Dallas Cowboys 2023 NFL Mock Draft Picks & Strategy

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, all eyes are on the Dallas Cowboys’ strategy. With a legacy of shrewd picks and surprise moves, they’re set to make waves again this year. They’ve got needs to address and the draft could be where they find their answers.

From bolstering the offensive line to adding depth on defense, the Cowboys’ draft selections could shape their upcoming season. This article dives into the latest mock drafts, expert opinions, and potential picks that could don the iconic star on their helmets. Stay tuned as we break down the prospects who might be calling Dallas home.

Analysis of the Dallas Cowboys’ Draft Strategy

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, the Dallas Cowboys’ draft strategy has become a topic of extensive analysis. Historically, the team’s approach has been unpredictable, often leaving fans and analysts guessing. The Cowboys have been known to prioritize talent over need, which could suggest a best-player-available (BPA) approach this year.

Delving into their recent draft history, it’s evident the Cowboys have an affinity for athletes with high upside. They often focus on a player’s potential to grow into a star, rather than immediate needs. This strategy suggests that the team may not necessarily target specific positions early on but will instead opt for players with exceptional physical attributes and versatility.

Offensive line has emerged as an area of interest for the Cowboys. With the retirement of long-time staples in their offensive trench, the team is likely to seek fresh, powerful linemen to protect their quarterback and boost the run game. Prospects with a strong college track record and the ability to start immediately will be highly attractive.

Defensive backfield is another area for potential enhancement. The Cowboys’ secondary, despite having talented players, might benefit from a young prospect who can elevate the group’s overall effectiveness. Analyzing expert mock drafts and team workouts indicates a lean toward players who can influence the game both in coverage and run support.

In addition to position-specific targets, the Cowboys’ draft strategy often includes accumulating draft capital. Trading down to acquire more picks has been a pattern for the team in the past, suggesting they understand the draft’s inherent unpredictability and value the opportunity to make multiple selections.

With these strategic insights, observers anticipate the team to make a significant impact in the upcoming draft, aiming to blend immediate contributions with long-term potential.

Potential Areas of Improvement for the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have several opportunities to enhance their roster through the 2023 NFL Draft. A keen eye on their previous season’s performance indicates areas that could be targeted for upgrade.

Offensive Line Reinforcement stands out as a pivotal area for the Cowboys. Consistency in protecting their quarterback is paramount for their offense to thrive. The retirement of seasoned linemen and injuries have made this a highlighted concern. The Cowboys might look to add fresh, robust talent to offer immediate starting capabilities and depth in this unit.

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Secondly, Secondary Improvements are on the horizon. With the NFL evolving into a pass-heavy league, fortifying the defensive backfield could be a priority. Strengthening the cornerback and safety positions to face off against the prolific receivers in the league would bolster their defense against both aerial and ground attacks.

Lastly, there is a clear opportunity to improve the team’s Edge Rusher options. Generating pressure on opposing quarterbacks can drastically change the course of a game, and the Cowboys are likely to explore options that can offer impactful pass-rushing skills to complement their defensive line.

These areas of improvement are not exhaustive. The Cowboys as a team have shown a propensity for innovation when it comes to their draft strategy. Identifying talent that can offer high upside and versatility has often proven a successful formula for them in the past. With their current draft capital, it’s expected that they will continue to scout for players who can come into the team and make an immediate impact while also providing potential for growth in the future.

Offensive Line – The Key to Success

The Dallas Cowboys’ frontline woes have been a perennial issue that’s cost them both yardage and games. Upfront, protecting the quarterback is a paramount need, one that the Cowboys aim to address in the 2023 NFL Draft. As they approach the draft, the focus is clear – bolster the offensive line to establish dominance in the trenches.

A key factor in their decision-making is the availability of a top-tier offensive tackle. Historically, the Cowboys have invested significantly in their line, understanding that a sturdy and reliable front is the cornerstone of a high-powered offense. This year, with several standout offensive linemen projected to be available, the Cowboys could very well snag a day-one starter to fortify their offensive unit.

