England Rugby Fixtures – 2023 Match Dates & Times

The stage is set for a captivating season as the England Rugby Union team, under the stewardship of Steve Borthwick, embarks on an ambitious 2023 campaign, peppered with crucial international rugby fixtures. Fans of the sport will be privy to a prolific schedule that pits the england national team against formidable rivals in a series of rugby matches that promise to captivate and enthral audiences across the globe.

With the roster of england rugby fixtures now confirmed, the team is geared up for a mix of home and away battles, including at least three intense encounters with Wales throughout the year. The Six Nations Championship offers the england rugby team the chance to showcase their prowess with three home fixtures versus Scotland, Italy, and France at the hallowed grounds of Twickenham Stadium, along with two challenging away fixtures against Wales and Ireland, marking critical dates on the rugby schedule for enthusiasts and patriots alike.

In a year brimming with international rugby fixtures, England’s journey on the pitch has the potential to fortify its legacy within the sport, binding fans together in a shared hope for triumph. Join us as we delve into the riveting rugby games that await and the dates that will define the england national team’s pursuit of glory in 2023’s rugby rendezvous.

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Key Takeaways

  • Steve Borthwick leads england rugby into a robust array of 2023 fixtures.
  • Twickenham Stadium to host landmark rugby matches, including the Calcutta Cup against Scotland.
  • england rugby union to confront both Italy and France on home soil in the Six Nations.
  • International rugby fixtures include pivotal away games in Cardiff and Dublin.
  • The england national team has at least three scheduled matches against Wales in an action-packed year.
  • Fans anticipation heightens for rugby games leading up to the World Cup hosted by France.

Introduction to the 2023 England Rugby Season

The commencement of the england rugby 2023 season heralds a period of intense competition and national pride. With the eyes of the world upon them, the england national team prepares to display the depth of their talent and the resilience of their spirit in a series of international rugby fixtures that will test their mettle.

Guided by the astute leadership of coach Steve Borthwick, England’s warriors of the pitch are set to engage in battles that promise to become etched in the annals of rugby history. The blend of home advantage at the venerable Twickenham Stadium and the challenge of adversarial grounds abroad add to the thrilling atmosphere of the upcoming rugby season. The fixtures laid out for this year are not merely games; they are chapters in a storied pursuit of victory and rugby excellence.

As anticipation builds towards the Rugby World Cup in France, every pass, every tackle, and every strategic move will come under scrutiny. The squad’s preparation for the global stage is mirrored in the intensity of the Six Nations games, where each match serves as a stepping stone closer to the ultimate goal.

The fixture list for 2023 encapsulates the essence of top-tier rugby, with each game promising a display of skill, strength, and sportsmanship. Here is what fans can expect from the rugby season that has everyone talking:

Date Match Venue Kick-off Time
4th February 2023 England v Scotland Twickenham Stadium, London 4:45 pm
12th February 2023 England v Italy Twickenham Stadium, London 3:00 pm
25th February 2023 Wales v England Principality Stadium, Cardiff 4:45 pm
11th March 2023 England v France Twickenham Stadium, London 4:45 pm
18th March 2023 Ireland v England Aviva Stadium, Dublin 5:00 pm

Awaiting beyond the Six Nations is the crescendo of the Rugby World Cup, where the england rugby team will seek to turn dreams into reality. From Six Nations clashes to World Cup glory, this year’s rugby calendar is not to be missed. For England, the 2023 rugby season could be the adventure of a lifetime.

England Six Nations 2023 Campaign

The onset of the 2023 Six Nations Championship heralds a defining moment for England’s rugby aspirations. As the england rugby union team gears up for a sequence of pivotal encounters, the nation’s rugby aficionados mark their calendars for the iconic matches that will unfold on both familiar and foreign grounds. Central to this year’s campaign is the illustrious Calcutta Cup, the fervent defence of Twickenham Stadium, and the formidable challenges that await in the heartlands of Celtic rugby.

