Brian Burns NFL Rise: Panthers’ Star to Watch for DPOY

Carolina Panthers’ Brian Burns is making headlines, but not just for his on-field prowess. As the NFL trade deadline approaches, speculation swirls around the future of this star edge rusher. With an elbow injury throwing a wrench into the mix, fans and analysts alike are watching closely.

Burns’ situation is a complex tapestry of contract talks, trade rumors, and on-field performance. As the Panthers navigate a winless season, the question looms: will Burns stay or will he go? Stay tuned as we delve into the details of Brian Burns’ NFL journey and the factors influencing his next move.

Brian Burns: An Emerging Star in the NFL

Early Life and College Career

Born with a natural aptitude for football, Brian Burns set the stage for his future in the NFL from his early days. In high school, Burns’ prowess on the field was unmistakable, indicating his potential for a stellar career. Advancing to Florida State University, he continued to dominate, culminating his college journey with staggering numbers that silenced any doubters. In three seasons, Burns notched 23 sacks, imposing his will on the opposition with remarkable agility and speed. His final year was particularly notable, as he amassed 10 sacks, showing scouts and fans alike that he had the makings of an NFL sensation.

Drafted by the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers recognized Burns’ exceptional talent and wasted no time in securing his services. Chosen 16th overall in the draft, Burns immediately made waves with a blend of size, speed, and raw talent that few could match. At 6-5 and 249 pounds, with elite combine results, the Panthers had high hopes for their new edge rusher to fill the void left by the retirement of legendary sack artist Julius Peppers. Burns’ introduction to the NFL was nothing short of impressive, amassing 4.5 sacks and scoring off a fumble return in just his first six games. Despite requiring a minor wrist surgery, he completed his rookie season with all the promise of becoming one of the most fearsome pass rushers in the league.

In his ensuing years with the Panthers, Burns has shown that their confidence in him was well-placed. With a rookie year highlighted by explosive plays and a fast adaptation to the pro level, he’s sculpted a path that points toward a bright and enduring NFL legacy. His sophomore year saw him bulk up, boosting his physique to better contend with the rigors of the NFL and enhance his already formidable skills against the run. Standing on the precipice of greatness, Burns faces the task of evolving into an even more complete player, offering the Panthers—and potentially any team yearning for his abilities—a tantalizing future prospect.

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The Rise of Brian Burns

Impressive Rookie Season

In his debut season in the NFL, Brian Burns wasted no time proving his worth to the Carolina Panthers. Drafted 16th overall, Burns showcased an innate ability to disrupt the offensive line, amassing 4.5 sacks and scoring a touchdown off a fumble recovery within his first six games, a testament to his big-play potential. Despite a wrist injury that necessitated a surgical procedure, his rookie year totals included 25 tackles and 7.5 sacks across all 16 games. His performance planted the seeds for what many predicted would be a stellar career in professional football.

Continual Improvement in Year Two

As Burns entered the second year of his career, it was clear he had utilized the offseason to bulk up his 250-pound frame, with aims to enhance his run defense and become a more versatile player on the field. His sophomore season didn’t disappoint. With career highs of 12.5 sacks and 63 tackles, Burns not only surpassed his rookie stats but did so amid a major shake-up, including the firings of head coach Matt Rhule and defensive coordinator Phil Snow. These achievements highlighted Burns’ ability to thrive under pressure and adapt to changes within the team’s dynamic.

Pro Bowl and All-Pro Consideration

Burns’ rapid ascension in the league soon garnered the attention of his peers and analysts alike. Despite the Panthers’ challenges, his consistent performance and leadership made him a legitimate candidate for both Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors. Heading into the last year of his rookie contract, the outside linebacker’s mix of elite athleticism and matured skillset has sparked trade rumors and speculation. Meanwhile, Burns keeps his focus on the game, striving to elevate his performance and dominate on the field every chance he gets. His exceptional range and prowess as a pass rusher make him one of the most promising talents on the defensive side of the ball, a player whose ceiling has yet to be reached.

The Impact of Brian Burns on the Carolina Panthers

Dominance on the Defensive Line

Brian Burns has emerged as a pivotal force for the Carolina Panthers, strongly establishing himself on the defensive line. His career began with a bang, recording 4.5 sacks and scoring off a fumble recovery in his first six games. After overcoming a wrist injury during his rookie season, Burns bounced back and churned out a total of 7.5 sacks alongside 25 tackles. This performance was no fluke, as he continued his upward trajectory into his second year, solidifying his reputation with a staggering 12.5 sacks and 63 tackles. His raw speed and agility, complemented by a frame he has bulked up to 250 pounds, enable him to overpower and outmaneuver opposing offensive lines with ease.

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Elevating the Play of Teammates

The influence of an elite pass rusher like Brian Burns does not end with his personal stats. His mere presence on the field has a ripple effect, elevating the performance of his teammates. With Burns attracting double teams and commanding attention, his colleagues on the defensive squad find more opportunities to exploit. The Panthers’ overall defensive strategy strengthens with a talent like Burns on the frontline, turning the defense unit into a more formidable force. Such dominance has ripple effects, lifting the play of the entire team.

