Arizona Cardinals NFL: A Season of Thrills, Heartbreaks, and Resilience

The Arizona Cardinals’ journey through the NFL season has been a roller coaster of high stakes and heart-pounding moments. As the oldest team in the league, the Cardinals carry a storied history, yet they’ve often found themselves battling to translate that legacy into modern-day success.

This season’s matchups have seen the Cardinals face formidable opponents, with each game adding a new chapter to their evolving narrative. From thrilling comebacks to challenging losses, they’ve kept fans on the edge of their seats. In this article, we’ll dive into the Cardinals’ performance, highlighting key games and pivotal plays that have defined their season so far.

The Storied History of the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals boast a lineage stretching back to 1898, making them the oldest continuously operating team in NFL history. Originally the Morgan Athletic Club, the Cardinals were inaugurated into the league as a charter member. They have experienced a litany of home cities and have been known by various names, but the franchise has struggled to find consistent success on the gridiron. With origins dating back to a time before Arizona was even a state, the Cardinals’ journey has been marked by infrequent but notable triumphs.

Historically, the Cardinals clinched NFL championships in 1925 and 1947, yet this success proved hard to replicate in the ensuing decades. The periods of glory were few and far between, with the team only occasionally brushing with victory. Despite the challenges, the Cardinals steadily built a reputation, marked by the acquisition of future Hall of Famers, such as Dan Dierdorf and Jackie Smith. These iconic players helped the Cardinals secure division championships in the 1970s and posed a formidable challenge to dominant teams of that era.

As the Cardinals migrated from Chicago to St. Louis and finally to Phoenix, their battle for postseason success was palpable. The move to Arizona in 1988 was spurred by the team’s urgent need for fan support and a profitable stadium. This quest for a new beginning was imbued with the hope of reviving the Cardinals’ legacy. Transitioning through cities and eras, the Cardinals fought to turn the tide, facing adversaries like the Cleveland Browns, and came excruciatingly close to divisional honors in the 1960s.

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In recent seasons, the Arizona Cardinals have shown flashes of potential, stirring the longstanding fans and igniting the passions of new ones. While the team has not reached the zenith of the NFL mountain since its early championships, the dedication to pushing forward remains unwavering. The franchise’s storied history is a testament to its resilience and the persistent quest for excellence that defines the Arizona Cardinals.

Challenges and High Stakes: The Cardinals’ Journey in the NFL Season

The Arizona Cardinals’ journey through the NFL season has been a rollercoaster of high stakes games and unexpected challenges. Despite flashes of brilliance, they have often found themselves as the underdogs, battling to prove their worth on the field. With a defense that sees star players like White logging 100 percent of snaps, it’s clear the team’s resilience isn’t for lack of effort.

Key performance insights:

  • The team’s defense has forced multiple interceptions, showcasing their ability to pressure opposing offenses and create turnovers.
  • In pivotal moments, however, the offense has struggled, failing to capitalize on the opportunities the defense provides.
  • The Cardinals’ line moved to the lowest point of the season, reflecting a shift in expectations and confidence.

In recent history, the Cardinals have shown they’re capable of success, with notable seasons that generated hope among fans and analysts alike. The 2014 season saw an 11-win record and a playoff berth, despite the adversity of injuries leading to a third-string quarterback starting in the postseason.

Memorable seasons and records:

  • 2013: Achieved a commendable 10 wins but missed the playoffs, reflecting the high-competition environment of the NFL.
  • 2014: Secured a playoff spot after an 11-win season, demonstrating the team’s potential peak performance.
  • 2015: A franchise-record 13 wins led to a division title and a dramatic playoff victory, signaling the high caliber of the team at its best.

While history speaks of periods of success, recent struggles cannot be ignored. Arizona’s journey hit a low with a 3–13 record in 2018, marking the worst in the NFL that year. These seasons of contrast paint a clear picture of the Cardinals’ fluctuating fortunes.

The Cardinals’ tenacity remains evident as they push through each week, confronting the stringent demands of the NFL with the same determination that once led them to a first playoff victory in 51 years under quarterback Jake Plummer’s guidance. Every game is a testament to their persistent quest to rise above the challenges and recapture those moments of glory that have intermittently defined their journey.

