1990 NFL Draft Impact: Shaping Football’s Future

The 1990 NFL Draft stands as a pivotal moment in football history, shaping the destiny of several franchises for years to come. Fans still debate the outcomes, marveling at the draft’s surprises and what-ifs. It’s a draft class that brought the league some of its brightest stars and biggest busts, making it a fascinating study in talent evaluation.

Diving into the 1990 NFL Draft, they’ll uncover the stories behind the picks, the impact players who defined a generation, and the draft-day decisions that left fans and analysts alike scratching their heads. Whether you’re a die-hard football aficionado or just love a good draft tale, this retrospective is sure to capture your imagination.

Background and Significance of the 1990 NFL Draft

The 1990 NFL Draft remains one of the most pivotal events in the league’s history. Held over two days on April 22-23, the draft took place at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. This year marked a transitional period for the NFL, setting the stage for a New Era of talent that would leave an indelible mark on the game.

Scouting techniques had evolved by 1990, with teams placing a greater emphasis on combines and workouts. The technology surge made player evaluation more sophisticated, allowing organizations to dissect and analyze college prospects like never before. A balanced fusion of traditional scouting and innovative methods created a unique draft strategy across the board.

The draft unfolded with the Dallas Cowboys securing the first overall pick due to a league-worst record the previous season. They selected running back Emmitt Smith, who would go on to become the NFL’s all-time leading rusher – a choice emblematic of the draft’s lasting legacy. Smith’s ground-breaking career and eventual Hall of Fame induction underscore the draft’s significance in shaping team fortunes for years to come.

Several teams aimed to bolster their rosters with franchise-impacting talent. Notable among the draft class were athletes who brought a mix of skill, grit, and leadership, traits considered essential for success in professional football. High expectations surrounded top-tier colleges, producing skilled players who would reinforce or potentially transform NFL lineups.

Throughout the draft, surprises and shifts in strategy led to exciting moments and unexpected picks. The ripple effects of those decisions are still felt in discussions about team dynamics and player development decades later.

The 1990 NFL Draft did more than just introduce new players into the league; it reshaped team identities, forged historic careers, and sparked narratives that keep fans engaged even today. It’s not merely a stepping stone into the NFL; it’s a cornerstone, holding stories of triumph and missed opportunities alike.

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Top Picks and Their Impact on the Franchises

The 1990 NFL Draft was a turning point for several teams, with the top picks leaving an indelible mark on the history of their franchises. These selections, often made after intense scrutiny and debate, had the potential to either catapult a team to success or mire it in mediocrity.

Taking the spotlight, Emmitt Smith became not only the cornerstone of the Dallas Cowboys’ offense but also an NFL legend. His contribution to the team is highlighted by impressive career stats, like his 18,355 rushing yards, which still stand as an NFL record. Smith’s consistent performance helped the Cowboys secure three Super Bowl victories in the 1990s, solidifying the team’s dynasty during that era.

However, Smith wasn’t the only impact player to emerge from the draft. The Green Bay Packers’ selection of linebacker Tony Bennett and defensive tackle Leroy Butler in the second round showed the team’s keen eye for talent beyond the initial picks. Both players were instrumental in bolstering the team’s defense, with Butler going on to conceive the famous “Lambeau Leap” – a celebration etched in the heart of Packers fans.

On the flip side, the Indianapolis Colts’ selection of quarterback Jeff George with the first overall pick proved to be controversial. Despite George’s arm strength and raw talent, his tenure with the Colts was marked by internal conflicts and disappointing performances, ultimately leading to his trade and leaving fans wondering about the impact of different draft choices.

Year Player Franchise Impact
1990 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys All-time leading rusher, 3x Super Bowl Champion
1990 Tony Bennett Green Bay Packers Key contributor to defense
1990 Leroy Butler Green Bay Packers Invented “Lambeau Leap”, 4-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion
1990 Jeff George Indianapolis Colts Controversial pick leading to trade

These early round decisions showcased a mix of scouting precision and unpredictable outcomes that would shape the NFL for years to come, with each pick carrying its own set of repercussions for the franchises involved.

Surprises and Busts of the 1990 NFL Draft

The 1990 NFL Draft was rife with unexpected outcomes and picks that diverged from analysts’ predictions. Surprises in the draft selection process often came in the form of late-round picks surpassing their expected potential, while busts typically involved highly-touted early selections not living up to the immense expectations placed upon them.

One of the biggest surprises came with the selection of Shannon Sharpe in the seventh round. Drafted by the Denver Broncos, Sharpe was the 192nd overall pick, yet he went on to forge a Hall of Fame career, proving to be a steal for the Broncos. His contribution would redefine the tight end position and leave a lasting mark on the NFL.

In contrast, the first overall pick, Jeff George, serves as an archetypical example of a draft bust. While George possessed a notable arm strength and was expected to be a franchise quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, his career failed to take off as anticipated. Despite a journeyman stint across several teams, George never achieved the elite status that one might expect from a top draft selection.

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Another disappointing selection was the versatile running back Blair Thomas, taken by the New York Jets with the second overall pick. Thomas’s career was hampered by injuries and lack of production, contributing far less than expected over his short-lived six-year career.

  • Top Surprises:
  • Notable Busts:

The unpredictable nature of the draft means teams must carefully weigh the potential against the risk. While the 1990 NFL Draft brought some organizations franchise-changing talent, it also served as a cautionary tale of the gamble inherent in pinning hopes on unproven athletes. The legacy of the draft is punctuated by the careers of the players it introduced to the league, for better or for worse.

