcast Map’ or ‘Coverage Map’ on the NFL’s site.

Furthermore, many sports news websites and NFL fan forums post these maps regularly. They not only share the maps but often provide additional context on regional broadcasting decisions and insights on why certain games are shown in specific regions. This can be particularly helpful for fans seeking a deeper understanding of the broadcasting process.

For those who have cut the cord, streaming services often offer local NFL broadcasts as part of their packages. Checking the offerings from services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, or Sling can be beneficial, as their availability might vary based on your location.

Lastly, social media platforms are a practical source for fans to obtain the latest broadcast maps. Football enthusiasts and sports journalists frequently share updates and the Week 3 map may be just a tweet or a post away.

Remember to check NFL schedule release times because broadcast maps are usually updated on a weekly basis and made available several days before the actual games kick off. Keeping an eye out for updates ensures that fans have the most current information for their Week 3 viewing plans.


Navigating the NFL broadcast map for Week 3 doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the right sources at their fingertips, fans can effortlessly discover which games will be aired in their region. Staying tuned to the official NFL website guarantees the most up-to-date and accurate information. Moreover, alternative sources like sports news outlets and fan forums are valuable for extra insights. Remember, staying informed on the latest updates ensures you won’t miss any of the action from your favorite teams this season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the NFL broadcast map for Week 3?

You can find the most reliable broadcast map on the official NFL website, which provides a comprehensive schedule and detailed maps for which games will be aired in each region.

When are the NFL broadcast maps typically updated?

NFL broadcast maps are typically updated on a weekly basis, so it is important to check regularly for the latest information.

Do CBS and FOX provide their own broadcast maps?

Yes, CBS and FOX, the networks with rights to broadcast the games, release the NFL broadcast maps. Their websites may have this information available.

Can I get NFL broadcast maps from sources other than the official NFL website?

Yes, sports news websites, NFL fan forums, streaming services, and social media platforms can also provide NFL broadcast maps and additional insights.

Why is it important to look for updated NFL broadcast maps?

It’s important to look for updated broadcast maps to ensure you have the latest information on which NFL games will be televised in your region, as coverage can vary from week to week.

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