The Calcutta Cup: England vs Scotland at Twickenham

The grandeur of Twickenham Stadium sets the stage for the fierce rivalry between England and Scotland as they vie for the coveted Calcutta Cup. This esteemed trophy stands as a testament to the rich history and long-standing competition between the two nations. In what promises to be a spectacular opener, England will host Scotland on the 4th of February, kick-starting the tournament with fervour at 4:45 pm.

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Defending the Home Turf against Italy and France

England’s commitment to securing victories at Twickenham remains undeterred as they prepare to confront Italy and France in what are anticipated to be dramatic clashes at this revered venue. Italy will challenge the home side on the 12th of February, with the matchup commencing at 3:00 pm. Subsequently, the stage is set for an enthralling encounter against France, scheduled for a 4:45 pm start on the 11th of March, signifying another critical juncture in England’s campaign.

Challenging Away Matches in Cardiff and Dublin

England’s rugby schedule then sees them journey across the Irish Sea and the Severn Bridge to engage in two of the season’s most testing contests. The match at the iconic Principality Stadium against Wales is slated for the 25th of February with a 4:45 pm kickoff. The squad will then prepare for the climactic end to their Six Nations journey with a battle against Ireland on the 18th of March at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, where the competition will commence at 5:00 pm.

Embedded within these international rugby fixtures is not just the quest for championship silverware, but also the opportunity for England to fortify their cohesion and tactical acumen ahead of the Rugby World Cup. It’s a crucible in which heroes are forged and legends are made, with every match contributing to the epic narrative of England’s 2023 rugby odyssey.

The Importance of the Rugby World Cup for England

The Rugby World Cup represents not just a pinnacle of international rugby fixtures but a cornerstone of national aspiration for the England rugby team. As the Autumn leaves begin to fall in 2023, eyes will turn to France, the hosting nation where the most revered trophy in rugby, the Webb Ellis Cup, awaits its next custodian.

For England rugby, this global tournament offers an opportunity to reflect on past glories and set new milestones. As runners-up in 2019, the squad seeks to navigate through a gauntlet of world-class rugby games with the goal of reaching the upper echelons of the sport once more. The significance of the Rugby World Cup for England lies in the intersection of legacy and ambition—where every ruck, maul, and try contributes to a storied history.

Amidst the tapestry of England rugby fixtures, each match serves as a prelude to the crescendo of the competition in France. Past performance sets a high bar, but the England rugby narrative is one of resilience and relentless pursuit of excellence. As a former champion, England knows the weight of the trophy in both hands and the collective euphoria of a nation riding every kick and tackle.

The forthcoming rugby games in France are not merely fixtures to be played but a series of battles where strategy, skill, and spirit will be tested on the world stage. The Rugby World Cup is a spectacle that captures the imaginations and inflames the passions of sports fans, and for England, it is a pivotal chapter waiting to be written in the annals of its rugby heritage.

Ahead of the world tournament, England’s preparation involves a series of international match-ups that test their fortitude and sharpen their edge. With a rugby schedule that pits them against formidable opponents, each encounter is infused with the intensity and anticipation of what is to come when the world convenes in France later in the year.

The future is unwritten, but for the england rugby team, the Rugby World Cup is more than just a contest; it’s a quest. A quest for glory, for validation, for immortality in the heartbeats of their fervent supporters and the storied saga of rugby itself.

England Rugby Fixtures

As the England national team gears up for the highly anticipated Rugby World Cup, the england rugby fixtures leading up to the tournament are crucial for team cohesion and performance. With a formidable rugby schedule, the coming matches are not only a test of skill but also a chance to fine-tune tactics before heading to the global stage.

Key Matches Leading Up to the World Cup

Before embarking on their World Cup journey, the England rugby team must navigate through several international rugby fixtures that hold significant weight in their preparation. The Six Nations presents an excellent platform for the team to display unity and fine-tuning, leading to a series of rugby matches that are essential in building the right momentum.

England’s Pool Stage Encounters

In the pool stage of the Rugby World Cup, England finds itself in Pool D, set against Japan, Argentina, Samoa, and Chile. Each of these rugby games is critical, wrapping up the pool phase with well-fought victories against Argentina and Japan, signalling England’s intent to contend earnestly for the title.