Analysis of the Draft-Day Decisions

The 1990 NFL Draft is a study in high-risk and high-reward decisions that continue to fascinate analysts. Teams face a daunting task trying to predict which college stars will shine at the professional level. Scouting reports and combine performances can only reveal so much; ultimately, the true test occurs on the field.

The selection of Jeff George as the first pick was rooted in his arm strength and potential upside. Despite the Colts’ hopes, George’s inability to meet expectations underscores the gamble involved in laying a franchise’s future on untested talent. Contrastingly, the Dallas Cowboys’ second-round grab of Emmitt Smith proved to be a stroke of genius. Smith’s athletic prowess and work ethic translated to an illustrious career and significant contributions to the team’s success.

Late-round picks also brought surprises, with teams unearthing gems like Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe’s drafting illustrates the potential value of thorough scouting and diligence beyond the initial rounds. Through intense training and an unmatched competitive spirit, Sharpe defied odds to ascend from a 192nd pick to a Hall of Fame tight end.

Evaluating the draft’s outcome reveals key lessons for NFL franchises:

  • High draft picks carry no guarantees of success.
  • Meticulous scouting can uncover exceptional talent in late rounds.
  • Player development is crucial regardless of draft status.
  • Team needs should be carefully balanced with the best player available strategy.

In reviewing the draft-day decisions, it becomes evident that the chess match of player evaluation is fraught with unpredictability. Teams must weigh a multitude of factors, from player skill sets and personalities to fit within their existing rosters and coaching styles. The draft’s history is filled with tales of missed opportunities and unanticipated victories, serving as cautionary examples for future front offices.

Notable Players from the 1990 NFL Draft

Several players selected in the 1990 NFL Draft not only made a significant impact on the field but also left a lasting legacy in the league. Emmitt Smith, drafted 17th overall by the Dallas Cowboys, became the NFL’s all-time leading rusher and a cornerstone of the Cowboys’ success in the ’90s. Smith’s illustrious career is often cited in discussions about the greatest running backs of all time.

Linebacker Junior Seau was another standout from the ’90 draft. Chosen fifth overall by the San Diego Chargers, Seau’s intensity and athleticism set the tone for the Chargers’ defense throughout his career. He earned 12 Pro Bowl selections, cementing his status as one of the premier linebackers during his tenure in the NFL.

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On the defensive end, the draft introduced players like Cortez Kennedy and LeRoy Butler, whose performances consistently impressed both coaches and fans. Kennedy, drafted third overall by the Seattle Seahawks, became a formidable force on the defensive line and was later inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Butler, selected in the second round by the Green Bay Packers, revolutionized the safety position and is perhaps best known for inventing the Lambeau Leap, a celebrated touchdown celebration among Packers fans.

It’s also worth mentioning Richmond Webb, who was selected ninth overall by the Miami Dolphins. Webb anchored the Dolphins’ offensive line for over a decade and played a pivotal role in protecting Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino. His reliability and skill earned him seven consecutive Pro Bowl nods from 1990 to 1996.

As the years pass, the legacies of these players continue to be a benchmark for new generations in the NFL. Their stories also serve as reminders of the potential each draft pick holds, whether they are chosen in the first round or the last. The lore that surrounds the athletes of the 1990 NFL Draft illustrates the profound impact a single selection can have on a franchise’s history and the fabric of the sport itself.


The 1990 NFL Draft remains a defining moment for the league, with its legacy still felt in today’s game. It’s a testament to the transformative power of strategic picks and the enduring influence of standout players like Emmitt Smith and Junior Seau. This draft serves as a blueprint for success and a cautionary tale of missteps, reminding teams of the diligence required in scouting talent. The echoes of that year’s draft choices continue to resonate, shaping the NFL’s narrative and captivating fans with stories of triumph and what-ifs. As franchises gear up for future drafts, the lessons from 1990 loom large, ensuring the draft remains one of the most thrilling and consequential events in sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the significance of the 1990 NFL Draft?

The 1990 NFL Draft was notable for shaping the destiny of various football franchises, particularly with standout picks like Emmitt Smith who contributed to the Dallas Cowboys’ dynasty.

How did the top picks impact their teams?

Top picks like Emmitt Smith, Tony Bennett, and Leroy Butler had significant impacts on their teams, with Smith helping build the Cowboys’ dynasty and Bennett and Butler contributing to the Packers’ success.

Why was Jeff George’s selection by the Indianapolis Colts controversial?

Jeff George’s pick was controversial due to his inconsistent collegiate performance and the high expectations resting on him as a first overall selection, ultimately leading to an unpredictable NFL career.

What were the main lessons learned from the 1990 NFL Draft?

The main lessons from the 1990 NFL Draft include the high-risk and reward nature of selections, the critical importance of thorough scouting, and the need for effective player development.

How does the 1990 NFL Draft provide cautionary examples for future drafts?

The fluctuating outcomes and the unpredictability witnessed in the evaluations of the 1990 draft serve as cautionary examples of the perils that front offices face during player selection.

Who were some of the notable players from the 1990 NFL Draft?

Notable players from the 1990 NFL Draft include Emmitt Smith, Junior Seau, Cortez Kennedy, LeRoy Butler, and Richmond Webb, all of whom left a significant legacy in the NFL.

How does the legacy of the 1990 NFL Draft’s players continue to impact the NFL?

Players from the 1990 draft, through their performance and legacy, underscore the potential and enduring impact draft selections can have on a franchise’s success and the broader landscape of the NFL.

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