Baker Mayfield’s Rise as an NFL Quarterback: Triumphs & Trials

Baker Mayfield’s journey in the NFL has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. From being claimed off waivers to stepping in as the unexpected hero, Mayfield’s tenacity keeps fans on the edge of their seats. This article will dive into the highs and lows of Mayfield’s career, showcasing how he’s managed to stay relevant in the ever-competitive world of professional football.

Mayfield’s recent performances, especially after joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have sparked conversations about his resurgence in the league. Whether it’s leading a game-winning drive or stepping onto the field with minimal preparation, Mayfield’s story is one of resilience and determination. Stay tuned as we unpack the narrative of this quarterback’s remarkable ability to bounce back and what it means for his future in the NFL.

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Baker Mayfield’s College Football Career

Baker Mayfield’s Early Years

Baker Mayfield’s ascent to college football stardom began far from the bright lights of NFL stadiums. Hailing from Austin, Texas, he sharpened his skills on the high school gridiron, showcasing a competitive edge and leadership qualities that would become his trademarks. Undeterred by a lack of heavily-weighted scholarship offers, Mayfield’s determination saw him walk on at a major university, setting the stage for a collegiate career filled with unexpected twists and undeniable triumphs.

Baker Mayfield’s Time at Texas Tech

Mayfield’s collegiate journey kicked off at Texas Tech University, where his walk-on status didn’t hinder his on-field impact. He made Red Raider history by becoming the first true freshman walk-on to start a season opener at quarterback on a Power 5 team. His freshman year was marked by impressive performances, but off-field dynamics led to a shift in Mayfield’s path. Alleged scholarship issues and a desire for new opportunities influenced his decision to transfer, drawing the curtain on his time in Lubbock and opening a new chapter in Norman.

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Baker Mayfield’s Transfer to Oklahoma

The transfer to the University of Oklahoma marked a pivotal turn in Mayfield’s collegiate narrative. Reuniting with former Texas Tech assistant coach Lincoln Riley, Mayfield found a system that maximized his playmaking abilities. His tenure with the Sooners was nothing short of historic, culminating in the prestigious Heisman Trophy in 2017. Throughout his time at Oklahoma, Mayfield collected six major awards and rewrote the school’s record books. His electrifying play propelled the team to significant victories and solidified his status as a top-tier NFL prospect, setting the stage for his future success in professional football.

Baker Mayfield’s Draft Experience

Baker Mayfield’s Draft Prospect Rankings

Baker Mayfield entered the NFL draft scene with a mixed reception from scouts and analysts. His prolific college career earned him high praise, with many rankings placing him among the top quarterback prospects of 2018. Critics lauded his competitiveness, football intelligence, and leadership qualities. They pointed to his Heisman Trophy win and record-setting tenure at Oklahoma as indicators of his readiness for the professional level.

However, discussions around Mayfield’s height surfaced as a potential drawback. At just over six feet tall, there were questions about how his frame would translate to the NFL, where taller quarterbacks are often preferred. Despite this, his on-field success and fiery personality carved out a significant fanbase who believed he’d overcome any physical limitations.

Baker Mayfield’s Combine Performance

The NFL Scouting Combine was a pivotal moment for Mayfield. Teams were eager to get a closer look at his athletic capabilities and see how he stacked up against other top prospects. Mayfield’s performance at the combine was solid if not spectacular. He posted a respectable 4.84-second 40-yard dash, which showcased his mobility outside the pocket.

His throws during drills demonstrated the accuracy and arm strength that made him a standout at Oklahoma. Interviews with teams were equally crucial, as Mayfield portrayed himself as a mature, ready-to-lead quarterback. His character was under scrutiny due to past incidents, but he addressed concerns head-on, convincing many teams of his growth since those events.

Baker Mayfield’s Draft Day

Draft day brought intense anticipation for Mayfield and NFL fans alike. Speculations ran high about which team would choose him, given his display of talents and potential for leading an NFL offense. The Cleveland Browns held the first overall pick, and debate raged regarding their choice. On April 26, 2018, the uncertainty ended when the Browns made their decision public.

Baker Mayfield was selected No. 1 overall, a testament to his remarkable rise from walk-on college player to top NFL draft pick. Cameras captured the emotion on his face as he took the stage to shake Commissioner Roger Goodell’s hand, marking the beginning of his professional career. The Browns embraced Mayfield as their future franchise quarterback, setting expectations for a turnaround of a team that had struggled for years.

Mayfield’s selection sent ripples through the NFL, stirring conversations about the evolving quarterback archetype and the importance of intangibles like leadership and determination. It also set in motion the next chapter of Mayfield’s football journey, where he’d have to validate his top pick status on the gridiron against the world’s best.

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Baker Mayfield’s Rookie Season in the NFL

Baker Mayfield’s Debut Game

Baker Mayfield’s entry into the NFL was no less electrifying than his college career. He made his debut with the Cleveland Browns in Week 3 of the 2018 season. Thrust into the spotlight due to an injury to starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Mayfield showcased his signature confidence and ability to perform under pressure. His first game was marked by an impressive display of accuracy and control, turning a game destined for defeat into a triumphant 21-17 victory over the New York Jets. Mayfield’s instant impact reinvigorated the Browns’ fanbase and altered the course of the team’s season.

Baker Mayfield’s Performance Throughout the Season

Entering the fray as a rookie, Mayfield’s performance across the season was closely scrutinized. Yet, he rose to challenge after challenge. By season’s end, Mayfield had started 13 games, throwing for 3,725 yards and securing 27 touchdown passes, a rookie record that he held until 2020. His dynamic plays and competitive spirit brought a new energy to a Browns team long in search of a franchise quarterback. What stood out was his undeniable leadership on the field, evident in his ability to mount comebacks and push the team to competitiveness each week.