Match Date Result
England v Argentina 9th September 2023 27-10
England v Japan 17th September 2023 34-12

Knockout Phases: The Route to the Final

The Rugby World Cup’s knockout phases present a gripping challenge for any team, and the England rugby fixtures therein proved to be no different. Progressing beyond the pool stage, England met Fiji in a tightly contested quarter-final, emerging with a narrow victory. Despite their best efforts, the squad faced a slight defeat in the semi-final against South Africa. However, they managed to secure a commendable third place by triumphing over Argentina in the play-off.

Round Opponent Date Result
Quarter Final Fiji 15th October 2023 30-24
Semi Final South Africa 21st October 2023 15-16
3rd Place Play-off Argentina 27th October 2023 23-26

These England rugby fixtures not only shape the team’s prospects for World Cup glory but are also emblematic of their resilience and determination. The international rugby fixtures, especially during the pool stage and the high-stakes knockout phases, set the stage for what could be an historic Rugby World Cup campaign for England.

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Historic Venues for England’s Rugby Matches in 2023

The year 2023 is set to be an unforgettable season in the annals of rugby, with England’s illustrious rugby fixtures slated to take place at some of the world’s most iconic venues. These hallowed grounds have borne witness to monumental games, resonating with the cheers and passion of countless fans. The england rugby union team will continue this legacy, showcasing their prowess at these historic sites.

Twickenham Stadium: The Iconic Home of England Rugby

Twickenham Stadium, a fortress of rugby’s deepest traditions, remains the cherished home of the england rugby union team. Steeped in history and brimming with countless memories, this significant landmark is all set to host critical Six Nations encounters, as England tackles longstanding adversaries on their home soil in London. The upcoming fixtures see Twickenham once again becoming the centrepiece for the england rugby fixtures as they face Scotland, Italy, and France in matches that will be etched into the tale of rugby union.

International Pitches: From Cardiff to Dublin

The journey of england fixtures leads the team beyond the confines of Twickenham, to the proud rugby nations of Wales and Ireland. The legendary Principality Stadium is set to become the canvas for an intense match between England and Wales. Meanwhile, the Aviva Stadium in Dublin will unfurl as the backdrop for a clash against Ireland, where the pitch will roar with the drama of this anticipated fixture.

Rugby World Cup Host Cities Across France

Later in the year, the Rugby World Cup will see the england rugby team travel to France, where the pitches of various host cities promise an international showcase of top-tier rugby. In cities such as Marseille, Lyon, and Bordeaux, England’s athletes will display their valiant pursuit of the Webb Ellis Cup, inspiring a new chapter of rugby games that will captivate fans worldwide.

Whether one speaks of Twickenham Stadium, international pitches like the Principality Stadium and Aviva Stadium, or the eclectic and culturally rich host cities of the Rugby World Cup in France, these venues are more than just locations. They are sacred sites where the passion for rugby games is lived, where history is made, and where the england rugby fixtures for 2023 will be more than mere encounters—they will become epic narratives in their own right.

Profiles of England’s Key Players in 2023

The successes of the England national team often hinge on the shoulders of its standout rugby players, whose skills permeate throughout the rugby fixtures, elevating the entire squad’s performance. As England navigates through the pivotal stages leading to and during the Rugby World Cup 2023, let’s take a focused look at several key players who are set to leave an indelible mark on the tournament.

Owen Farrell, the steely fly-half and centre, is a lynchpin for England rugby, renowned for his strategic oversight and precision penalty kicking. Often leading the team as its captain, Farrell’s ability to steer the game’s tempo and execute plays under pressure makes him an indispensable figure on the pitch. His leadership transcends beyond personal accolades to igniting passion and inspiration within his teammates.

Maro Itoje brings a dynamic presence to England’s forward pack, with his prowess in the line-out and ability to disrupt opposition ball. Itoje’s athleticism and tactical intelligence not only bolster the team’s defence but also create opportunities for turnover, proving central to the england rugby union’s strategies.

Another figure imperative to the england rugby team’s prospects is Elliot Daly. Known for his versatility, Daly’s capacity to play multiple positions in the backline coupled with his extraordinary long-range goal kicking adds a valuable layer to England’s attacking arsenal.