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Matchup Recap: Key Games and Pivotal Plays

The Arizona Cardinals’ season has been a roller coaster of highs and lows, with each game bringing its own set of critical moments. In the Week 11 match against the Houston Texans, the Cardinals delivered a series of impressive performances, catalyzing discussions around game balls. Despite trailing at halftime, Arizona’s staunch defense kept hopes alive by forcing multiple interceptions and exhibiting their potential to turn games around.

In a much-anticipated Super Bowl rematch on Monday Night Football, the Cardinals showcased their resilience. A standout player, logging 100 percent of defensive snaps through 10 weeks, solidified their defensive stronghold. Although the outcome didn’t tilt entirely in their favor against the Texans, the narrow line set for the Cardinals signaled a newfound belief in their underdog status.

The return of Kyler Murray from injury brought a spark to the Cardinals’ offensive lineup. His performance following the recovery left fans and analysts alike pondering his future as the team’s franchise quarterback. Moving forward, Murray’s play will be closely scrutinized for signs that he can consistently lead the team to victory.

Week 13 introduced a personal challenge for running back James Conner, facing off against his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. After a tough game script that left the Cardinals down early, Conner encountered limited opportunities for advancing the ball. His yardage against the Texans marked a season-low, underscoring the Cardinals’ struggles with offensive momentum.

The team’s tenacity was again tested in a close-cut game with the Texans, where victory seemed within reach but eventually slipped through their fingers. This recurring theme of narrow defeats and what could have been hint at a team that’s on the cusp of breaking through but needs to find that extra gear to convert chances into triumphs. Moving forward, key matchups against teams like the Rams and the Seahawks present opportunities for the Cardinals to answer lingering questions and establish their place in the league.

Thrilling Comebacks and Heartbreaking Losses: Cardinals in Action

The Arizona Cardinals’ journey has been one of high-octane offense and dramatic endings. Their legacy includes moments that have left indelible marks on the sport. Game-changing plays and season-defining performances are staples of the Cardinals’ narrative.

Season highs have often mirrored historic achievements, as seen in the unforgettable 2015 season. The Cardinals clinched an impressive 13 victories– a record for the franchise. That same season, they showcased their mettle with a triumphant overtime win against the Green Bay Packers.

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Conversely, the lows have been equally momentous in shaping the team’s character. Reflecting on the 2013 season, despite racking up 10 wins, the Cardinals just missed the postseason cut, underscoring the competitive nature of the NFL.

Recent performances paint a picture of a spirited team, persisting amid adversity. The 2021 season witnessed the Cardinals leap to a promising start, only to face a slew of challenges, including a significant loss to the Rams, punctuated by a 37-14 score at State Farm Stadium.

Player injury and roster shifts have been critical factors. The Cardinals have had to make tough decisions, such as benching rookie cornerback Kei’Trel Clark and initiating lineup changes in the offensive guard with Trystan Colon stepping in.

Through ups and downs, the narrative of the Arizona Cardinals continues to evoke emotions, keeping fans at the edge of their seats, whether it’s a nail-biting comeback or a heartbreaking narrow defeat. Their trajectory has molded them not just as competitors, but as a symbol of persistence and agility in the face of challenge.


The Arizona Cardinals’ journey through the NFL encapsulates a story of resilience and determination. They’ve shown that regardless of the challenges, they remain a team capable of stunning comebacks and impressive plays. Their ability to navigate the highs and lows with agility speaks to their enduring spirit. Fans and critics alike watch with anticipation as they continue to evolve, adapt, and strive for greatness on the gridiron. The Cardinals’ narrative is far from over and the next chapter promises to be as compelling as the last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have the Cardinals ever won a Super Bowl?

No, the Arizona Cardinals have never won a Super Bowl. They have two NFL championships, but the team has yet to win a Super Bowl.

Are the Cardinals still an NFL team?

Yes, the Arizona Cardinals are still an NFL team. They are the oldest team in the league, but they have not been as successful as other franchises.

Why is it Arizona Cardinals and not Phoenix?

The team changed its name to the Arizona Cardinals in 1994 to better represent the entire state of Arizona, rather than just the city of Phoenix.

How many NFL teams no longer exist?

49 NFL franchises have become defunct throughout history, including ten of the original twelve charter franchises. Only the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals remain.

What is the oldest NFL team?

The Arizona Cardinals, founded in 1898 and originally known as the Chicago Cardinals, are one of the two oldest teams in the NFL, along with the Chicago Bears.

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