Leadership and Work Ethic

Burns is not only a physical presence but also a beacon of leadership. His commitment to improve game after game, as he himself admits, is what drives him, pushing his potential to the limits. Beyond stats and game-changing plays, it’s his leadership and work ethic that set an example for the Panthers’ roster. As a nominee for midseason team MVP, Burns proves that his role extends far beyond the fundamental responsibilities of an edge rusher. His focus on dominating games and relentless pursuit of progress make him an invaluable asset for the Carolina Panthers’ locker room.

Brian Burns’ Skill Set and Playing Style

Brian Burns has quickly established himself as one of the more dynamic defenders in the NFL. With his combination of speed, agility, and pass-rushing prowess, he’s a constant threat to opposing offenses.

Speed and Agility

Burns’ elite athleticism is evident in his impressive combine performance where he ran a 4.53-second 40-yard dash and recorded a 129-inch broad jump. His speed is not just about the raw numbers. On the field, Burns’ quickness allows him to beat offensive linemen off the line of scrimmage and close in on quarterbacks with a** surprising burst**. Coupled with his agility, he’s able to navigate through tight windows on the line, making him nearly unblockable when he hits his stride.

Pass Rushing Techniques

Burns isn’t just an athlete – he’s a skilled technician as well. His 16.5 career sacks testify to his ability to leverage various pass-rushing moves to overcome blockers. With a vast repertoire including swim moves, spins, and bull rushes, Burns has shown he can engage with an offensive lineman and swiftly disengage to apply pressure. He’s particularly effective in using his sizable wingspan to keep linemen at bay, utilizing his long arms to create separation and find the leverage needed to disrupt the pocket.

Versatility on the Field

On defense, versatility is a premium, and Burns offers just that. Not only can he rush the passer with efficiency and technique, but he’s also demonstrated an ability to hold up against the run. In his rookie season, questions were raised about his play strength, but since adding bulk to his 250-pound frame, he’s shown marked improvement. Burns can be deployed in various positions across the defensive line or as an outside linebacker, especially in hybrid defensive schemes. His role on the field can morph based on the opponents’ offensive setup, showcasing his adaptive playing style and strategic value to the Panthers’ defense.

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Future Outlook for Brian Burns

Potential for Defensive Player of the Year

Brian Burns’ trajectory has marked him as a standout defensive powerhouse. His impressive tackle and sack numbers from last season—a career-high 12.5 sacks and 63 tackles—underscore his relentless drive and capability to disrupt offensive lines. Burns’ per-snap production ranks among the elite defensive ends in the league, and at just 24, his potential is vast.

Season Sacks Tackles QB Pressures
Last 12.5 63 30

There’s no denying that Brian’s performance could place him in contention for Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) honors should this upward trend continue. The Panthers’ success hinges greatly on their defense, and with Burns at the helm racking up sacks and tackles, he’s an undeniable catalyst for the team’s overall effectiveness. His knack for executing critical plays could also catapult his reputation, making him a linchpin for the team’s aspirations.

Impact on the Panthers’ Success

The Carolina Panthers’ success could greatly be affected by the performance of Brian Burns. His ability to adapt to different offensive setups and multi-position versatility makes him an invaluable asset on the field. The team’s defensive strategy leans heavily on Burns’ skill set, given his proficiency in applying pressure and containing the opposing offense.

Even amidst the team’s offensive struggles, Brian Burns has continued to flourish, suggesting that a more balanced team performance could enhance his impact further. Stratagem alterations under new coordinator Ejiro Evero may shift dynamics, but Burns’ role as a pressure-initiator is expected to remain a constant. With Carolina’s secondary set to see new formations following coaching changes, Brian’s expertise could prove to be central in stabilizing the Panthers’ defense.

Panthers fans remain hopeful that the synergy between Burns and the team continues to strengthen, particularly now as the team faces a period of transition. While his contract negotiations and the lack of a new deal add a layer of uncertainty, Brian’s on-field contributions remain as pivotal as ever. Thus, his continued evolution as a feared pass rusher can very well dictate the Panthers’ trajectory in the upcoming seasons.


Brian Burns has quickly established himself as a cornerstone of the Carolina Panthers’ defense. His rapid ascent in the NFL is marked by a remarkable rookie campaign and significant strides in his sophomore year. With his exceptional pass-rushing abilities and adaptability on the field, Burns is not just a rising star but a potential game-changer for the Panthers. As the team navigates offensive challenges and coaching transitions, Burns’ consistent pressure on the opposition will be pivotal. Looking ahead, his trajectory suggests that not only is he a contender for top defensive honors, but he’ll also be instrumental in shaping the Panthers’ future success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Brian Burns play college football?

Brian Burns played college football at Florida State University. He was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Is Brian Burns getting traded?

As of now, there is no official news on Brian Burns being traded. He is currently under contract with the Panthers, with an option year that pays out $16 million for 2023.

Did Brian Banks try out for the Seahawks?

Yes, Brian Banks was invited to try out for the Seattle Seahawks by Coach Pete Carroll shortly after his exoneration in 2012.

Did Brian Banks play in the NFL?

Yes, Brian Keith Banks signed with the Atlanta Falcons in 2013 and is a former American football linebacker.

What team wanted Brian Burns?

The Los Angeles Rams showed interest in Brian Burns last season, making an offer to the Carolina Panthers, indicating the franchise’s desire to bolster their pass rush.

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