Chicago Bears NFL: History, Soldier Field, and Fan Traditions

The Chicago Bears hold a storied legacy in the heart of the NFL, a testament to their enduring presence since the roaring ’20s. As one of the league’s founding franchises, they’ve crafted a narrative rich with rivalry, innovation, and championship triumphs.

They’ve weathered the ebbs and flows of the sport, from pioneering the T-formation offense to navigating the modern challenges of the game. This article dives into the Bears’ journey, exploring how they’ve shaped football history and what lies ahead for this iconic team.

History of the Chicago Bears

Founding of the Chicago Bears

In the year 1920, the franchise known today as the Chicago Bears was brought into existence, originally christened the Decatur Staleys. This was the brainchild of business mogul A.E. Staley. The following year saw a key transformation when George Halas took charge, migrating the team to Chicago and stepping into the dual role of player and coach. It was here the moniker ‘Bears’ was adopted in 1922, coinciding with the transition of the APFA into what is now the NFL.

Early Years and Success

Rivalries and innovation fueled the Bears’ early years, particularly the legendary contention with the Green Bay Packers. Under Halas’s guidance, known fondly as “Papa Bear”, the team cultivated a powerhouse rushing lineup featuring the renowned Red Grange and Bronko Nagurski, both of whom would secure their legacies in the Hall of Fame. These early strides toward greatness culminated in the Bears clinching NFL championships in 1932 and 1933. The first of these victories was notably historic, marking the NFL’s inaugural playoff contest – a resounding 9-0 triumph over the Portsmouth Spartans.

Year Championship Achieved
1932 NFL Championship
1933 NFL Championship
1940 NFL Championship
1941 NFL Championship
1943 NFL Championship
1946 NFL Championship

Heralding an offensive revolution, the team became an unstoppable force in the 1940s, securing four additional championships with the T-formation offense. Spearheading this strategy was quarterback Sid Luckman, whose tactical prowess and Hall of Fame career solidified the Bears’ dominance.

Super Bowl Victory

Following a title win in 1963, the Bears’ performance ebbed and flowed, even with the addition of standouts like linebacker Dick Butkus and running back Gale Sayers. It wasn’t until the drafting of Walter Payton in 1975 that the tides turned once more, signifying a new age of excellence. Payton, a future Hall of Famer himself, shattered the all-time rushing record with the Bears capturing division titles and, most memorably, their solitary Super Bowl in 1985. This era’s hallmark – their impenetrable defense and Payton’s prowess – left an indelible mark on NFL history.

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Achievement Detail
All-time Rushing Walter Payton broke record in 1985
Super Bowl Victory Bears won in 1985

Chicago Bears in the NFL

Team Records and Achievements

The Chicago Bears have carved out a significant place in NFL history with their longevity and success. Since their founding in 1920, they’ve amassed a wide array of team records and achievements. Most notably, they’ve captured nine NFL championships, including their historic victory in Super Bowl XX. The Bears boast more Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees than any other NFL team, a testament to the caliber of players that have donned the navy blue and orange.

Their stockpile of records includes a momentous game in 1940 when they vanquished the Washington Redskins with an overwhelming score of 73-0, the largest margin of victory in NFL history. On defense, the team has left an indelible mark as well, known for their legendary 1985 squad that crushed opponents and allowed a meager 10 total points in their postseason march to victory.

Over decades, the Bears have seen individual record holders as well, such as the unforgettable “Sweetness,” Gale Sayers, who dazzled fans in the ’60s and ’70s, and Walter Payton, who broke ground in all-time rushing yards, demonstrating the Bears’ legacy is not only collective but also wrought with stellar individual triumphs.

Rivalries in the NFL

The Chicago Bears’ long-standing feuds with other teams have fueled some of the NFL’s fiercest competitions. None are more historic than the rivalry with the Green Bay Packers, which dates back to 1921. This rivalry, stoked by geographic proximity and a battle for dominance in the NFC North, stands as one of the most enduring in professional sports. Games between these two titans of the turf are often marked by intense play and a charged atmosphere.

Another notable rivalry is with the Minnesota Vikings, a duel that has known its share of dramatic and closely contested matches. The Bears’ latest victory over the Vikings, a nail-biting 12-10 win on Monday Night Football, reinforces this contentious and competitive spirit.

Impact of the Chicago Bears on the League

The Chicago Bears’ influence on the NFL runs deep. Their introduction of the T-formation in the 1940s revolutionized offensive play, transforming the strategies used across the league. The seriousness with which they’ve approached defense has also been significant, morphing the defensive game into a high art as epitomized by the 1985 Bears’ defense. This squad, characterized by innovation and ferocity, inspired countless iterations in future team defensive philosophies.

The cultural impact has been substantial as well. The Bears were among the first to involve themselves in media embrace, from “The Super Bowl Shuffle” igniting a nationwide sensation to historic games that captured the hearts of Americans coast to coast. It’s these contributions and breakthroughs that underline the Chicago Bears’ indelible footprint on the fabric of the NFL.

Famous Players and Coaches

The Chicago Bears have had an array of legendary figures who have donned the navy and orange. Some have left such profound imprints on the franchise that their names have become synonymous with the Bears’ identity.

Walter Payton – The “Sweetness”

Nicknamed “Sweetness” for his agility on the field and pleasant demeanor off it, Walter Payton stands as a titan in NFL history. Drafted in 1975, Payton’s career ascended rapidly, culminating in him breaking the NFL’s all-time rushing record. With his remarkable athleticism, Payton brought a sense of hope and competitive spirit to the Bears. His legacy was immortalized with his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993.