Rounding out the core of stalwart rugby players is Anthony Watson, whose electrifying breaks on the wing have left many defenders in his wake. His agility and speed are pivotal in turning the tide of a game, making him a constant threat to any defensive setup.

Player Position Skills Impact
Owen Farrell Fly-half / Centre Penalty kicking, game management Leadership, strategic execution
Maro Itoje Lock Line-out, turnovers Defensive solidity, set-piece mastery
Elliot Daly Utility back Versatility, long-range kicking Attacking depth, tactical flexibility
Anthony Watson Wing Agility, speed Offensive threat, game-changing breaks

As the england rugby fixtures unfold throughout the 2023 season, the performances of these key players will be closely watched by fans and opponents alike. Their individual talents, combined with their collective experience, not only define England’s playing style but also serve to solidify their position as challengers on the international stage. The stature of the england national team in the upcoming rugby games will be, in part, sculpted by the contributions of these exceptional rugby players.

Strategies and Expectations for England’s Rugby Team

England’s rugby team faces a year brimming with potential and the promise of excellence under the strategic guidance of head coach Steve Borthwick. As the team advances towards the Six Nations Championship and the Rugby World Cup, their success will pivot not just on physical prowess but on the efficacy of their rugby strategy and preparation.

The england rugby fixtures calendar is a testament to the rigours that lie ahead. It is within the crucible of these high-stakes rugby matches that England’s rugby tactics will be tested against some of the most formidable international opponents.

Steve Borthwick’s Vision for the England Squad

Steve Borthwick’s tenure as coach has instilled a vivid sense of purpose within the England squad, heralding a new era of English rugby. His vision is clear: to forge a unit that is adaptable, incisive, and unyielding. Through a diligent focus on rugby preparation, Borthwick envisions an England rugby team that is synonymous with tactical ingenuity and resilience.

Adapting Tactics for Different International Opponents

Competing in the international arena demands a nuanced approach to rugby strategy. The england rugby union team is aware that success in the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup will require a sophisticated adaptation of game plans to suit the unique challenge of each opponent. Subtle, yet decisive adjustments in tactics will be key to asserting dominance on the pitch.

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England’s Preparation Ahead of Crucial Fixtures

With a rugby schedule as densely packed as England’s, the run-up to each fixture is shaped by meticulous planning and preparation. From the techniques practiced on training grounds to the conditioning regimes, every aspect of England’s rugby preparation is tailored to ensure peak performance. The england rugby fixtures serve not merely as contests but as milestones in a continuous journey of growth and mastery.

The england rugby 2023 campaign promises to be an enthralling spectacle, with every match in the rugby fixtures list posing a challenge that calls for strategy, dedication, and unwavering team spirit. The nation eagerly anticipates a series of encounters that will showcase the triumphs of skill over brute strength and strategic intellect over happenstance.

How Fans Can Support the England Rugby Union Team

Rugby fans are the lifeblood of the sport, and when it comes to supporting England’s rugby team, their presence is as crucial off the field as the player’s performance on it. As the upcoming rugby fixtures beckon, here’s how enthusiasts can rally behind the england rugby union to keep the team’s spirits high throughout the competitive season.

The first port of call for any supporter is attendance at matches. By filling seats in the stadiums, fans provide an electrifying atmosphere that’s tangible even through the thickest scrum. Heartfelt chants and thunderous applause not only stir the hearts of those in the stands but also resonate on the pitch, propelling the players to greater heights.

Sporting official merchandise is another way for the faithful to show their allegiance. Whether it’s the classic white jersey adorned with the red rose or an array of supporting accessories, these items weave a visual tapestry of solidarity within the crowd, uniting individuals from all walks of life under a shared identity.

Creating vibrant atmospheres in stadiums goes beyond simply wearing the team colours or attending the games; it’s about engaging with the match in a way that forges an unforgettable experience for all. It is the roars that chase down every sprint, the cheers that follow every kick, and the collective sigh with every narrow miss.

