Easy Guide: How to Cancel NFL+ Subscription

Are you rethinking your NFL+ subscription? Whether it’s the off-season or you’re simply trimming your streaming services, knowing how to cancel NFL+ can save you from unwanted charges. They’ll guide you through the hassle-free steps to ensure you can cancel your subscription with ease.

Navigating through subscriptions can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a tackle-worthy challenge. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to successfully cancel your NFL+ service and take control of your streaming choices. Stay tuned to learn how to intercept those renewals before they hit your account.

Why Cancel NFL+

People choose to cancel their NFL+ subscriptions for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s a matter of budgeting priorities. With the increasing cost of entertainment, subscribers may find that they need to cut back on certain services. NFL+ might not make the cut if someone is trying to reduce monthly expenses.

Others cancel because they’re dissatisfied with the service quality or content. Perhaps they experienced streaming issues or were disappointed by the lack of exclusive content. For avid NFL fans, any shortcomings in streaming live games or behind-the-scenes coverage can be a deal-breaker.

Offseason periods often prompt users to reconsider their subscriptions. The NFL has a definitive season and off-season, and during the latter, the demand for constant updates and access to games diminishes. Users might not see the value in paying for the service year-round when they mainly want it for live game coverage. It makes sense financially to only subscribe during the peak NFL season.

Some subscribers find that they’re not using the service enough to justify the cost. With busy schedules and competing interests, a person might discover they’re only tuning in occasionally, leading them to question the subscription’s value for their lifestyle.

Lastly, the streaming market is saturated with options, which can lead to subscription fatigue. Users often juggle multiple subscriptions and may decide to cancel NFL+ in favor of another service that offers a broader range of content, including movies, series, and documentaries.

His, her or their decision to cancel ultimately comes down to evaluating the subscription’s value against personal circumstances and entertainment preferences. Whether it’s cost, content, seasonality, usage, or the wide array of entertainment options, every user has their own set of reasons why canceling NFL+ makes sense for them.

Steps to Cancel NFL+

The process of canceling an NFL+ subscription isn’t complicated, but it does require following specific steps to ensure the service is properly discontinued. Subscribers should start by accessing their NFL+ account. This can usually be done directly through the NFL app or by visiting the NFL+ website on a desktop or mobile browser.

Once logged in, navigate to the Account Settings. Here, users will typically find subscription management options, including the ability to cancel the service. It’s important to review any pre-cancellation information provided, which often includes details about the remaining subscription time or any potential refunds.

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Next, select the cancellation option. NFL+ may prompt users with a confirmation window or ask why they’re opting to cancel. Answer as desired but remember, these questions are often for the service’s feedback and do not impact the cancellation process.

  • Access the NFL+ account via the app or website.
  • Head to Account Settings.
  • Review pre-cancellation information.
  • Confirm the cancellation.

After confirming the cancellation, users should receive a notification, often through email, confirming that their NFL+ subscription has been canceled. Keep this confirmation for records as proof of cancellation. It’s also recommended to check the associated billing method for any impending charges in the following months to ensure the cancellation was processed successfully.

If any problems arise during the process, NFL+ customer support is available to assist. Contact information is typically accessible through the NFL+ account settings or the website’s help center. Don’t hesitate to reach out if the cancellation process isn’t clear or if there’s uncertainty about the status of an account post-cancellation.

Option 1: Cancel Online

Canceling an NFL+ subscription online is straightforward and convenient. Subscribers should start by visiting the official NFL website or opening the NFL mobile app. Once there, log in to the account associated with the NFL+ subscription.

After logging in, it’s essential to navigate to Account Settings, where subscribers will find a range of options related to their account details. In this section, they should look for the subscription or billing area. Here, NFL+ provides a specifically designated “Cancel Subscription” button or link.

Upon selecting this cancellation option, the process may include a series of prompts or questions. These are designed to confirm the intent to cancel and also to collect feedback on why the service is being discontinued. It’s important for subscribers to go through these steps attentively as this will ensure the cancellation is fully processed.

Once the cancellation has been confirmed, the subscriber will typically be directed to a screen indicating a successful cancellation. It’s also likely that they’ll receive an email notification detailing the cancellation and confirming that the subscription will not renew. It’s crucial for subscribers to save this email for their records.

Even after completing these steps, it’s wise to monitor the associated billing method when the next billing cycle approaches. This precaution ensures that the cancellation has been fully processed and that there are no unexpected charges.

In situations where the cancellation option isn’t visible or if subscribers encounter any issues, reaching out to NFL+ Customer Support is the next best step. Contact information is generally available at the bottom of the NFL+ app or website, offering assistance through chat, email, or phone services.

  • Steps to cancel NFL+ online:
    • Log in to the NFL account
    • Navigate to Account Settings
    • Select “Cancel Subscription”
    • Follow prompts and confirm cancellation
    • Check for an email confirmation
    • Monitor billing method for charges

Subscribers should remember that access to NFL+ content remains available until the end of the current billing period even after initiating a cancellation.

Option 2: Cancel by Phone

For NFL+ subscribers who prefer personal interaction or encounter difficulties with online cancellation, canceling by phone is a viable alternative. Subscribers can reach out directly to NFL+ Customer Support by dialing the toll-free customer service number readily available on the NFL+ website or through their account information.