The run game is another critical area that the Cowboys can’t overlook. A potent run blocking guard or center could make a world of difference in reviving the ground attack, ensuring Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard have the gaping holes needed to break free. Investing in a lineman who excels at opening up the run could nearly be a franchise-altering decision.

Given the depth of talent available at offensive line positions in this year’s draft class, the Cowboys have the opportunity to select players with the raw power needed to dominate at the line of scrimmage. These players would not only be an asset in the running game but also provide much-needed security for Dak Prescott, allowing him more time in the pocket to execute plays.

Scouting reports suggest that the Cowboys’ scouts are favoring linemen with versatility – those who could shuffle between different positions on the line and provide depth where it’s most needed. Drafting such players would not only address immediate gaps but also offer a strategic advantage in managing future injuries or departures from the team.

The strategy is clear: an offensive line isn’t merely a collection of big bodies – it’s a finely tuned machine requiring strength, agility, and football intelligence. The right picks in the draft could set a formidable foundation for the Cowboys, potentially transforming their offense into one of the league’s most feared units.

Defensive Depth – A Priority for the Cowboys

While the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line has been a focal point, the team can’t overlook their defensive needs. With a solid core already in place, the Cowboys are eyeing the 2023 NFL Draft to add depth to their defensive unit. The strategy is clear: bolster the defense to ensure resilience against both the run and pass games of their opponents.

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In recent years, injuries and suspensions have exposed vulnerabilities in the depth of the Cowboys’ defense. Addressing this concern, the team is scouting for potential draft picks that excel in versatility and possess the capability to step up when key players are out. Linebacker and defensive tackle positions are particularly under scrutiny, as adding strength in these areas could prove pivotal in close games.

Scouts have identified a shortlist of collegiate stars who could shine in the Cowboys’ defensive scheme:

  • Athletic linebackers who can drop into coverage and rush the passer
  • Interior defensive linemen with a nose for disrupting the run game
  • Secondary players who offer flexibility to play both corner and safety roles

Drafting players who can immediately contribute and also provide long-term stability is a priority. For example, a defensive tackle who can both stuff the run and generate interior pressure would be a dual-threat addition to the Cowboys’ arsenal. Likewise, a linebacker with the speed to cover tight ends and the physicality to take on offensive linemen would be invaluable.

By selecting high-impact defensive players, the Cowboys aim to improve their squad rotation. This would not only maintain a high level of performance throughout the season but also create a competitive environment during practice. Ideally, rookies joining the Cowboys will push veterans for starting roles, fostering a team culture where every snap counts.

As the draft approaches, the Cowboys’ front office continues to scrutinize prospects, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of building a formidable defense capable of rivaling the offensive prowess that the team strives for. With careful selections, they’ll add crucial pieces to a defensive puzzle that could elevate their game to championship-caliber levels.

Latest Mock Drafts and Expert Opinions

As the NFL Draft draws closer, the buzz around the Cowboys’ potential picks is reaching a fever pitch. Expert analysts and seasoned mock drafters have been weighing in with their predictions, bringing into focus a few consensus choices for the Cowboys. The experts point towards the team’s acute need for reinforcements on the offensive line, particularly at guard and center positions.

According to recent mock drafts, a prominent prediction suggests that the Cowboys could target a top-tier offensive lineman in the first round. Names like Tyler Linderbaum, a center from Iowa, and Kenyon Green, a guard from Texas A&M, keep surfacing as viable options. They’re lauded for their strength and technique, characteristics that would provide immediate upgrades to the Cowboys’ offensive line.

On the defensive side, the names vary, but the focus remains the same: shoring up the defense. Jordan Davis, a defensive tackle from Georgia, stands out in several mocks as a dominant force capable of clogging the middle. His performance has drawn praise for its potential to boost the Cowboy’s run defense considerably.