Baker Mayfield’s Awards and Accolades

The accolades for Mayfield came swiftly following his landmark rookie campaign. He earned multiple “Rookie of the Week” awards and was named the PFWA Rookie of the Year. Furthermore, his contributions to the Browns resulted in a nomination for the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year. This recognition was a testament to Mayfield’s impact on the field, bridging the gap between potential and performance, and laying the foundation for what many anticipated to be a storied NFL career.

Baker Mayfield’s Sophomore Season

Baker Mayfield’s Progress and Improvements

Mayfield’s sophomore season in the NFL demonstrated a mix of growth and learning curves that are typical for a young quarterback elevating his game. After a stellar rookie campaign, his continued progress was marked by an enhanced understanding of NFL defenses and improved pocket presence. Mayfield’s commitment to refining his footwork and adjusting to the speed at the professional level was evident in every game he played. The season’s focus wasn’t merely on his stats but on the nuanced aspects of his quarterback play, such as making pre-snap reads and demonstrating the ability to lead comebacks in high-pressure situations.

Baker Mayfield’s Style of Play

Mayfield’s style of play is characterized by his competitive grit and improvisational skills. Known for extending plays outside the pocket, he kept drives alive with his legs as much as with his arm. His quick release and fearless attitude allowed him to take chances downfield, energizing his team and keeping opponents on their heels. Mayfield’s gunslinger mentality was still prevalent in his sophomore outing as he lay the groundwork for establishing himself as a playmaker who can change the course of a game with a single throw.

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Baker Mayfield’s Stats and Highlights

Statistic Value
Passing Yards 3,725
Completion Rate 59.4%
Touchdown Passes 22
Interceptions 21
Rushing Yards 141
Rushing Touchdowns 3

Mayfield’s sophomore season yielded several notable highlights, including a career-high of 342 passing yards in a single game and multiple three-touchdown performances that underscored his maturation as a signal-caller. Throughout the season, Mayfield registered an average of 232.9 passing yards per game. Although he faced challenges, including a doubled interception count from his rookie year, they were counterbalanced by moments of sheer excellence that showcased his potential as a franchise quarterback.

Baker Mayfield’s Future in the NFL

Baker Mayfield’s Potential as a Franchise Quarterback

Baker Mayfield has throughout his career shown flashes of the talent required to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Despite the Browns’ initial struggles and a mid-career stumble, his tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has revived discussion about his ability to lead a franchise. Known for his competitive grit and improvisational skills, Mayfield thrives in extending plays and has been a key factor in injecting energy into his teams. His readiness to make the first start as a member of the Rams, following an injury to John Wolford, emphasizes his aptitude for stepping into crucial roles and navigating high-pressure scenarios. Critics and fans alike will be watching closely as he aims to cement his status as a valuable leader on the field.

Baker Mayfield’s Contract Situation

Mayfield’s financial journey in the NFL has been noteworthy. After signing a one-year deal with the Buccaneers worth $4 million, he’s positioned himself for potential gains in the 2024 market, reflecting an understanding of his worth and the dynamics of player contracts. The contract details shine a light on his current standing in the NFL’s quarterback ecosystem.

Description Amount (USD)
Base Salary $1,125,000
Signing Bonus $2,875,000
Total Guaranteed $4,000,000
Cap Hit $1,700,000
Dead Cap Value $4,000,000
Potential Incentives $4,500,000

As per these terms, his performance with the Buccaneers could strongly influence his next contract, whether it’s with the Bucs or elsewhere in the league.

Baker Mayfield’s Goals for the Future

Looking forward, Mayfield’s objectives are clear — to prove his durability as a quarterback and deliver consistent performances that substantiate his franchise quarterback potential. He aims to overcome the set-backs of injuries, like his right thumb injury, which he seems to have managed well, not letting it hinder his practice participation. With the Buccaneers having faced a tough loss to the Buffalo Bills but still demonstrating resilience, Mayfield’s focus remains on seizing opportunities to lead his team to victories and, eventually, dispelling any doubts about his ability to secure a long-term position as a starting quarterback in the NFL. His trajectory after stepping in for Wolford points to a drive for continuity and stability as he navigates the professional landscape.


Baker Mayfield’s early career has set a foundation that speaks volumes about his potential in the NFL. With a strong rookie season under his belt and a knack for overcoming adversity, he’s shown he can lead a team and thrive in high-pressure situations. His move to the Buccaneers presents a new chapter, one where his determination and skill will be pivotal in shaping his future. As he continues to navigate the league’s challenges, his ability to adapt and grow will be crucial. Mayfield’s journey is far from over and fans will be watching eagerly as he strives to prove himself as a durable, consistent starting quarterback in the NFL.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Baker Mayfield been in the NFL?

Baker Mayfield has been in the NFL for four seasons, starting from 2020 to 2023.

Who did Baker Mayfield play for in college?

Baker Mayfield played for Texas Tech during his freshman year before transferring to the University of Oklahoma.

What is Baker Mayfield’s quarterback rating?

As of the latest season in 2023, Baker Mayfield’s quarterback rating is 91.6, with an average rating of 87.2 over his career.

How did Baker Mayfield meet his wife?

Baker Mayfield met his wife Emily through a mutual friend in 2017, and despite her initial reservations, they began dating soon after.

What is the ‘Baker Mayfield rule’?

The ‘Baker Mayfield rule’ refers to a Big 12 Conference regulation that imposes a one-year loss of eligibility for intra-conference transfers, in addition to the NCAA’s standard one-year sit-out.

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