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Dick Butkus – The Enforcer

Few players have instilled the level of fear and respect amongst opponents quite like Dick Butkus. Drafted in 1965, Butkus quickly became known as The Enforcer on the field. His intimidating style of play redefined the linebacker position, setting a new benchmark for defensive excellence. Despite the team not reaching playoff glory during his tenure, Butkus’ individual achievements earned him a revered spot in the Hall of Fame.

Mike Ditka – Coach and Player

Not many in the NFL have succeeded at the highest levels as both a player and a coach, but Mike Ditka has. As a player for the Bears during the 1960s and later as their head coach, Ditka’s name is etched in Bears lore. Under his leadership, the Bears secured their iconic win in Super Bowl XX and dominated with a record of 15-1 in the 1985 regular season. His fiery passion on the sidelines captured the heart of the franchise and solidified his position as a Chicago Bears legend.

Soldier Field – Home of the Bears

Construction of Soldier Field

Soldier Field stands as the venerable landmark of Chicago sports, originally constructed in 1924. Designed as a multi-purpose facility, it was named in honor of American soldiers who had perished in combat. Iconic for its classical columns, Soldier Field has undergone several renovations over the years, most notably in 2003. This significant overhaul modernized the stadium without sacrificing its historic faҫade, blending the past and the future in its unique architecture. The modernization increased its seating capacity and introduced state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that Soldier Field would continue to be a foundational pillar for the Chicago Bears and their fervent fans.

Memorable Moments at Soldier Field

The storied grounds of Soldier Field have been witness to countless unforgettable moments in NFL history. This hallowed turf was where the Monsters of the Midway clinched the NFC Championship in 2006 on their way to Super Bowl XLI. Fans remember the biting cold and the roar of triumph as the Bears dominated the New Orleans Saints, sealing their fate with a definitive 39-14 victory.

Apart from football, Soldier Field has hosted a myriad of events, from international soccer matches and concerts to historical events like the 1962 dedication ceremony attended by President John F. Kennedy. It’s not just the site of athletic prowess, but also a communal space where the city’s culture and passion for sports come alive.

One can scarcely talk about Soldier Field without mentioning the extreme weather that often adds an extra layer of intensity to the games played there. Renowned for both the fierce winds off Lake Michigan and the snow that can blanket its field, Soldier Field tests the mettle of players and fans alike, creating an environment where resiliency and perseverance become part of the game.

From pivotal games that defined seasons to concerts that saw legends grace the stage, Soldier Field remains an emblematic site where memories are etched into the legacy of the Chicago Bears. It’s more than just a stadium; it’s a testament to the city’s enduring love for its team.

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Chicago Bears’ Fanbase

Famous Bears Fans

The Chicago Bears’ loyal following extends to a number of well-known personalities who consistently show their unyielding support for the team. From actors and musicians to political figures, the Bears’ fanbase boasts a tapestry of high-profile supporters who’ve often been spotted at Soldier Field or proudly sporting the team’s navy and orange gear. These fans don’t just attend games; they’ve become part of the Bears’ culture, engaging with the community and sharing in both the triumphs and heartaches that come with each season.

Several famous faces can be counted among the Bears’ most passionate fans, including actors who’ve hailed from the Chicago area and champion the team in interviews and through their social media platforms. Music stars from various genres also join in the excitement, sometimes even referencing the Bears in their works, underscoring the deep connection between the team and the city’s cultural scene. These celebrity endorsements add to the enthusiasm during game days, providing an extra layer of excitement and visibility for the franchise.

Tailgating and Traditions

The celebration of game day for Bears fans is an experience steeped in rich tradition and camaraderie that starts well before kickoff. Tailgating at Soldier Field is an event in itself, with fans arriving early to partake in pre-game festivities. Parking lots are transformed into a sea of jerseys, grills, and cheers as fans enjoy each other’s company and gear up for the game.

Tailgating menus are brimming with Chicago-style favorites, like deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, and classic hot dogs loaded with toppings—all honoring the city’s culinary heritage. The atmosphere is family-friendly, with games of cornhole and football tosses taking place alongside the grilling. These traditions are passed down from generation to generation, with rituals unique to each group of fans, some of which have been maintained for decades.

Beyond the parking lots, traditions continue to unfold inside the stadium as well. Seasoned fans know the Bears Fight Song by heart and belt it out in unison, creating a wave of sound that energizes the team and the crowd alike. Chants and cheers specific to the Bears resonate through the stands, uniting supporters in their shared fervor for the game. The indomitable spirit of the Bears’ fanbase augments the raw intensity of Chicago football, ingraining these customs into the very fabric of the sport’s presence in the Windy City.


The Chicago Bears’ storied legacy, iconic stadium, and die-hard fanbase underline their significance in the NFL tapestry. Soldier Field’s hallowed grounds have borne witness to triumphs and heartaches, while the team’s rich history and cultural impact resonate with fans across generations. As they continue to shape their future, the Bears carry with them a spirit of resilience and a commitment to excellence that reflects the true essence of Chicago’s unwavering support for its beloved team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is #85 on the Chicago Bears?

Cole Kmet is the player who wears jersey #85 for the Chicago Bears, and he plays the position of Tight End.

Why did the Chicago Bears get their name?

The Chicago Bears were named to associate the football team with the city’s baseball team, the Cubs, suggesting that football players were like “bears” compared to baseball’s “cubs.”

Who is #1 on the Chicago Bears?

Jersey #1 is worn by a player on the Chicago Bears, who was picked during the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

What is the oldest NFL team?

The Chicago Bears, originally the Decatur Staleys, are one of the oldest teams alongside the Arizona Cardinals, which started as the Chicago Cardinals.

Are the Bears leaving Chicago?

The Bears are exploring options to leave Soldier Field, but Chicago has proposed a $2.2 billion renovation to try and keep the team within the city.

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