Given the unpredictability of the NFL Draft, experts also suggest that Dallas could trade down or out of the first round altogether, stockpiling picks to address multiple areas of concern. This strategy has its own merits as the depth in the draft could allow Dallas to find value beyond the first 32 selections.

While mock drafts provide a snapshot into potential draft outcomes, the opinions of former players and coaches bring a practical perspective. Many former pros emphasize the importance of adaptability and a best player available approach, reminding fans and analysts alike that drafting is as much about seizing opportunistic value as it is about filling immediate needs.

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The consensus is clear: the Cowboys have an opportunity to make significant improvements through the draft, whether by targeting immediate starters or acquiring depth for the long haul. With careful scouting and wise decision-making, the Cowboys’ draft moves could shape the team’s trajectory for years to come.

Prospects on the Radar for the Dallas Cowboys

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, the Dallas Cowboys have several prospects on their radar. This section explores potential picks that could don the star in the upcoming season.

The Cowboys are eyeing young talent to reinforce their offensive line. Tyler Linderbaum, a center from Iowa, dazzles scouts with his strength and agility. Known for his tenacity, Linderbaum could offer the quarterback protection Dallas sorely needs. Alternatively, Texas A&M’s Kenyon Green showcases versatility to play multiple positions on the line, making him a valuable asset for any formation adjustments.

On defense, the Cowboys have shown interest in Jordan Davis, a defensive tackle out of Georgia. Davis’s impressive combine performance, highlighting his unmatched power and speed, presents an opportunity to elevate Dallas’s defensive line immediately. Bringing in a player of Davis’s caliber could transform the Cowboys’ defense into one of the formidable units in the league.

In addition to these notable names, cornerback prospects shouldn’t be overlooked. A second-tier of defensive backs offers substantial value, and the Cowboys might find a gem in the later rounds. Players such as Andrew Booth Jr. from Clemson or Kaiir Elam from Florida could provide depth and competition in the secondary.

The team’s strategy seems to involve seeking players with the athleticism to make an immediate impact. Dallas’s draft decisions are closely watched, with anticipation building among fans and analysts alike. Their draft war room will consider several factors, including player fit, potential, and immediate needs as they put together their final draft board. The culmination of these efforts promises to bring fresh talent to America’s Team, setting the stage for what they hope will be a season marked by success and growth.


The Dallas Cowboys stand on the precipice of a pivotal draft that could shape their future success. They’ve got their sights set on key positions that could fortify their squad, with a focus on protecting their quarterback and ramping up their defensive prowess. With prospects like Linderbaum, Green, and Davis on their radar, the team’s draft strategy is clear: prioritize impact players who can contribute from day one. As the draft approaches, all eyes will be on the Cowboys’ picks, anticipating the arrival of fresh talent ready to leave their mark on the field and drive the team toward a winning season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What key areas are the Dallas Cowboys looking to improve in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The Dallas Cowboys are focusing on strengthening their offensive line, adding depth to their defensive unit, particularly looking for talent at linebacker and defensive tackle positions.

Who are some potential prospects the Cowboys are considering for the offensive line?

Tyler Linderbaum and Kenyon Green are potential offensive line prospects the Cowboys are considering in the upcoming draft to enhance protection for the quarterback and the run game.

What needs are the Dallas Cowboys addressing on their defensive line?

The Cowboys aim to fortify their defense by targeting prospects like Jordan Davis to bolster their defensive tackle position and add overall depth.

Is cornerback a position the Dallas Cowboys are considering in the draft?

Yes, the Cowboys are also looking at cornerback prospects as part of their strategy to strengthen their defensive backfield.

What is the Cowboys’ draft strategy in terms of player impact?

The Dallas Cowboys’ draft strategy emphasizes selecting players who have the potential to make an immediate impact on the team’s performance.

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