Here’s a guide for rugby fans on how to support their team during the upcoming rugby fixtures:

  • Attend Matches: Be there in person to cheer for England’s rugby team and make a difference.
  • Wear the Kit: Dress in the team’s colours and show your pride in England rugby wherever you go.
  • Learn the Chants: Raise your voice with time-honoured songs that echo the passion for England rugby union.
  • Host Viewing Parties: When away games preclude a stadium visit, getting together with fellow rugby fans to watch the game can capture the communal spirit.
  • Follow and Engage Online: Show your support on social media, keeping the conversation about England’s rugby team alive and kicking.

Such collective endeavours not only galvanise the players but also consolidate a community among fans, deepening their connection to the game and to one another. It’s this unshakeable sense of belonging that turns spectators into an integral component of the team’s force.

The sea of white and red at rugby fixtures, the crescendo of supportive ballads, and the outpouring of pride in triumph and solace in defeat; all these are attestations of the unwavering support the England rugby team receives from its fans. Moreover, this support is a testament to the indomitable spirit of england rugby union that endures beyond the final whistle. Engaging as a fan is, therefore, more than support; it’s a powerful declaration of dedication to England’s rugby union.


As the curtain draws to a close on the tantalising prospect of the England rugby fixtures for 2023, fans of the national team are poised on the edge of their seats, awaiting a season replete with the enthralling spectacle of rugby games. It’s a year distinguished by the strategic guidance of Steve Borthwick, who will steer the course of the England rugby 2023 team through the storied battlegrounds of Twickenham and across the international pitches of the Six Nations and World Cup fixtures.

The ensuing months for the England national team are an amalgamation of opportunity, challenge, and expectation, each match a manifestation of the country’s passion for rugby union. The fixtures represent more than a sequence of games; they epitomise a nation’s rugby spirit, a confluence of history, pride, and the indefatigable pursuit of sporting greatness.

As every tackle, try, and triumph unfolds, the rugby community – from the most ardent admirers to the astute analysts – will be tracking England’s progress with bated breath, bearing witness to what could be a defining chapter in this illustrious sport. Undoubtedly, the England rugby fixtures are set to craft a gripping narrative of athleticism, sportsmanship, and exhilarating rugby that will captivate audiences and etch itself into the annals of rugby history.


What are the key England rugby fixtures for 2023?

The key fixtures for the England rugby union team in 2023 include Six Nations matches against Scotland, Italy, France, Wales, and Ireland, as well as the Rugby World Cup games.

When will England face Scotland in The Calcutta Cup?

England will play against Scotland for The Calcutta Cup at Twickenham Stadium in London on Saturday, 4th February 2023, with a kick-off time of 4:45pm.

Where will England’s home games in the Six Nations be played?

England’s home games during the Six Nations Championship will be played at the Twickenham Stadium, also referred to as the home of England rugby, located in London.

Are there any away games for England in the Six Nations 2023?

Yes, England’s away games in the Six Nations 2023 include fixtures against Wales at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff and against Ireland at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

How will the Rugby World Cup affect the England rugby fixtures?

The Rugby World Cup, held in France in Autumn 2023, will feature additional international rugby fixtures for England as they compete in the prestigious tournament’s pool and knockout stages.

Who is coaching the England rugby team in 2023?

Steve Borthwick is the head coach of the England rugby team in 2023 and will be leading the team through their fixtures, including the Six Nations Championship and the Rugby World Cup.

What venues will host the Rugby World Cup matches for England?

The Rugby World Cup matches involving England will be played across several cities in France, including venues in Marseille, Lyon, and Bordeaux.

Which key players should fans watch out for during England’s 2023 campaign?

While the squad can change, players like Owen Farrell have been key to England’s success, known for their skill set which includes penalty kicking and leadership on the field.

How can fans support the England Rugby Union team?

Fans can support the England Rugby Union team by attending matches, wearing official merchandise, and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere in the stadiums to cheer the team on.

What strategic approach is expected from England’s rugby team under coach Steve Borthwick?

Under Steve Borthwick’s leadership, strategic approaches that emphasise tactical prowess, mental agility, and dynamic game plan adjustments are expected.

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