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Upon contacting customer support, subscribers should have their account details at hand. This typically includes:

  • Full name
  • Email address associated with the NFL+ account
  • Billing information

The customer support representative will guide them through the process, ensuring a smooth and accurately handled cancellation. Subscribers are advised to clearly state their intent to cancel and ask any remaining questions regarding the end of their service or final billing.

Providing a phone cancellation service also allows real-time assistance in resolving any immediate concerns. Subscribers might inquire about:

  • Confirmation of the cancellation and the exact date service will end
  • Details of the billing cycle and potential refunds
  • Clarification on any promotions or penalties that might affect their account upon cancellation

It’s crucial to take note of the representative’s name and the time of the call for future reference if there are any follow-up issues or discrepancies in billing thereafter. Subscribers may also ask for a confirmation number or an email summary of the call for their records.

Cancellation by phone adds a layer of human interaction to the process, which can be reassuring for those less comfortable with online procedures or experiencing trouble navigating the digital cancellation route. While some may prefer the efficiency of online cancellation, the phone option remains a trusted method for ensuring that memberships are ended with personal attention from trained professionals.

Option 3: Cancel by Email

For those who prefer documentation of their interactions or require a paper trail for their records, choosing to cancel an NFL+ subscription by email is a viable option. This method can appeal to subscribers who aren’t in a hurry and want to avoid the potential wait times associated with phone calls.

To initiate a cancellation via email, subscribers should draft a message that includes their NFL+ account details and a clear request to cancel the subscription. Important information to include would be:

  • Full name on the account
  • NFL+ account number
  • Email address associated with the account
  • A clear statement indicating the desire to cancel

The subject line of the email should be straightforward and to the point, such as “Request to Cancel NFL+ Subscription.” Sending the email to the official NFL+ customer support address is vital. It’s recommended to verify the correct contact details on the NFL+ website to avoid any delays.

After the email has been sent, subscribers should expect to receive an automated response confirming the receipt of the cancellation request. It’s essential to keep an eye on the inbox for any follow-up correspondence from the support team. The timeframe for a response may vary, but subscribers typically hear back within a few business days.

If a response isn’t received within a reasonable amount of time, it’s prudent to follow up with another email or consider reaching out by alternative methods to ensure the cancellation request has been processed. Keeping a record of all email communications regarding the cancellation can serve as proof of the subscriber’s intent to end their NFL+ subscription should any disputes arise.

Subscribers who opt for email cancellation should also monitor their bank statements to confirm that no additional charges are made post-cancellation. By staying vigilant and keeping detailed records, they can make the cancellation process smoother and protect themselves from potential billing issues.

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What to Expect After Cancelling

Once the NFL+ subscription cancellation process is initiated, subscribers should keep an eye out for a confirmation email. This email serves as a record that the request was successfully received and processed. It’s crucial to save this email for future reference as proof of cancellation.

Account Status Changes

Immediately after confirmation, access to NFL+ services will generally be available until the end of the current billing cycle. Subscribers won’t experience an abrupt stop to the services but should be prepared for the eventual loss of access to NFL+ content. The exact date when services will cease will be included in the confirmation email.

Billing Updates

Monitoring bank statements is imperative after cancelling an NFL+ subscription. Customers should see no further charges for NFL+ after the current billing period ends. In cases where charges appear post-cancellation, it’s essential to contact customer support promptly to dispute any erroneous charges. Documenting all communication with customer support can be beneficial during such disputes.

Continued Communication

After the cancellation has taken place, subscribers may receive emails from NFL+ concerning feedback or offers to re-subscribe. While these are standard practices to retain customers, they do not signify that the cancellation process was incomplete. Nonetheless, it’s important for subscribers to review any emails from NFL+ carefully to ensure they align with the status of the account cancellation.

Access to Past Invoices and Data

For personal records, subscribers may want to download or print out past invoices or account details before the end of their final billing cycle. After the subscription ends, access to detailed account information and past invoices may be restricted. Staying proactive and organizing these documents can prevent unnecessary hurdles should they need to reference their account history in the future.


Canceling your NFL+ subscription is straightforward when you follow the right steps. After you’ve navigated through the process and received your confirmation email, you’re on track. Remember to keep an eye on your bank statements to ensure there are no additional charges and to maintain a record of your past interactions with NFL+. While you may continue to receive communications from NFL+, having your documents in order will give you peace of mind. With your account details securely archived, you’ll have everything you need should questions arise in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my NFL+ subscription online?

To cancel your NFL+ subscription online, you need to log in to your account, navigate to the account settings, and follow the instructions to cancel your subscription.

Can I cancel my NFL+ subscription by phone?

Yes, you can cancel your NFL+ subscription by phone. The article provides the specific phone number and times when customer service is available to assist you.

Is it possible to cancel an NFL+ subscription by email?

Yes, canceling by email is an option. You’ll need to send a cancellation request to the official NFL+ customer support email address mentioned in the article.

What happens after I’ve canceled my NFL+ subscription?

After canceling, you will receive a confirmation email, witness status changes in your account, and should monitor bank statements to ensure no further charges are made. You will still receive communication from NFL+ and can access past invoices and data.

Should I keep anything after canceling my NFL+ subscription?

It’s advisable to save the confirmation email, continue to monitor your bank statements for unexpected charges, review emails from NFL+ for any important updates, and download or print out past invoices or account details for your records.

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